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Walk Through Fire (Chaos #4)
by Kristen Ashley

WALK THROUGH FIRE by Kristen Ashley (October 27, 2015; Forever Mass Market; Chaos Series #4)
The flame never dies . . . 

Millie Cross knows what it's like to burn for someone. She was young and wild and he was fierce and even wilder-a Chaos biker who made her heart pound. They fell in love at first sight and life was good, until she learned she couldn't be the woman he needed and made it so he had no choice but to walk away. Twenty years later, Millie's chance run-in with her old flame sparks a desire she just can't ignore. And this time, she won't let him ride off . . . 

Bad boy Logan "High" Judd has seen his share of troubles with the law. Yet it was a beautiful woman who broke him. After ending a loveless marriage, High is shocked when his true love walks back into his life. Millie is still gorgeous, but she's just a ghost of her former self. High's intrigued at the change, but her betrayal cut him deep-and he doesn't want to get burned again. As High sinks into meting out vengeance for Millie's betrayal, he'll break all over again when he realizes just how Millie walked through fire for her man . . .

High and Millie Cross were in love. They met when she was eighteen. They made plans to be together for the rest of their lives. Yet, not everything goes as planned and after three years they go their separate ways. Fast forward twenty years and now High is recently divorced and has two small daughters. Millie is a successful business woman but she is lonely. When they meet again, their first meeting couldn't go any worse. However, their feelings for each other never went away and they might have a second chance to make it right this time around.

I can always count on KA to take me to a different world for a few hours. Her MC series is always going to be one of my favorite because I fell in love with Tack Allen. Chaos MC is full of sassy ladies and alpha males. 

I liked Millie. She was sweet and she loved High enough to make a huge sacrifice. But, by doing this she loses herself for a long time. I felt empathy towards her and when she was in pain, I was in pain. I was devastated. Thankfully, she had good friends and a great sister to help her deal. 

High had Chaos. His brothers were there for him through and through. He loved Millie and he wasn't scared to show it. I loved the relationship he had with his ex-wife which luckily was portrayed as a cool lady. His daughters....I had issues with one of them. Her behavior was not cool at all. I'm glad both parents realized she was a little monster and looked to correct it immediately. No one likes a brat!

I can't tell you how happy I was when Tack, Vance, Elvira, Shirleen, Mitch, Joker, Shy, Tabby showed up.  Even if it was just for a second. 

“Maybe never get used to havin’ you back,” he said. “Maybe never get used to comin’ home to you again. Like it when your eyes are to the door, tellin’ me you’re glad I’m home. Maybe won’t need that forever. Just sayin’, I need it now.”

Cliffhanger: No

4/5 Fangs

What happens when you're in line at Chipotle and catch a glimpse of your ex after 20 years? You run of course, at least that's what Millie does. She never expected to see Logan again after she ended things so long ago. For three years they were utterly happy and in love, but not all things are meant to be. Now 20 years later she has a successful career and he's doing great with the club and has two beautiful children. When she sees him it all comes crashing back and she makes a decision to let High in on what happened to make her end things. The reunion doesn't go as planned and she leaves more heartbroken than ever, but that won't be the end of it, not by a long shot. 

"I don't want to see you again," he stated when I was lifting my hand to open the door. "Ever again. Hear?"

This story started off with so much agony. I was so torn and confused for Millie. My heart went out to her and High even though he was acting like a complete tool in the beginning. Just seeing what Millie went through during the time that she and High were apart was killing me! I cried so much during the first half of this story! I just couldn't stop myself! I was transported into the story and felt like I was part of Millie's group of friends and wanted to be there for her. I loved how even though internally she was aching she still put forth a strong front with High. She tried to stay firm with him even when he was pushing her buttons from every angle. He has 20 years of anger built up and he wasn't going to let her forget. 

"...So that was a lie too. Like your love. Like your commitment to us. Like everything that had shit to do with you."

When she finally let everything out I loved the way High's character transformed. He wasn't willing to waste any more time than what was already wasted in his eyes. He didn't let anything come in between them and it was exactly what was needed. Millie was also so great with High's two daughters, Cleo and Zadie. Cleo I instantly loved, she's sweet to the bone and Zadie took awhile to come around, but eventually it happens. There was plenty of amazing sexy time between these two! I loved it! Also, although I can appreciate the author's effort to make it as realistic as possible I could have gone with a little less leakage and wet spots. Even with that though it was completely hot as hell!

"Never, baby, not ever. Never gonna lose you..."

I'm now completely obsessed with this series and want to know who's story is next? 

4/5 Fangs

While WALK THROUGH FIRE isn’t the first KA book I’ve read, it is the first book in the Chaos series that I’ve read.  And I was very impressed. 

Millie is 18 when she meets Logan, the love of her life, at a party.  From the moment they say “hello” their connection is palpable and intense.  Over the next few years they plan out the rest of their lives together.  Then everything changes. 

Twenty years later, Millie’s in line at Chipotle when she hears a voice from her past.  A voice that still makes her heart stop… a voice that has haunted her for the last twenty years. Logan.

Millie decides she needs to speak to Logan about what happened over two decades ago, but he’s extremely reluctant to talk.  When a bada** biker gets his heart broken it’s bound to be intense.



For real. 100% Obsessed.

I’m a huge crybaby when I read.  I cry at least once in every book. But WALK THROUGH FIRE had my bawling like a baby. The first half of the story my eyes remained swollen and my nose runny. 

This book broke my heart and then beautifully put the pieces back together. I want to recommend this book until I lose my voice. 

WALK THROUGH FIRE is one that you MUST read this year! You won’t be disappointed.


I beeped the locks and had a hand to the handle when I heard, “Lookin’ for me?”
When that deep, coarse voice came at me through the dark, my body became paralyzed, my eyes glued to my hand on the handle.
Then it kept coming at me.
“Bitch, followed you the last forty-​five minutes. Reb got in touch. Told me you hit Scruff’s.” On the next, the voice was nearer. “You’re lookin’ for me. So tell me what the fuck you want so you can quit lookin’ and I can quit lookin’ at you.” Slowly, I turned, my head going back automatically because I felt him close and I knew what close to Logan meant.
I was five-seven.
He was six-​one.
He towered over me, or at least that’s what it always felt like because he wasn’t only tall, he was also a big guy with a big presence.
And right then, it felt like that, especially since his big presence was an angry one.
His face was in shadows, I could barely see it.
But I could feel him.
And I could smell him.
God, I could smell him.
He didn’t wear cologne or aftershave. His scent was all his. And I remembered lying in our bed holding his pillow to me, my face shoved into the sheets, taking him in after I’d made him walk away.
His scent hadn’t changed. Not even a nuance.
Smelling it without warning felt like walking unsuspecting into the street and having a truck slam into you. And that feeling was so strong it was a wonder my body didn’t go careening through the trucks and bikes, slamming into them, shattering every bone.
He moved forward so he was in my space, the smell strengthened and my body tightened to guard against it.
“Woman, after all this time, whatever shit you gotta hand me, fuckin’ do it,” he ordered irately. “You got two seconds to spit it the fuck out. You don’t, you won’t get another chance, and you know I’ll make it that way. So this is your only shot. Take it or get in your fuckin’ car and get your ass outta my world.”
I stared into the shadows of his face, wishing with everything that I could see it.
Apparently, I did this for two seconds because Logan bit out, “Right. See nothin’s changed. Weak. Now get your ass . . .” he dipped his face to mine, “gone.”
And when he did, I got up on my toes and kissed him.
It was totally crazy.
But I also totally couldn’t help it.
He smelled so fucking good.
And he was Logan.
Close. Right there. His face in mine.
He jerked away, muttering a disgusted, “What the fuck?”
But the words or their tone didn’t penetrate.
I smelled him and I’d had a taste.
I was gone.
I lifted both hands to either side of his head, yanked him down to me, and went back in, going for it, giving it my all. Even when his fingers clenched painfully into my hips pushing them back to set me away, I held on tighter and shoved my tongue between his lips.
It touched his, just that, just a touch, and then I cried out into his mouth when I found my back slammed into my SUV.
But it wasn’t his way to get me to let him go.
His head slanted and he forced my tongue out of his mouth when his invaded mine.
And that was when I was gone.
I was already gone but right then there was nothing to me.
Nothing at all.
Except my hands on Logan’s head, his body pressing mine into my car, his smell all around us, his tongue plundering my mouth, all this exploding fire everywhere.
He drove a hand into my hair, twisting it, the pain bristling over my scalp and I cried out into his mouth again even as I arched deeper, pressed closer, willing, like it had always been, to give it all because he was Logan, he got it all.
But also because I knew I’d get it back a hundredfold.
He swayed us forward so his other arm could lock across my back and he kept at my mouth as I rolled way up on my toes, pushing deep, wrapping my arms around his neck, consumed by the kiss and not giving that first fuck.
I was ready to ride it out.
No, I needed to ride it out.
No matter where it went.
He broke away and that was when my hand went into his hair, fisting tight in protest.
“That what you want?” he growled, his voice lower, the abrasion physical, and I shivered with delight.
I wasn’t entirely certain of the question but I answered a breathy, “Yes.”
“That’s what you want,” he repeated, a statement this time, seeking confirmation.
“Yes, Logan.”
He let me go but took my hand, his skin rough against my fingers. The feel of it back after all these years washed through me and I fancied I remembered every time, in quick succession, from the first night we met to the night before I broke it off when he’d taken my hand and guided me somewhere.
Lost in it like I’d always been lost in it, I followed blindly.
Attached to Logan, I’d go anywhere.
Even if we were walking through fire.

Kristen Ashley grew up in Brownsburg, Indiana, and has lived in Denver, Colorado, and the West Country of England. Thus she has been blessed to have friends and family around the globe. Her posse is loopy (to say the least) but loopy is good when you want to write. Kristen was raised in a house with a large and multigenerational family. They lived on a very small farm in a small town in the heartland, and Kristen grew up listening to the strains of Glenn Miller, The Everly Brothers, REO Speedwagon, and Whitesnake. Needless to say, growing up in a house full of music and love was a good way to grow up. And as she keeps growing up, it keeps getting better.

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