Sunday, July 31, 2011

Awaken The Highland Warrior (Connor Clan, #1) by Anita Clenney

Bree Kirkland is looking for a treasure in her Grandmother's property but what she finds instead is a Highlander hunk, whom she awakens from a hundred and fifty years of slumber.

Faelan has been placed in the Time Vault by a demon, Druan. To his dismay he realizes that everyone he has loved, including his family, are all gone. He also has to deal with the attraction towards the woman who is helping him come to grips with this new decade. His clan has defended the world from demons for centuries and he can't get distracted by Bree. He knows Druan is planning on releasing a virus against the world and it is his duty to stop him. This duty has been given to the Connor Clan by the Archangel Michael himself.

When multiple deaths happen close to her home, Faelan knows is time to leave. Thanks to access to a computer Bree has been able to locate the rest of the clan. They travel to Scotland. We meet many of the secondary characters, in particular I liked Ronan the best.

I liked this book, the heroine is strong and smart. Some hilarity is ensured due to the time period difference between our characters. Faelan the chauvinist protector, Bree the independent, wearing skirts and t-shirts and ready for any fight.

3/5 Fangs

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wild Highland Magic (The MacInnes Werewolves #3) by Kendra Castle

Bastian a Morgaine has been cursed.

For five generations his family has endured the shadow of a Narial, a beast and a soul eater. He is the last of his bloodline and a mixture of a Dyadd (blood-drinking Sorcerer) and an Athin (Ice Mage who can travel through worlds and can manipulate water/ ice). Any strong emotion brings on an attack from the Narial, especially happiness and love. He has lived a lonely life, unattached and remote from everyone. Recently, an oracle has given him hope, the blood of a Dragon, freely given can save him. He rescues Lucien Andrakkar, a dragon, from the realm of the Demons, and takes him to recuperate to the clan MacInnes property.

Catrionna MacInnes has come to Scotland to meet his uncle Duncan MacInnes, the alpha of the clan. She and her sisters, Skye and Polly, traveled with their father who has not been a part of their lives and who never taught them how to deal with becoming werewolves. She is happy to meet her uncle Duncan and feels an instant connection with him and the land. 

When Cat meets Bastian time stops and she knows there is more to this sourly sorcerer Prince than meets the eye. Her reaction to him is the most powerful she has had towards a male. Bastian tries to keep her away from him but this doesn't last long. He can't fight his feelings and he knows if he may endanger her if he falls for her.

As a bonus the secondary story of Polly and Lucien. When Polly discovers that Bastian is hiding Lucien she feels determined to heal him back to life. Lucien feels he doesn't have anything to live for until he meets Polly. Their banter is quite entertaining and soon turns into more.

This is book 3 of the series but can be read as a stand-alone. Characters from prior books appear in several parts of this one. I am hoping she writes about Skye. The one sister with no happy ending. It is a fast, enjoyable read. It reminds me of the World of the Lupi.

3.5/5 Fangs

Monday, July 25, 2011

Highland Rebel: A Tale of a Rebellious Lady and a Traitorous Lord
by Judith James

This is a Historical Romance.

Jamie Sinclair finds himself in a battle against the Highlanders. He has pledged his allegiance to the current King of England. He will change his religion or his support depending on who can help him maintain his fortune and his way of living.

After a battle, a highlander is captured. To his surprise, it turns out to be a female. He can't let the men at camp rape her and to his own dismay decides to protect the woman. He is told that in order to save her life (and maybe his own) he will need to marry her. He does this against the advice of the Priest.

The woman who is unknown to him is Catherine Drummond, the heiress to her clan. After the wedding is over, she is able to escape. When he discovers her missing, he follows her trail. When he catches up to her, her family tortures him and almost kills him. They don't know this is the Englishman Catherine has been forced to marry. She is able to save him and later on forces him to leave on a ship.

A year later, Catherine travels to London and finds Jamie. He teaches her how to disguise herself as a young lad and takes her to places she would not have been able to visit. Their passion continues to grow.

With another battle brewing, will Jamie switch sides again? Will they become enemies, fighting against each other? If London, Ireland or the Highlands are not safe, where will they go?

The author has done plenty of research to portray the distress of the era. To the point that sometimes it takes away from the romance between Jamie and Catherine. The constant escaping each other or leaving each other also becomes tiring.

Cliffhanger: No

2.5/5 Fangs

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Viper Contract by Chris Broyhill

The Viper Contract: A High Tech Aviation Thriller
Colin Pearce Series #1
Chris Broyhill 

Just had to stop my daily routine to mention this book.

One of my friends has his book out.

Is a fiction book, full of action. It is not UF, but fantastic anyway.

I'll do a formal review in the next few weeks.

I can't wait for the movie!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lord of Scoundrels (Scoundrels #3) by Loretta Chase

Lord of Scoundrels
Scoundrels #3
Loretta Chase

Jessica Trent is trying to save her brother Bertie from the devil. She has heard terrible things about Sebastian, Marquess of Dain who her brother idolizes. Bertie is drinking and gambling, following into Sebastian steps. But while Sebastian is rich, Bertie is soon to become broke.

To save her brother she is prepared to fight the rake. What she didn't expect was finding herself interested and attracted to him from their first meeting in a store.

Sebastian is a rake and doesn't want anything to do with a respectable woman. He prefers to hire prostitutes instead. His childhood was terrible. His mother abandoned him. His father hated him and sent him away to Eton, where he was made fun of constantly due to his appearance, having a large nose, and his height, at that time he was considered too short. Now, as an adult, he is very tall, well built.

Jessica and Sebastian are found in a compromising position and he believes she instigated this. He leaves her to deal with this situation telling her if she didn't like it she can shoot him.

This is exactly what she does (She is a great shot) and then proceeds to sue him. Sebastian decides to marry her instead and they move from Paris to England.

Multiple misunderstandings occur with multiple twists.

I love this book. It was funny, the dialogue was active, their banter exquisite. So many funny moments. The shooting was hilarious.

The heroine is the best that I have read in a historical romance in a while. I wanted to be friends with her!

I bought this book as an amazon kindle promotion- 99 cents. More than worth it!!

4.5/5 Fangs

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Moon Dance by J.R. Rain

Moon Dance
Vampire for Hire #1
J.R. Rain

Samantha is a married woman with two small children. However, she is not your typical mom. Six years ago she was attacked by a Vampire and left for dead. Her husband Danny and her sister are the only ones who know the truth. Lately, her husband has been acting strange towards her. When she was attacked, he helped her come up with an excuse to avoid daylight. The rest of the world thinks she has xeroderma pigmentosum.

She had to leave her day job as a federal agent. She started her own PI agency which she runs from inside her house.

The police usually sends referrals her way. This is how Kingsley Fulcrum becomes her client. He is a very important lawyer who was shot five times in the head and survived!! (I'm guessing he is not human- just a hunch)

He hires her to find out who attempted to kill him. She feels attracted to him but feels loyal to her husband, despite suspecting Danny is having an affair.

We also meet a Vampire Hunter, Randolph, who is trying to kill her and an internet friend who helps her deal with her day to day living.

This is a fast and easy read. Entertaining. It is a first good effort.

This book doesn't answer some important questions. Who attacked her? Why her? Where is the Vampire now?

2.5/5 Fangs

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trueblood Season 4 Episode 4

Disclaimer: I love Eric and Alexander Skarsgard (AS).

If you have seen my blog, you will know that I started reading paranormal books just a few years back. I watched the first season of TB as a marathon on New Year's. When I noticed that the show was based on books, I had to buy the books. I bought the first seven as a deal from Amazon. Those were my first vampire books. Never read about Anne Rice or any other writers until then. I have to thank Charlaine Harris for it.

Book 4 is my favorite. Amnesic Eric (AE) was just perfectly written.
This season on TB is all about Book 4. Yes, the books differ tremendously from the series. Laffy dies in book 1, Hot Shot is not a meth center, Bill does sleep with Portia (despite being related in some way), Bill is never King, etc.

There are so many thing that I liked about the episode. Eric's vulnerability, miissing the sun and depressed about it. Saying "I am real". His "high" on Faerie, pinching Sookie's butt, "catch me Sookie", "if you kiss me I promise to be happy", all adorable and perfectly performed by AS. His parts were the best (again, not impartial here).
I like the way Anna is portraying Sookie this season. Her hair and make up are better, she is dressing better. She LIED to Bill. Loved it!! She was defending a vulnerable vampire. She knows Bill is not a fan of Eric. She had no problem trusting Alcide instead.
Joe does a good job portraying a werewolf. I wonder how much exercise he does a day to keep that physique (I met him last year and he is buff). I don't think he should trust Debbie. I like that he is a good friend to Sookie.
Poor Jason, getting raped by all those women. He will get better thanks to Jess, but maybe he will get infatuated with her. We know blood will make him dream about her which will create more problems with her current situation with Hoyt.
The witches plot- the best part is Laffy trying to survive. Now, hurting Pam is not acceptable. She is awesome. She delivers the best lines in the show most of the time. Who will heal her? Eric?
Sams story line tells me a werewolf will fight him. I wonder if he will shape shift to a werewolf too. He has bad luck in love.
Arlene's baby, evil? or is it the doll? We will have to wait and see.
I know at some point it will be back to Sookie and Bill, but until then I will enjoy the show.

Favorite Lines:
"You can't have any more. There isn't anymore. You drank the whole faerie and you are going to your room"
"Let me rub some dirt on that"
"If you kiss me I promise to be happy"

Monday, July 18, 2011

Twice Dead (Haven #2) by Kalayna Price

The second book in the Haven Series. This is a reread for me. Yes, I enjoyed it more the second time around.

Kita is in trouble again. She is summoned by the Council to attend a vampire party in honor of a visiting master vampire, the Collector. One of her humans is murdered and Kita is the one who discovers the body. This makes her the center of the attention and a suspect. The truth-seeker confirms she was not the murderer. But, when more dead headless bodies start appearing this starts a vampire politics war.

The Collector, a very powerful vampire is interested in Kita, after all, she likes to acquire unusual things and a shapeshifter calico cat turned vampire qualifies as one.

Kita is pulled in many ways and used as a pawn. Gil, the mage apprentice is following her and writing her thesis based on her life. At the same time, she is helping her figure out if there are more shifter rogues created by Kita. We have a necromancer wanting a new body as a form of payment on a debt, the Collector wanting her to find a shapeshifter to add to the master vampire entourage, Bobby wanted to take her back to Firth, her attraction to Nathanial is increasing and not knowing if these are her feelings or a vampire side effect from sharing blood. In this mist of all this Tatius, the King of Haven/Puppet Master wants to take her away from Nathanial and is trying to bind her to him.

This second book is full of action. I still like Nathanial as the HEA. He has a lot of patience and he cares for her. His mask of aloofness slips several times. Also, they share their first kiss (super excited here!!)
After I finished this book I was upset I have to wait until the fall to get book three.

A taste:

 gasped, shivering in his arms. A dark sound tumbled
from his throat, something between a growl and a moan, and
he pressed harder against me, his hips grinding against mine.
My fingers trailed through his water-soaked hair, following the
strands down to where they plastered to his chest, exposed
below his torn shirt. I ripped the material further so I could
feel more of the hard planes of his smooth flesh.
His mouth locked on mine.
 4/5 Fangs

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Once Bitten (Haven #1) by Kalayna Price

Kita Nekai is a shifter from Firth. She can turn into a calico cat which is the reason for her peculiar tri color hair. She has run away from her birth place avoiding becoming her father's successor as the clan leader and because the man she loved, Bobby mated with someone else. She has been on the run for five years successfully. Her luck is about to change.

She arrives at Haven and discovers that the city is surrounded by Hunters, wolves who want to take her back to her father 's realm. Trying to escape the hunters she goes into a rave party where she is drugged and later attacked by another shifter. Nathanial, the Hermit, a vampire interrupts them. He proceeds to feed from her and is unable to stop himself. She becomes a vampire.

While she is trying to deal with this new state of her life, Bobby finds her and she learns that there is a rogue serial killer attacking women and she may have been responsible for turning him into a shifter. A Mage Judge marks her and if she doesn't find the rogue, not only is her life at stake but Nathanial and Bobby's.

Half of the time she is starving herself avoiding drinking blood. When she does feed she acquires memories from whom she feeds and this scares her. Is unknown if she will be able to shift again. Most vampires have some special powers. Nathanial is an illusionist, he can also fly.

When the Vampire Council learned about the Hermit's new Companion they are summoned to it. She is introduced to Tatius, an ancient vampire, King of Haven, who immediately becomes interested in her. We know there will be more interaction between both.

I enjoyed this new mythology, especially Nathanial and Bobby. I know she can't end up with Bobby. I mean he has a mate and cubs on the way. At times I was upset at Kita for pushing everyone away including Nathanial. She also didn't think before talking and most of the time she didn't take his advice. But, I hope she learns better in books to come.

A taste:

"You told Samantha you anticipate us going separate ways after tonight."
I shrugged. “We have to live through tonight first."
"You cannot leave alone. If you did not notice, a young vampire without a master is anyone's meat. Every inch of known land is charted as territory for some vampire somewhere. There is nowhere you can run or hide. You are mine, I will watch over you until you are stronger, but you cannot run off."
"I'm not a possession, nor am I your mate. You hold no claim over me."
"Kita, I am trying to protect you. Not date you. I have seen your disregard for other's hearts. I would not choose to trust you with mine."
His hand dropped, releasing me, and he swept out of the alley.

3/5 Fangs

Night Myst by Yasmine Galenorn

Night Myst
Indigo Court #1
Yasmine Galenorn 

Cicely Waters is a twenty-six-year-old witch, who can you use a wind Elemental (Ulean). She returns home to Forest, Washington after a witch elder is murdered. She has been on the run and the last time she saw her boyfriend Grieve was nine years ago when he asked her to stay and she declined.

When she arrives, she finds out her aunt Helen has been kidnapped. She stays with her cousin Rhiannon, who has the ability to use the Fire Elemental but doesn't know how to handle the power.

Some new force is kidnapping and killing the magic-born. The victims are drained, like vampires. The Northwest Regent of the Vampire Nation, Geoffrey summons her and we meet Lannan, a vampire from the Crimson Court with some sadistic tendencies. Cicely is forced to help the vampires obtain information from the Fae.

Grieve is a Fae Prince in the court of Rivers and Rushes, nephew to Lanule, the Queen. He met Cicely when she was six and fell in love with her. Unfortunately, Myst, the Mistress of Mayhem, Queen of the Indigo Court has taken over the Fae. She is the Queen of a new race of Vampiric Fae and she is out for revenge against vampires. The Vampiric Fae can only turn the Fae and magic-born. Grieve has been turned and now he is Shadow Hunter who can feed on humans and Fae alike.

In the middle of this new brewing war is Cicely, torn between helping the vampires, saving her family, or saving the life of her love Grieve.

This new series has potential. I like Cicely and enjoyed some of the secondary characters like Chatter, whom I like more than Leo at times, Kaylen Chen, Peyton and Rhia. I don't think I like Lannan. His bizarre relationship with his sister/lover/mate was unnerving.

Cliffhanger: No

3/5 Fangs

Monday, July 11, 2011

Forever Vampire by Michele Hauf

Forever Vampire 
Michele Hauf

Lyric Santiago is a Vampire from the Santiago Clan. This clan is known for stealing and recently they have been close to bankruptcy. Her brother Leo has recently stolen a gown made by the Seelie Court. It was stored in a security safe by Hawkes Associates, a firm that represents the paranormal nations. Lyric is to turn over the gown to the Unseelie Prince, Zett . Her mother has arranged the exchange. Before this happens, Lyric and the gown disappear. Charish, Lyric's mother, believes she has been kidnapped and she hires Hawkes Associates to retrieve the gown and to find Lyric.

The company sends Vaillant the Unwanted to find her. He has been residing in Faery until three months ago when he was banned from it. Her uncle, Rhys Hawkes owns the company. His mother, Viviane LaMourette was tortured by his father, Constantine de Salignac. He buried her alive for two centuries under the city of Paris (this story is told in Seducing the Vampire). This made her insane. She was trapped while pregnant with Vail and his half brother Tryst, a werewolf. After being unfrozen she was able to deliver them.

Due to a prior pact with Cressida, mistress of Winter's Edge, Rhys had to give one of his sons to her. He believes Vail to be his own son and he sent him to Faery where he is raised. When Vail goes into the blood lust he is despised by the Fae. He learns to dislike vampires, despite him being one of them. He is also addicted to Faery dust but he won't admit it. He has not become a full vampire since he resists to drink blood instead he sustains on ichor.

Vail finds Lyric soon enough and he discovers she had escaped with the gown, faking a kidnapping. She is running from Zett, the Unseelie Prince who wants to kill her. Soon they discover they are attracted to each other but don't know if the prejudices against vampires or the addiction to fairy dust will let them become a couple.

There was a lot of action in this novel, I like how the story flows most of the time although some parts felt rushed. Unfortunately, I did not read Seducing the Vampire first so I felt lost at certain times. I liked Lyric's patience with Vail although some times I just wanted to shake him out of his addiction.

I also liked Tryst and Leo and I will like to read more about them.

3/5 Fangs

Devil Without a Cause by Terri Garey

Devil Without a Cause
The Devil's Bargain #1
Terri Garey

Gabriel, the Archangel, comes to meet Samuel (Prince of Darkness/Devil/Satan) and offers him a chance at redemption. If he can save the soul of one female then Gabriel may be able to put a good word for him in heaven. Gabriel is trying to save Samuel's soul since he cares for his "brother".

Samuel has to save Faith McFarland. Faith has a son, Noah who has been recently diagnosed with brain cancer. In order to save his life, she strikes a deal with the Devil. Her job is to steal a magical ring from a famous rock star, Finn Payne. What Faith doesn't know is that the ring belongs to the Devil and it is the reason why Finn became famous in the first place. Without the ring, Finn will lose his soul to Sammy who has been waiting for twenty years.

When Finn stays at the hotel where she works she takes this opportunity to meet him, takes him to his room and is able to spend the night with him. In the morning she takes off with the ring but Finn discovers this promptly. He finds Faith and kidnaps her as well as her son. They are taken to his private island where he tries to seduce her and make her give up the ring.

Who will win at the end, a desperate mother trying to save her son's life by losing the man she loves or the Rock star who doesn't want to give up his soul to the Devil but has fallen in love with a woman and her child?

I enjoyed this story, the devil is not so bad after all. I found myself rooting for him at times. His interaction with Gabriel was amusing.
After reading this book, I learned that this author has another series where Sammy was mentioned. It will be interesting to read.

Looking forward to a second book.

3.5/5 Fangs

Friday, July 1, 2011

An Irresistible Bachelor by Jessica Bird

Callie Burke is the half sister of Grace Hall (Heroine featured in an Unforgettable Lady). The sisters recently met. Grace's father was a millionaire who had an affair with Callie's mother.

Grace introduces Callie to Jack Walker who is a rich womanizer. He hires her to restore a masterpiece which he recently recovered after paying five million dollars for it.

Jack recently got engaged, but his attraction to Callie is instant. He has been dreaming about her ever since they met. He doesn't give up until she agrees to work for him and move to his estate. They will live under one roof until the job is completed.

Jack has political aspirations and he is thinking of running for Governor. Once he falls in love with Callie, he wonders if he can give up his dream since Callie seems to be opposed to it.

Callie was raised without money. She is the bastard child of a millionaire who was never there for her. Her mother never accepted money or gifts from him and died of MS. Now is time to make choices. If she stays with Jack, the press may learn about her secret past. But she doesn't want her sister Grace, a rich socialite, destroyed by the their father's indiscretion.

Can she leave Jack behind or stay and hurt the only family member she has left?

The second book in this series has cameos from members of other books written by Jessica Bird. It is a fast read and enjoyable. I did not like it as much as An Unforgettable Lady. Maybe because John and Grace seem to have more spark and mystery.

3/5 Fangs