Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Education of Sebastian
by Jane Harvey-Berrick

A friendship between the lost and lonely Caroline, and the unhappy Sebastian, leads to an illicit love that threatens them both.
Caroline Wilson is trapped in a cold and loveless marriage with an older man. When her husband finally wins a long sought-after promotion, Caroline feels she has little choice but to follow him to a new home in San Diego. There she meets Sebastian, a young man of 17. 
For an all too brief summer, their happiness blooms. 
But external pressures begin to bear down, not least from the overbearing David, and Sebastian’s parents begin to suspect that their son has a secret. Even Caroline’s new friend, Donna, realises that dark passions exist below the serene surface.

It took a while for me to finally read this book. Mostly, what made me stay away is that I knew there was an age difference. Sebastian is almost eighteen and Carolina is thirty.

The first time Carolina and Sebastian meet, he's only eight. His parents seems to ignore him. He would come and spend time at Carolina's house. During that time her father was visiting and the three of them had a great time together.  Caro was already married to David. David was a medical officer in the US Navy. Just a few months after her marriage, she knew she was unhappy with a man like David. He was verbally abusive and made her feel inadequate. When David's orders sent them to the East, Sebastian is devastated to loose her. 

Ten years later, Carolina Wilson is back in California. Still miserable. When Sebastian comes back into her life and they start spending time together, Caro knows this is dangerous. Sebastian is caring, sweet and makes her feel attractive again. What their relationship precipitates is indescribable.

I had mixed feelings about Caro and Sebastian's love story. On one hand, I knew their relationship was wrong. She was married. I believe, she should have walked away if she was unhappy. Cheating is never right. I can't lie and say the age difference didn't bother me either, because it certainly did. He was underage and she knew better.  On the other hand, I felt awful for them. They were in love and they had so many obstacles to overcome.

“Every time something goes wrong, you give up on us. You’re killing me, Caro … I don’t know what will happen…but neither do you. Maybe we’ll make it…maybe we won’t. But you’re giving up before we’ve even tried. I don’t understand. Why won’t you take a chance?” 

Cliffhanger: Yes

4/5 Fangs

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