Monday, July 16, 2012

Rock Chick (Rock Chick #1) by Kristen Ashley

Review of Hot Bunch #1

Love these books!

Indy Savaga has been in love with Lee Nightingale since he held her hand at her mother's funeral when she was five. Her best friend is his sister, Ally. They have dreamed of becoming real sisters and they have tried multiple times to make Lee realize that Indy is the woman for him. This is until Lee told her he was not interested (she was 20, he was 23), since then she has avoided him like the plague finding excuses at Holidays or dinners between their families.

Indy is the owner of the bookstore Fortnum's, she serves coffee too. Her barista, Rosie has lost something very important belonging to certain bad guys. But, when Indy's life is in danger, Lee comes to the rescue and he tells Indy that he is very interested in her now. Indy is not sure she wants this kind of danger.

Liam (Lee) Nightingale is HOT/Bad PI. He owns his own investigation firm. He always gets what he wants and he wants Indy.

This is an awesome beginning to this series. There are some many LOL moments. The writing flows perfectly. Highly enjoyable.

Many characters are introduced. Favorites Ally, Tex, Duke, Tod and Stevie and of course other Hot Bunch Men.
Rock Chick has become an all time's favorite.

5/5 Fangs

Fifty Shades Freed (Fifty Shades #3) E.L. James

Last book in the Fifty Shades Trilogy.
Ana and Christian are married. Their honeymoon is in Europe. Ana gets in trouble with Fifty for going topless in Monaco. She tries to placate him.  He tries not to hurt Ana anymore.
There is still someone attempting to kill him or both.
Things I like about this book:
Their banter is still there and it is still the best part of this series.
Things I don't like about this book:
Ana is always worried if Christian is mad at her, what mood he is in, how to please him. She takes out the "obey" of her vows but she still does everything to obey him.
The hickey scene- so childish.
I guess the one thing I disliked the most was that a man like Christian probably exists and this book may make a young girl think his behavior is ok. His obsession with Ana, his possessiveness, his abusive behavior is all wrong. I like Alpha males in my books (UF examples Curran, Adam, Bones, Jericho), but Fifty is a sick man.
2.5/5 Fangs

Fifty Shades Darker (Fifty Shades #2) by E.L. James

Book 2
Ana has a new job and a new boss, Jack Hyde.
She has succumbed to a deep depression. She misses Christian dearly. So when he offers to take her to Jose's photograph show at the gallery, she accepts immediately. To her surprise Jose has pictures of her which "Fifty" buys immediately.
When Christian offers to restart their relationship, she agrees. He even proposes a regular vanilla relationship without any BDSM.
There is more action in this book. First, there is an ex-sub whom is trying to get to Christian or hurt Anna. She has a gun and is mentally unstable. Someone is also trying to kill Christian.
Christian opens up to Ana much more in this book. She learns why he is the way he is. Although, you don't need a psych degree to know why he likes hurting brown hair females. (I'm glad I don't know Christian- or if I knew him - I will turn myself blond, buy a taser and learn Kung Fu).
The action around his birthday was well written, you can feel the anxiety and desperation. And again their banter is what saves this books for me.
3/5 Fangs

Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades #1) by E.L. James

Part of a Trilogy
Anastasia Steel is about to graduate from College. When her roommate gets sick, she takes her place to interview a famous, rich  man. She doesn't know anything about him. When she meets Christian Grey, she is shocked to find out he is young and attractive. She does the interview, but some of her friend's questions made her feel uncomfortable. As soon as the interview is over, Ana can't leave his office soon enough. She is grateful she won't see him again although, she can't stop thinking about him over the next few days.
Christian Grey tries to stay away from Anastasia. He knows she is an innocent and doesn't know anything about his dark side. Despite his best intentions, he finds himself following her to her part time job and later on inviting her out.
Christian likes control in everything, maybe due to his tough childhood. He has not given his heart to any females. Christian has used a contract before any sexual encounter and he offers it to Ana too.  This is where the BDSM relationship starts.
Can Ana accept him as he is? Can she have a Master? Does she want to have a contract as a relationship?
The end of book 1 is a cliffhanger.
Things I dislike about this book:
Christian acts like a stalker at times or maybe Ana suffers from
a variety of Stockholm syndrome. Christian can be psychological abusive, possessive, and just plain crazy. Too many sex scenes just for the shock value.
Things I like about this book:
Their banter is probable the best thing this book has. My only question is:  he gave her a Mac, an iPad, why does he give her a blackberry and not an iPhone?
2.5/3 Fangs

Montana Homecoming by Jillian Hart

Brooke McKaslin has come home to Montana in support of her younger sister Brianna. Bree is about to testify about the violent robbery that left her critically injured a year ago. The furthest thing from Brooke's mind is romance.
Liam Knightly is leery of females. The one he thought loved him, left him at the altar. He has moved back to Montana to help his ailing grandfather. He decides to buy a dog. He is having a hard time controlling his new best friend. Running after his dog is how he meets Brooke.
Brooke is great with dogs and decides to help Liam train him. She is trying very hard not to fall for Liam. She has a painful past and wants to avoid getting hurt again but, the connection is there.
Sweet story. Very uplifting.
3/5 Fangs

No Dress Required by Cari Quinn

Short Novella

Noelle Gregory loves Jake Conroy. She is preparing for her best friend's New Years Eve Party. She believes this is the night to seduce Jake , her best friend's brother. So why did she have to get carjacked with the perfect dress in the backseat?
She is miserable. Her dreams are all crushed.
Jake recognizes Nellie sitting in the curb. He stops his car and finds out she has been carjacked. He feels protective of her.
And the rest is history.
3/5 Fangs

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Silk is for Seduction (The Dressmakers #1) by Loretta Chase

Marcelline Noirot and her sisters are owners of a shop that makes fine dresses. They do have competition with another store where the ton frequents.

Marcelline is ambitious, she wants more business. She wants her dresses to be recognize and craved for.

when she learns that the Duke of Clevedon is coming back to London to get married, she knows this is her chance to become famous. The Duke's fiancee is a lady without any idea of how to dress herself.

Marcelline travels to Paris to convince the Duke that she is the one that should be dressing his future wife. She is also in Paris to take notes of the latest fashions.

When they meet, Marcelline is up front with her intentions. What she didn't count on is liking Clevedon for herself.

Their attraction is believable and when the plot moves back to London, Clevedon steps up to the sister's help when tragedy ensues

4/5  Fangs

The Marriage Bargain (Marriage to a Billionaire #1) by Jennifer Probst

 Alexandria Maria McKenzie needs a man with money. Preferably one with 150000 dollars to spare. She needs this money to save her family property Tara. In desperation she cast a spell asking for help.

Billionaire Nicholas Ryan needs a wife yesterday. In order to inherit from his uncle he needs to be married or he will loose it all. 

When he finds out that Alex needs a marriage of convenience he agrees to it in a second. He doesn't believe that their past history is going to matter. 

Alex had a crush on Nick when they were teenagers. She can't believe now she will be his wife.

Little by little Alex is able to break the walls surrounding Nick. They can make each other very happy if they give their relationship a try.

I enjoyed this book. The banter between the protagonists sounds real. 
3.5/5 Fangs

Fair Game (Alpha & Omega #3) by Patricia Briggs

Anna and Charles are together for a year now. But, Charles is having problems adjusting to being the enforcer. Since the werewolves came out to the human kind he has been disciplining rogues and abusers of the werewolf law.  This is taking his toll on him. He has started listening to the ghosts of the ones he has killed.

Anna is worried that Charles may start pushing her away. She is not sure she can stand not having an open Bond. She asks the Marrok for help. She thinks a change in scenery will help Charles open up.

When a serial killer is loose in Boston, Anna jumps to investigate it. She will be helping the FBI and maybe Charles can start relaxing a bit.

However, when they get there, they discovered that someone is targeting werewolves. This makes Charles and Brother Wolf upset.

The Fae are very involved in this book and the end of this book is going to impact this series and the Mercy series too.

I love Brother Wolf, and Mercy Thompson is top five in my list. I'm in awe of Patricia Briggs and the way she writes her wolves. I don't want her series to end EVER. They are gripping, intelligent, the action scenes are written perfectly. The pain the characters experience are all too real. Her books are a must read. I usually try to read them very slowly since I have to wait another year for a new one.

4/5 Fangs

Prince of Wolves (The Grey Wolves #1) by Quinn Loftis

Jacque Pierce is a normal 17 year old teenager. She has two very close friends, Jen and Sally. She lives in Texas and is enjoying her last few weeks of summer before her senior year starts.
She is snoopy and when she finds out there is going to be an exchange student from Romania living in front of her house, she can't stop herself and starts spying. She is surprised when the boy arrives in a limousine and in shock when she starts hearing his voice in her head.
Fane is a Prince, literally. He is a Canis Lupis or Werewolf. He is an Alpha but had to leave his home with an urgent desire to get to Texas. When he arrives to the house of the people who will be living with him, he feels Jacque's stare an immediately recognizes her as his soul mate.
Soon Jacque finds out he is not your regular teenager and has a hard time understanding that her life may have been already decided for her. Things get worse when another werewolf claims her as his.
Fane will have to fight with Lucas to the death. Can Jacque survive all this anxiety?

I picked this book for the cover and because the reviews were good. I enjoyed most of it. One of the things I had a hard time dealing with, it's that everything happens in a couple of days. Her friends were immediately included in all the secrets. There was no relationship build up and Lucas came out of nowhere.

2.5/5 Fangs

Sins of the Angels (The Grigori Legacy) by Linda Poitevin

Alexandra Jarvis lives in Canada. She is a detective. Recently she has been investigating multiple murders, probably done by the same person. She is exhausted trying to find a serial killer but unable to find anything about him. The crime scenes are spotless. He  doesn't leave any clues behind. 

Suddenly, she is given a new partner, Jacob Trent. But, he doesn't seem to have any experience. More confusing is that when she touches him for the first time, she sees him as an Angel, with wings and all. 

Aramael, is an angel, a Power who hunts rogues/fallen angels. He will stop at nothing until he catches his prey. When his handler, Verchiel tells him his twin brother Caim, a fallen angel is killing humans, he follows him to earth pretending to be detective Jacob Trent. Also, he has been assigned to look after a human woman. She is a Nephilim, (Seed of the original Fallen Angels).  Aramael has no lost love for the Nephilim, but he will do his duty.

When he meets Alex everything changes, there is a connection which both tried to deny. Their relationship is forbidden. When Caim gets interested in Alex, Aramael knows he will do anything to protect her.
In this book we also meet the Appointed, Seth, who is helping Aramael protect Alex.

Interesting premises. Angels and Demons, Good and Evil. Caim is definitely a dangerous character. Fast paced reading, not too long. Kept my interest. Can't wait for more Seth and Verchiel

4/5 Fangs

Motorcycle Man (Dream Man #4) by Kristen Ashley

Tyra Masters is starting a new job as the office manager of  Chaos Motorcycle Club. The day before she starts she attends a party and meets the man of her dreams Tack Allen. After too many tequilas she persuades him to continue the conversation in the bedroom. But, after they share great sex, he tells her she can leave now. "Time to get your own bed , darlin'". One day later , she shows up for work and is told by none other than Tack that she can't work for him because they have slept together. She fights back and she wins by saying that when they slept together she was not an employee yet.
Tack has numerous problems going on. Some of the bikers are not happy with the Club. His ex-wife is being obnoxious and using his kids to get to him. The last thing he needs is "Red" complicating his life. But, when Red decides that she has had enough, suddenly he is not sure he wants to let her go.
The dialogue in this book is probably the best I read this year. He can be crude but he can also say the most unbelievable sweet things. At the beginning of the book, I didn't like him as much as I liked him in book 1, Mystery Man. By the end, this was my absolute favorite in the series. I cried a couple of times.
Just as a side note, Tack reminds me so much of JAX from Son's of Anarchy. Charlie Hunnam was my Tack.

I wish someone had told me earlier how good Kristen is as a writer.  I would buy any of her books.

5/5 Fangs

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Law Man (Dream Man #3) by Kristen Ashley

Mara Hanover had a tough upbringing. Her mother didn't take good care of her. She has developed a low self esteem problem. She categorizes herself as a 2.5.
Her neighbor Mitch Lawson, a cop is definitely a 10 or more. He is her dream man. She has had a crush on him for four years.
When her faucet stops working, nice man Mitch comes to the rescue. She tries to avoid him a couple of times. But, when her cousin's children are in trouble, she let's him help her.
Mitch has liked his neighbor for a long time but she keeps on avoiding him. Finally, she starts opening up and he is thankful for it.
Mitch is probably one of my favorite characters. He is just a great guy and easy on the eyes. He has no problem committing to Mara and her new children.
One of the thing I love the best about Kristen's writing is that the characters are all down to earth people. They do regular jobs, do regular chores. I love her books. Recommend the whole dream series.
5/5 Fangs

Wild Man (Dream Man #2) by Kristen Ashley

Second Book in the Dream Man series

Tessa O'Hara is the owner of a cupcake shop. Her life changes when a very handsome man comes into it. A minute later she knows he is the man for her, the man of her dreams. So when he asked her out for a beer she accepts without a doubt. Her life is good with him for four months. Then the cops are in her house, they are asking her to come down to the station for an interview. She doesn't have anything to hide so she goes with them.
The cop who is interviewing her is asking all sorts about her ex- husband. She surprises the cop by telling him something very private. After, her confession, she is clear and is about to leave the station when she notices that the man of her dreams, Brock Lucas is some sort of agent, he is wearing a badge. She knows he was with her because of the investigation against her ex-husband who is the top narcotics distributor in Denver with ties direct to Colombia.
She leaves him at the station. Fast forward 3 months, he comes back to the bakery.
Brock Lucas, a DEA agent wants to make things right with Tessa. They had a great relationship and he is willing to fight for it.
Many crazy moments, funny moments. Elvira is always a hoot.
Love this book. I love Tessa. She is a strong woman with a sad past. But, she is a fighter. She is also sweet.
Mrs Ashley has become one of my favorite contemporary romance writers. So happy I discovered her books.
4.5/5 Fangs

Unveiled (Turner, Book 1) by Courtney Milan

Ash Turner is seeking revenge. His distant cousin Lord Dalrymple, Duke of Parford Manor denied to help him, when poverty struck. He has been waiting for years to get the upper hand over the old bastard. Ash is able to prove that during his younger years the Duke married a woman and later on, he married a lady but he never annulled his first marriage. This made all his children from the second marriage bastards and unable to inherit.
Lady Anna Margaret has lost it all. Her name, her inheritance, her place in the ton. She stayed at Parford Manor to spy on Ash, disguised as her dying father's nurse. She thinks she will be able to find some proof that will reverse her misfortune.
She is prepared to hate Ash on the spot. But, he is completely different as to what she was expecting. He is nice to her and all others who worked for her father. He is very loyal to his family and she learns of all the mistreatments her father did to Ash's brothers.
I liked this book. I like that Ash's character was not set in stone. He is trying to keep his family together, since he feels guilty about leaving them and traveling to India in searching for fortune and power.
He is very honest with Marageret. Their love is believable. I liked what Margaret does at the end for the man that she loves.
4/5 Fangs

The Isis Collar (Blood Singer #4) by Cat Adams

The Fourth book starts with Celia Graves trying to evacuate a school. Her friend Dottie had a vision. To late she finds out that there were magical bombs in the building. At first, Celia thinks there is nothing wrong but soon she realizes that her life is in danger. The bombs have given a new infection which turns infected people into zombies.
Celia who is part Siren, part Vampire knows she is in trouble. Her memories are disappearing, has a headache that won't go away and she is not healing anymore.
With help from Rizolli she embarks into a race for the answers to the infection.
While trying to help Celia, John Creede disappears. This makes Celia think about him (Finally!!)
In regards to romance, we still have Bruno de Luca in the race for Celia's heart. I'm not a fan of him. He hurt her when he left her.
I like Creede- he is handsome, bright, funny and patient with Celia. He has waited enough time. But now, is time for Celia to choose. She can't string them along anymore.
This is a great series, I recommend them wholeheartedly.
Can't wait for the next one.
4/5 Fangs

Monday, July 2, 2012

One Salt Sea (October Daye #5) by Seanan McGuire

Book 5 October Daye Series

Toby is trying to get used to being the Countess of Goldengreen. She has all of Lily's people living there.  Her romantic life has changed too. She is with Connor (why, why why!!!). Her friends  Danny, May, Raj are all there. Quentin is becoming her squire. She is surrounded by good friends who are becoming family.

But war is brewing between the land and the sea.

Someone has kidnapped the sons of the Undersea Duchess, Dianda.

The Queen of Mists doesn't care, she believes she can win if they do go to war.
But nothing is further than the truth and Toby knows this. To prevent war, the Luideag asks her for help. She calls in her debt. She wants Toby to find the kids and returned them to the sea before it's too late.

Connor who is a Selkie must choose sides too. He belongs to the Sea, but he doesn't want to leave Toby.
To makes matter worse, Gillian is kidnapped too. All fingers point to Raysel, but she has to have an accomplice.
Toby goes crazy trying to find her daughter and the children before her deadline.

We learn more about the Luideig, about May, and there is finally more Tybalt in this book.

4/5 Fangs

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Late Eclipses (October Daye #4) by Seanan McGuire

Fourth Book in the October Daye Series.

Toby is living with her Fetch May. Spike and the Cats are happy. Of course this can't continue.

Toby is called to Court- the Queen of Mists is giving her Evening's Goldengreen property. This is a trap of some sort. Tybalt tries to alert her. (He also kisses her to cause a distraction, Yay!!!)

Soon some of her closer friends are getting poisoned. First, it is Lily. She is dying and her knowe is in danger. Someone has stolen her pearl. Then, Luna falls ill as well. It will seem Toby will get the blame for all of it unless she finds the true culprit.

Toby suspects that Oleander is back and is getting help from Raysel and maybe someone else.

In this book, you can feel Toby's exhaustion. Also, the pain she experiences feels real.
I love Tybalt in this book although he still needs more pages. When is she going to pursue him? He has supported her from the get go. Don't tell me she is that blind to his love.

Spoiler Fangaler: Toby gets shot with Elf-shot and dies. Amandine, her mother comes to the rescue and changes her genetics, making her more fae and less human. She remembers that Tybalt has mentioned something before but he wouldn't tell her because she wouldn't believe him.

4/5 Fangs

An Artificial Night (October Daye #3) by Seanan McGuire

Book 3 October Daye Series.
This installment starts with children missing.

First, there is her best friend's children disappearing during the night. Then, there is Tybalt asking for help finding some of the children from the Court of Cats who are missing and last, there is Quentin's human girlfriend who is gone too.

All the clues point to Blind Michael, an evil Fae who takes fae and mortal children for the Wild Hunt. The Fae children are forced to ride and the mortal children are the horses the fae kids ride.

October agrees to go to the land where Blind Michael resides to get the kids back. She gets help from Lily, Luna and the Luidaeg.

We know things are going to get crazy for Toby, when her Fetch, May Daye knocks on her door. In May's words "the spirits that wear your face when they come to escort you to the lands of the dead'. May make look like Toby, but her personality including the clothes she uses are opposites.

In order to save the children the Luidaeg transforms Toby into a child to be able to enter Blind Michael's realm. There are three roads to get to Blind Michael. Toby will travel all three.

Tybalt helps her through one of them. (Spoilers Fangalert- Tybalt dies for her. Luckily, he is a cat and has a few lives, not nine exactly).

Toby has good friends and this book proves it. I detested blind Michael which proves Mrs McGuire can   make up characters that appear real.

4/5 Fangs