Sunday, September 30, 2012

Heaven and Hell (Heaven and Hell #1) by Kristen Ashley

Kia Clementine is taking a long needed vacation in Europe. She recently became widowed. She is not sad her husband is dead. She married young and was abused by her husband for years. She never let her family interfere  He always told her she was worthless and he can hurt her family too. 
She is shocked when she goes for breakfast and Sampson Cooper is sitting next to her. He is a very famous ex-football star and also was is some type of covert operation. They sit together and spend time together. This blooms into another date.
But not everything is easy when Sam learns that Kia's ex has
placed a hit on Kia's life. That is why we see a couple of cameos of Lee Nightingale, sigh!
This couple has some issues to deal with. Both of them have been hurt. They both learned to open up to each other. 
4/5 Fangs

Breathe (Colorado Mountain #4) by Kristen Ashley

Chase Keaton feels dirty. Because of his father's mistake, he had to become a dirty cop for a while and married a woman he didn't love. The town of Carnal believes him a hero but he knows better. On hi free time, he thinks about the woman he married and who was murdered under his watch. The least he can do is find the culprit. He doesn't know that Faith is doing the same with her internet friends.
Faith Goodknight is the beautiful, shy librarian. She has been in love with Chase since she can't remember  At the beginning, he is rude to her, despite him having a thing for her for years too. But, when an abused kid shows up at the library, Faith needs the cops help and Chase is the one that takes it upon himself to help her.
There are so many good parts, but what I love the most is how geeky Faith is. She loves Scify, She mentions, Buffy, Angel, Star wars and Firefly references.

Spoiler Fangalert: our little miss Ally Nightingale shows up in this book. Righteous!!

4/5 Fangs

Lady Luck (Colorado Mountain #3) by Kristen Ashley

This is my favorite Colorado Book (Tate is my second).
Ty Walker spent five years in prison for a crime he didn't commit  The woman he was with on that night, lied, negating him an alibi. He only has revenge in his plans. To his surprise, when he gets out there is this beautiful, leggy woman waiting for him. He needs to marry her for convenience.
Alexa Anne (Lexy) Berry has had bad Luck all her life, when she is forced to pick up someone being release from prison, she is completely shocked to see this hot giant coming out. He exudes danger. When he proposes a marriage that can release her from prior entanglement, she jumps to it. They get to Vegas and marry.
When they move back to Carnal, she uncovers the truth and tries to help Ty forget about revenge and his demons. He does not react well to it. 
Even if they are able to make this marriage work, can they live happily in a place where dirty cops and government exists?
Love Ty. Even though  the writing is completely crude at times, it really created live characters to the reader. Is amazing what KA can do!
5/5 Fangs.

Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain #2) by Kristen Ashley

Lauren Grahame left her old life. She quit her job and moved to a place where no one knows her and a town where nothing is special, Carnal.  Moving away is her only choice to find herself again after her ex husband cheated on her with her best friend for five years. She thought her life was going to be special but learned that there is no such thing. She is also a little overweight but has started swimming too.  She applies for a job as a waitress in a local biker bar. At first, one of the owners doesn't want to hire her because she looks too classy. 
Once she meets the other boss, she is fuming after some nasty comments Tate says. She is ready to avoid him, hate him, kill him with indifference.
Tatum Jackson is part owner of the bar and bounty hunter. When a serial killer is loose in his town, he decides to take the case. The last thing he needs is a distraction. Just before he meets Lauren he has stopped a relationship with his ex girlfriend. He does says some nasty comments that Lauren overheard, but apologizes to her. He knows he wants her for himself. Lauren finds herself in between biker boys at some point just because she doesn't understand biker lingo. Tate knows he has to keep his town and Lauren safe.
Love this book, a pleasure to read. Hate Tate at first, love him to pieces by the end. Some parts are LOL pages.

5/5 Fangs

“I don’t know!” I hissed back. “Tate went out of town and he took me for a ride on his bike and he kissed me before he left. But he didn’t tell me he was going. He just said he wanted me on the back of his bike when he got back. But then he was gone. For a month. He didn’t call. Nothing. He just vanished. Then I got my car from Wood and he said he’d seen me on Tate’s bike and he didn’t want to tell me what he had to tell me because he wanted me to be on the back of his bike but then he told me Tate was with Neeta, Wood’s sister, and she’s married.

“The back of his bike?” she asked, looking confused.

I shook my head. “I don’t know, I don’t get it. I think it’s biker slang for they want a date or something.”

“What did Tate say about what Wood said?”
This was the tricky part therefore I mumbled, “Um…”
“What?” she asked.
“I didn’t ask him,” I admitted. “When he got back…” I moved even closer, “Carrie, when he got back I think he came straight to me, straight to the bar, he grabbed my hand and pulled me into the hall and kissed me and told me he didn’t find Tonia’s killer but it was good to be home then I threw the whole Neeta thing in his face, he got pissed, said some nasty stuff and stormed off.”

The Gamble (Colorado Mountain #1) by Kristen Ashley

First in the Colorado Series

Nina Sheridan is taking a holliday. She has decided that she needs time to think if she wants to spend the rest of her life with her clueless fiancee. She thinks a trip to the States will clarify everything for her.
When she gets to the house she has rented, to her surprise there is a hot guy there, who is the owner of the home and tells her she can't stay there. (Max calls her Duchess which later on becomes a term of endearment). Things get worse for her, she has a cold, her car breaks down and she can't get out of it because of the snowstorm.
When she wakes up the next day, she is his bed.
Holden Maxwell has had plenty of sorrow in his life. But, when Nina shows up, it is the first time in a long time that he feels something. He nurses her back to health and forces her to stay with him in his home.  Typical Alpha maneuver.
They get to know each other and he shows her around the town of Gnaw Bone, but of course there is always a couple of other story lines happening which being a KA book leads to kidnapping, confrontations, murder, etc.
This is a good book and a great beginning for this series.
4/5 Fangs

My Jane Austen Summer: A Season in Mansfield Park by Cindy Jones

Lily Berry  is escaping to a Jane Austen revival. She has had multiple losses. Her mother passed away, her father is in a relationship way too soon, her boyfriend dumped her while her mother was ill and told her she was needy. She looses her job because she is reading instead of working. 
When she gets to England she has no job at the beginning and uses one of the rooms that was assigned to another girl. When Bets her roommate finally shows up, she is not considerate of Lily's personal belongings. 
Lily is able to find things to do around the Manor, even create a tea party with entertainment for the Jainetes. 
Her love life is tangled between different men.

I have got to say this is my first Jane Austen world kind of book. Loving Jane Austen's books I thought this would be great, was greatly disappointed. I don't believe there was great character growth and the protagonist was not very likable. 
1/5 Fangs

Resurrected Book 1 The Vampire Legacy by Morgan Rice

Resurrected is the first book in the Vampire Legacy.

We meet a happy family. Mom is Caitlin, Dad is Caleb (nice name) and perfect daughter is Scarlet.
Everything is happy in this perfect family. They are all excited about Scarlet's sixteenth birthday. Caitlin has bought her daughter's favorite cake and will give her her grandmother's necklace as a gift. Scarlet surprises them by bringing Blake, her friend to their home. Everyone accepts this including her dad after a few comments. This will be their last normal day.
When Caitlin remembers her old books given to her by her grandmother, during her sleepless night, she decides to read them. In them, she discovers she used to be a vampire and now Scarlet is becoming one too. Too late, Scarlet has started her change, she is sent home sick from school and then escapes. When she finally reappears the next day, everyone has been looking for her. Scarlet hates the attention and wants to go to school. She is worried about Blake and the mean girls group.
We also meet Sage, an immortalist who has been selected to deal with the last known vampire, Scarlet.
The end of the book is a little bit abrupt. I haven't read the Vampire journals which comes first. Maybe if I did I will have enjoyed this book more.
2/5 Fangs

Wrong Bed, Right Guy (Come Undone, #1) by Katee Robert

Elle Walser is tired of her mother setting her up with guys that she doesn't like. She has decided to take her future into her own hands. For this purpose she bought some lingerie and plans to seduce her boss. She works in an art gallery and likes to paint on her own time too. She admires her boss and he is one of the Good Guys.
Unfortunately, things go terrible wrong with her plan. She ends up in bed with his brother instead. 
Gabe Schultz has decided crash at his brother's art gallery, he doesn't like to be alone. He is the owner of multiple bars in different states. He is very pleasantly surprised when a beautiful woman tries to seduce him. 
When Elle realizes her mistake she runs away. The next day she has to deal with Gabe. Gabe shows his interest in her, she tries to avoid him at all cost. Some very funny situations occur.
Short, light hearted book. It was in the top of the amazon best sellers. Decided to give it a go. Not disappointed.
3/5 Fangs

On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

Fangalert: Highly addictive. Don't read this book if you don't have time to do it in one sitting - you may not get anything done until it ends.

Jocelyn Butler is half american. She has lost all her family when she was a kid and her best friend. This has marked her for life. She doesn't let anyone in and since a bad experience a few years back she has decided to stay clear of men. 
She has moved to Scotland trying to erase the memories of her earlier past. Once she finishes college, her roommate moves away and she moves to Dublin Street. The first time she meets Braden Carmichael, highly successful business man, they share a taxi. She soon discovers he is her new roommate's brother and owner of her new home. They have an electrifying attraction and chemistry.  He wants everything from Joss and wants her to realize she can do a relationship taking baby steps. 
Love that Braden was not 100% Alpha, he was vulnerable too. Usually this doesn't work for me in books, but in this book it couldn't be any other way.
Very happily surprised about this book.  This has been one of the best recommendations of the year. Thanks Janet!!
Now, I just need the movie. A Scottish actor, hmmmmm.....
5/5 Fangs

Grave Memory by Grave Memory
Alex Craft #3

The third installment begins with Alex convincing Rianna to join her in a new office in a bad neighborhood. As always, we see Rianna with her barghest, Desmond by her side. After convincing her to join, they hear a loud noise. Someone has jumped off a building. When Alex gets close to the scene, she hears the ghost denying killing himself. Rianna gives their business card to a cop to be given to the widow. The widow hires them to find the truth. Uncovering serial suicides or not is the main mystery is this book.

We see more of the Fae and especially one of her truce parties. Falin is still under the dominance of the Winter Queen. Most of the book Death is away. Of course, he always shows up at the most needed time.

Let me tell you, Death was great before but after this book- He is awesome. His scenes (when he can stay for longer than a page) are amazing. I just wished that the triangle resolves. There is no need. Death is the man, Ms. Price just needs to find a way for it to work. That as a whole could be the main premise of the book. Don't get me wrong Falin is a good character too but not like Death. I wanna know everything about Death including his real name. A couple of new secondary characters are welcome including Mending guy and Briar.

4/5 Fangs (mostly because of Death scenes and not a 5 because not enough death in the first half of the book.)

Grave Dance by Kalayna Price
Alex Craft #2

Grave Dance is the second book in the series. It begins a month after book two has ended.

Alex is recuperating from her last battle. Falin is MIA. She has been recruited by the police to help with a case. The cops have recovered parts of different bodies, to be more specific the left foot. The feet are found in the Sionan River. She is able to find more using her grave sense and uncovering their glamour.

Her landlord and friend, Caleb asked her to help another Fae. Because of her new abilities, she has become interested in the Fae and her heritage can force her to move to Faery for good.

Her life is complicated enough without also having a killer using glamour to attack Alex and some of her friends.

The love triangle persists. Falin comes back. Death is there when she needs him the most. Very interesting development We have great secondary characters like Caleb, Holly, we even get a bigger glimpse of Alex's father.

In general, the book is good. The one complaint will be the love triangle. Mrs. Price makes them both likable at times and Alex is really torn about each other. I just hope it ends soon and Death is the winner.

4/5 Fangs

Monday, September 24, 2012

White Witch (The Coven #1) by Trish Milburn

Jaxina"Jax" Pherson has ran away from home. She is part of a dark witches coven in Miami.  She doesn't want to make the choice and kill or use humans to her advantage. She believes that hiding in the mountains of North Carolina she can live a normal life. She joins a high school after using her powers to convince a human to pass her off  as her daughter. She strikes a friendship with a girl, Toni and falls for her cousin, Keller Dawes.
Things become weirder when she discovers that Keller's father is a hunter of supernaturals as well as Keller.
A friend from another coven, Egan makes his appearance and together they may have to fight evil and the covens.

YA literature. It still has some problems with the flow. Some lines were funny.
2/5 Fangs

Rock Chick Regret (Rock Chick #7) by Kristen Ashley

Sadie Townsend has been known as The Ice Princess. She has grown up detached from the world or she wants people to think so.  Her father is a drug lord and he finally gets caught by Hector Chavez, who was under cover. He had a moment with Sadie but let it go and was waiting for her to come back to him. He waited too long.  After her father goes to prison, other bad people want to take over Sadie's life. 
The first couple of chapters are gut wrenching. If they don't make you cry I don't know what will.
It is a much darker book. Feels more like Colorado or Dream man series.
I love the book though.
Hector was strong but at the same time he was so sweet.

“This is a –” he started but stopped when my hand whipped out and I snatched it from him.
“It’s a stun gun!” I cried, so excited I was being nearly as loud as his family. “Veronica Mars has one of these!”
I lifted happy eyes to him and saw he was grinning. “Yeah, mamita, but be careful with that.”
“Is it for me?” I trilled happily.
His hand went to the side of my neck and slid up, fingers in my hair, thumb at my hairline.
“Yeah. Keep it in your purse where you can get to it. It’s got fresh batteries. You turn it on, touch the prongs to your target, a one-second touch causes an incapacitating jolt, three seconds it’ll take someone down.”
I lifted the stun gun between us, stared at it in awe and murmured, “Aces.”
I came out of my stun gun euphoria when I heard his soft laughter and my eyes went to him.
“What’s funny?” I asked.
His fingers wrapped around my wrist, pulled the stun gun from between us and he closed in, his other hand sliding to the back of my head.
“You don’t know, mamita, it’ll be more fun to watch you figure it out.” While Hector looked down at me and I stared up at him silent, Ralphie decided to speak.

“Sadie, what’s the matter with you? Hispanic Hottie has been out with his posse of cute boys, warning off the bad guys for weeks and now he’s in here and you have your chance to say thank you and you’re silent as a ghost,” Ralphie snapped.
“Ralphie –” Buddy said warningly.
Hector moved to my side. Close to my side and he looked down at me.
“Hispanic Hottie?” he asked, brows raised and lips still struggling to hold back a grin.
Oh my God. I wanted to die. Go live with the doves and the angels and leave this world forever.
Instead, my eyes sliced to Ralphie and they narrowed. Ralphie ignored my narrowed eyes.
“I know!” Ralphie exclaimed. “We’ll have a drink and all watch Veronica Mars. I think in the next episode she gets roughed up in a pool hall. Anyone would need a drink while watching that.”
5/5 Fangs

Rock Chick Reckoning (Rock Chick #6) by Kristen Ashley

This is about Kai "Mace" Mason and his Rock Chick Stella Michelle Gunn. It is also another winner and one of my favorites.
Stella is the lead singer for the Blue Moon Gypsies. We saw a cameo of her in a previous book where she sings a song to Mace. Stella and Mace had been together, but Mace left her and broke her heart. But when a bad man is trying to hurt all the Rock Chicks and the Hot Bunch, Mace considers Stella his. So he jumps into action and moves in with her to protect her. (typical Hot guy response).
Mace has a lot of demons, which we had a glimpse in earlier books and Stella really helps him get over them through the book. The music is a huge part of this book and listening to the songs at the appropriate times is encouraged.
This book has multiple POV and I enjoyed every single one of them. Also, in this case Mace can go "Maverick", just like Luke can go Gonzo. LOL
The prologue is great and since I knew there was a 5 yr later, I waited to read it after I finished book 7.
Spoiler Fangalert- We finally see Lee and Indy's wedding.
I have so many favorite quotes. Two of the best:

“I can’t be the star in your sky when you’re the only star left shining in mine.”

Then he said, “Al right, Stella, I’ll give you one.” Uh-oh.

One? One what? My brain asked.

“One what?” I said out loud.
“A piece of me.”
Oh dear.
He kept talking. “The worst part of breaking up with you was you lettin’ me walk away.”
My breath packed up and took a shuttle flight to the moon.
“What?” I whispered.
“It was so good between us, I didn’t think in a million fuckin’ years you’d let me walk away,” Mace went on.
5/5 Fangs

Rock Chick Revenge (Rock Chick #5) by Kristen Ashley

Ava Barlow is determined to help her best friend Sissy. To do this she risks seeing her teenager crush Luke Stark. She goes to the Nightingale office but when she walks in she immediately regrets it and tries to escape. She is unable to leave because some of the hot bunch guys are preventing her from leaving and then Luke himself is there, bigger than life.
Luke just takes one look at Ava and knows he is not letting her go. He just needs to know why she has not been in his life for so many years.
Ava has loved Luke since she was eight, but as an overweight teenager she thought it would be impossible to be together. After listening to some hurtful comments she decided to distance herself from Luke. Now, she has lost the weight and looks really good but has some self confidence issues at times. She also has Good Ava and Bad Ava helping her with decisions and some bad guys after her. She is getting a lot of attention from four guys which is a shock to her because she has never had this kind of attention before.
Of course this wouldn't be a Rock Chick book without some kidnapping, violence and hotness. The Bad Boy Brigade is helping Luke protect Ava from the bad guys or going Gonzo in the process.
I love Luke, he had many cameos in other books and always made me smile.
A plus of the book - we meet Ren- Rock Chick 8 guy.

He ignored me. “I never expected I’d want you in my bed but I always knew I wanted you in my life. The fuckin’ second you looked at my mouth in the office, though, I knew I would stop at nothin’ to get you in my bed. And I thought then too that for the first time in my life I might do somethin’ both my Dad and I would be proud of, and that’s bein’ with you.”
My throat went so tight, the breath I sucked in sounded ragged.He didn’t just say that. Did he?

“Get this into your head Ava, I’m not gonna do anything to fuck it up between us but I’m also not gonna let you do anything to fuck it up either.”
“Luke, I have to get out of here,” I said in a quiet voice and it sounded like a desperate plea mainly because it was one.
“I told you once, you’re not goin’ anywhere. And now I’ll tell you the rest too.”
Oh shit.
There was more. I didn’t want to know the rest.
Unfortunately, Luke was on a roll. “This is the way it is for us right now. I know you fixed this place up but I’m not givin’ up the loft so we’re gonna have to work somethin’ out about where we live, eat, sleep and fuck. We last, you’re gonna have to give up the Range Rover, they’re dangerous because they roll easy and I don’t like you drivin’ it. We go the distance, we’re havin’ a small wedding, I’m not fuckin’ dancin’ and I want three kids, all boys, but if we have a girl she’s not datin’ until she’s twenty-five, especially if she looks like you, got me?"

5/5 Fangs

Somebody To Love by Kristan Higgins

Parker Welles has lost her fortune. Or I should say her father lost their fortune in an insider-trade scheme. She decides to sell a home in Gideon's Cove, Maine. But first she has to fix it before she can flip it. To her surprise her father's lawyer James Cahill comes to the rescue. Not only is he here to give her support but has brought his toolbox to help her rebuild it. Parker is rude (kept calling him Thing One) at the beginning but the more she gets to know him, the more wrong she thinks she has been about him. It also helps that they have a past together. James calls her Princess.
Parker who writes children' s books has lost her muse. She starts working as a florist. She also befriends Maggie and helps her with the flowers for her wedding.
I have been expecting this book for a long time. They are a treat. the best part about this book besides the main characters falling in love, is that we see glimpses of two other very important couples from 2 different books: The Next Best Thing (Lucy and Ethan) and Catch of the Day (Malone and Maggie). 
Spoiler Fangalert: We get more than a glimpse about Maggie and Malone's life and their wedding- which was my one complaint in Catch of the Day not knowing more about Malone.
4/5 Fangs

Just One of the Guys by Kristan Higgins

Chastity O'Neill has loved Trevor Meade as long as she can remember. She has recently moved back home and is working as a journalist. As always in Mrs Higgins books she owns a dog, Buttercup. 
Chastity has four brothers, all firefighters. Her father is also a firefighter, but he is separated from her mom. He loves his job more than his wife. Chastity has decided to find a man and settle down, get married, and have kids. She is looking for Mr. Perfect, When she meets a doctor, she decides that he may just be the guy. She has to leave behind the wonderful time she spent with Trevor for a few days in College. As hard as she tries she always comes back to Trevor. He has been there in her life for ever and is considered another son to her parents. How can she forget him or how can she get him back?

I love these books and look forward to the story. This one was not as great some of the other ones. I just thought it took too long for Trevor and Chastity to be together and the end could have been longer. 
4/5 Fangs

For You (The 'Burg #1) by Kristen Ashley

Lieutenant Alexander Colton and February Owens were meant to be. They were high school sweethearts and everyone thought they were going to be together forever. When a horrible misunderstanding takes place and leaves Feb with a bad reputation, she moves away and marries. Unfortunately, she marries someone who continuously abuses her. When the abuse almost killed her, Colt interferes. 
Fifteen years later, she is back in town working for her parent's bar as a bartender. Her brother works with her. 
The town discovers there is evil surrounding them when a serious of murders happened. All can be linked to Feb. Colt can't stand it any longer and decides to protect her even if she doesn't want him near her. 
Little by little the are able to surpass old scars and they rekindle their love. 
The books has plenty of mystery. But what is almost palpable if the pain the main characters have suffered. 
This is a good book. I still love Colorado/Rock Chick and Dream man more.
It pains me to give it a 3.5 /5 Fangs.

The Heir (Duke's Obsession, #1) (Windham #1) by Grace Burrowes

Gayle Windham, Earl of Westhaven is a grumpy young man. He takes care of everything for his family. He is avoiding getting a wife, which makes his father upset. Everything  changes when he tried to help a young girl under his home. He gets knocked out by his housekeeper,  Anna Seaton who thought he was trying to take advantage of the young girl. When the Earl wakes up he needs assistance to his bedchamber. Here he notices how attractive his house keeper really is. 
He decides to get to know her better. He is surprised about her intelligence and her personality. Soon, he can only think about her and plans on seducing her. He knows Anna is hiding something, but what can it be and how can he help?
This is a historical romance. These are always a pleasure to read. Always funny when the heroine attacks the hero the first time they meet.
3.5/5 Fangs

Saving Grace vy Julie Garwood

Lady Johanna has become a widow. She was forced to get married very young. The man that she married had abused her for years. She thinks she is finally free. However, his foster brother advised her to remarry to prevent John from choosing a husband for her. He tells her that a highlander will be the best choice. She agrees but almost ran away when she meets the highlander warrior Gabriel MacBain. Gabriel is described as a huge man, strong and feared. 
What makes this book work is the changes that Johanna does to the whole household. How she is able to get away with things and how she overcomes her fear of being abused again. The secondary characters are all welcome, especially the dog. 
I love Mrs Garwood's books. Always a pleasure.
3/5 Fangs

A Perfect Proposal by Katie Fforde

Sophie Apperly has to get away from her family. Her family is all into academics and she is considered the black sheep in the family. However, she is always doing things for them and they don't even appreciate it. So when her friend invites her to New York, she jumps at the chance of leaving England.

In New York, she meets an older rich lady and befriends her. At first, her grandson Luke Winchester is not too happy with their friendship but then he becomes attracted to Sophie.

Sophie has to return to her home since she was not able to find a job with a visa in the States. Luke has to come to her country for work. They meet again but someone tries to break them up. Can they stay together coming from different backgrounds?

Fast read. I would have liked a longer ending. 

3/5 Fangs

Sunday, September 23, 2012

To Catch A Spinster (The Reluctant Bride Collection) by Megan Bryce

Olivia Blakesley is considered a spinster by most of the ton. She is only 27 but has seen many seasons without finding a husband. She has given up. She likes astronomy and she likes the freedom she has at home. She realizes that she would like to experience the attentions of a man but without the attachment of marriage. She decides to look for a prospect at the next ball.
Nathaniel Jenkins knows he needs to find a wife and produce a heir but all the young girls at the balls are making him crazy. They don't have anything interesting to talk about. So when he meets Olivia he knows she is different. She dresses differently and carries herself in a different way. When she proposes him to become more than friends he is completely shocked but he gets over it pretty soon.
Can Nathaniel convince Olivia to become more than lovers?
Very entertaining book. Fast paced. Funny lines too.
3.5/5 Fangs

Playing Dirty (Sisterhood Diaries #3) by Susan Andersen

Book 3
Ava Spencer has her own concierge business. She likes her job and helping people. When Cade Gallari comes back into her life the last thing she thought was that she was going to work for him. But, he makes her an offer she can't refuse.
Back in high school, she was considered the fat girl and Cade was a popular boy. She couldn't believe the attention he was giving her, and she decided that Cade will be her first. Little did she know that it all had been a bet. When she learns the truth during the lunch break, she was devastated. Over the next decade, Cade tried to ask for her forgiveness but she was not ready. Now, that they have to work up together, they are forced to make amends and their old attraction is very much alive now. 
Can Ava forgive him? Cade is willing to play dirty to get what he wants and he wants Ava.
This is a short book, when I read it, I didn't know it was part of a series. I guess it can be read as a stand- alone too. I don't know if I would have been able to forget what he did to her but for book purposes it works.
3/5 Fangs

Fool for Love (The McCarthys of Gansett Island #2) by Marie Force

Janey McCarthy has decided to surprise her fiancee on their anniversary. However, the surprise was on her, when she finds him having sex with another woman in their bed. She is besides herself and to makes matter worse, her car breaks down. Not wanting to call her brothers, she decides to call her friend  Joe Cantrell. He has always been there for her.
When Joe gets her phone call he leaves everything behind to meet her on the main land. He picks her up and takes her to his home. She needs a few days to put her head together and deal with canceling the engagement and later a wedding. Joe is the owner Gansett Island Ferry Company and is also Janey's brother's best friend. He has loved Janey for a long time. He decides that this is his chance to finally be happy.
Loved this book, knowing Joe from book 1, I was rooting for him big time. Mrs Force makes this book entertaining and I found myself happy reading it.
4/5 Fangs

Maid for Love (The McCarthys of Gansett Island #1) by Marie Force

Maddie Chester wishes she could move away from this island. She  has had bad luck since her breast developed during high school. She got a reputation that she didn't deserve. And since she is a single mother, gossip still surrounds her. She is working for the McCarthy’s Resort Hotel as a maid. She is on her way to work on her bike when Mac McCarthy crosses her path, literally. To avoid him, she hurts herself pretty badly. Mac feels completely responsible for the accident and decides to move into her home to help her with everything that she needs including taking care of her, her baby and doing her 2 jobs. Maddie can't believe her luck and at the beginning she tries to resist Mac, which is something new to the handsome business man.Mac has never felt the need to settle down until he meets Maddie and her son. Now, he only has to convince Maddie to give him a chance.
This is a very cute book, some misunderstandings but easily resolved. Recommend it to anyone who needs a smile. 
4/5 Fangs

Married by Mistake by Abby Gaines

Casey Greene is ready to be married. She has tricked her fiancee into going to a live show to be married. But, before the show starts she has a moment of panic and almost flees the premises. Instead, she meets Adam Carmichael, who is the owner. He becomes interested in her but convinces her to go back to the show. She goes back but when her fiancee learns the truth and runs on live tv, she is devastated. Adam steps in thinking that they can have a fake wedding. To their utter surprise, they are legally married. They will live together until the annulment can be obtained.

Living together becomes natural to both and they learn much about each other. They give in to the attraction. But, how can they stay together when they have different interests?

An unbelievable story that works because it is Harlequin.

3/5 Fangs

The Supermodel's Best Friend by Gretchen Galway

Lucy Hathcoat has recently been dumped by her fiancee. She can't believe she wasted all those years with him. To makes matter worse her best friend is getting married to a billionaire. Her best friend is a famous supermodel. After after thinking about it, she decides that maybe a change in venue will help her meet a new guy she can start a family with.
Miles Girard's best friend is getting married. He recently became single and is happy for his freedom. he is happy with his job and is not looking for anything serious, why then is he having this encounters with Lucy, the woman wants a commitment and he is not interested in one. Or is he?
The book has some funny parts. I had a problem with Lucy trying to find a man to marry. It felt a little desperate.
2/5 Fangs

Howling at the Moon (Tales of an Urban Werewolf #1) by Karen MacInerney

Sophie Garouis a werewolf. She lives is Austin with her mom, who is a psychic witch. Her mother gets arrested for murder and this complicates Sophie's life. She works for an accountant firm and has done well for herself. She also has a very handsome boyfriend. But she has been keeping the truth away from him. He wants to have dinner with her on a full moon night. Sophie knows she has to get away.  She also needs to find the real killer before her mom pays for it. In the mix, she learns that Austin has other werewolves and they are creating chaos. Then, she meets Tom and the instant attraction is there. He explains some of the werewolf history to her. 
I wanted to love this book but I didn't. I liked it enough to follow to the next book. I'm very interested in Tom. Will see if he comes back.
3/5 Fangs

Stand-In Groom (Brides of Bonneterre #1) by Kaye Dacus

Anne Hawthorne is a very successful wedding planner. She has been doing this for a while and enjoys it. However, her personal life is lonely except for her frequent dinners with her cousins. 
Anne has been hurt before, so when she meets George Laurance, a british personal assistant she thinks she has met her man.
To her surprise the next time they meet, George is a client. She is to be his wedding planner. 
How can she fall for a man who is almost married?
I liked the secondary characters they make this book come alive.

This is a Christian Literature 
3/5 Fangs

Open House by Tamara Larson

Lacey Ferguson was looking for a new home for herself and her dog Charlie. When she goes into a new home which she knows she can't afford she is excited about the house but also about the builder.
Jackson Kingston is one of the three brothers helping his father improve their business. Personal disaster has left him without the will to do much except work. When he meets Lacey, he feels the first spark that brings him back to life.  
Thanks to a nosy cousin they will meet again. 

This was a free kindle book. The story was short and fast paced. I enjoyed it. 
3/5 Fangs 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Thirteen (Women of the Otherworld #13) by Kelley Armstrong

Last Book in the Series

Let me start by saying that I am very sad this series has ended.
This final book starts where the last one ended. Savannah Levine, Adam and Bryce have escaped the lab and the explosion. The police are everywhere and Savannah leaves with Jaime. Unfortunately, the police take them to the station since Savannah's description has been implicated in the explosion. At the station, someone has liberated an evil being and there is a hungry werewolf too. The girls have to escape. But they get help from an unexpected character.

Savannah also has to try to stop the supernaturals from revealing themselves to the world. The whole crowd gets involved, including Eve, Paige, Lucas, Cassandra, Jaime, Jeremy, Clay and Elena. During this crazy-running out of time-action, we have Adam and Savannah's relationship developing.

I would have preferred for the series to end from Elena's POV, after all she was the first Women of the Otherworld. And also because Clay is my favorite character.
3.5/5 Fangs

Widow’s Web (Elemental Assassin #7) by Jennifer Estep

Gin Bianco (Spider) is trying to have a low profile. Yes, people are still trying to kill her but she is so far very much alive.
However, this peace doesn't last long.
Salina Dubois is back in town, she is Owen's ex.  She is a very strong water element that wants everything that used to be hers. This of course includes Owen. He loved her once and she believes she can make him do this one more time.
We learned in this book more about Eva, Phillip Kincaid, Owen and Salina. Who helped them survive as teenagers.
Things I like about the book: Bria accepts her sister. Finn has funny lines as always.

Thing I disliked about the book : Owen, Why? Why? why? I can expect this behavior from weakly Donovan Caine but not my beautiful violet eyed Owen.
Yes, I am still going to read the next book and I want it now.   :(
3/5 Fangs

Ashes of Honor (October Daye #6) by Seanan McGuire

October Daye (Toby) is still grieving. Her loss had made her reckless. Her friends are worried about her. She keeps on putting her life in danger and she seems to have lost her way. Then,  Etienne comes to her for help. He wants Toby to find his daughter, Chelsea.
Chelsea has been living in the mortal world and Etienne just learned about her existence. She is a tele-porter as well, and she can open doors to places in Faerie that had been long lost.
This is a very hard assignment for Toby, because she knows Chelsea will need to make a decision at the end, if  she is found alive.It will be the same decision that her own daughter had to make almost a year ago.

This book is very well written. It flows smoothly. The characters have all grown. They have learned from old mistakes and losses.
This is the best in the series so far.
Just want to end by thanking the writer for listening to her readers. We wanted more Tybalt and we got him. He was amazing in this book.
61% in my kindle has become an all time favorite bookmark.
5/5 Fangs
Spoiler Fangalert (not really- just 61% Tybalt)-

“What changed?”
“I fell in love.”
Four words, simply stated, and impossible to believe. “You can’t mean that.”
“Can’t I? It’s been a long time since I’ve loved someone, but I know what it feels like. When you turn from me, it hurts. When you think badly of me, I think badly of myself. When you do stupid, suicidal things, I want to slap you upside the head and demand to know how you can be so brilliant and so blind at the same time.” Tybalt’s expression was calm. “If that’s not love, what is it?”
“Why are you telling me this?” I whispered.
“Because we’re probably going to die today.” He waved his free hand toward the street. “I’ve always tried not to lie to you; I’ve seen how you react when others do. Dying without telling you how I felt would be lying. I’ve been patient. I’ve given you time to recognize my feelings, and I’ve seen you choose a man who loved the girl you were, not the woman you are. Now he’s gone, and I can’t be patient anymore. I love you, October. I’ll be sorry if we die here, but I won’t be sorry I helped you…and I won’t be sorry I finally told you.”
“Cats never regret anything,” he said, and he turned and kissed me.

Blood Warrior (The Alexa Montgomery Saga #1) by H.D. Gordon

Alexa Montgomery is not your regular girl next door. No, she has been raised as a fighter. Her mom trains her everyday, while her baby sister watches. She gets hit multiple times and more than once has she had a black eye. School is a nightmare, everyone avoids her. She thinks her mom is paranoid, because she is always looking back and moving the girls to different cities.
Everything changes when they are attacked by female vampires. Her mother has told her to protect her sister Nelliana at all cost. They have to run for their lives. They are not alone, her only friend Jackson comes with them.
Alexa learns that her sister is a type of supernatural and Jackson is a werewolf. She also learns that she is a Warrior, probably the last of them.
The three of them end up at a school for their kind. Here, Alexa meets Kayden, a vampire (I just learned that the writer thinks he looks like Charlie Hunnam), who is a warrior in his own way.
The chemistry is there and the action grabs you from the beginning. Definitely worth it.
4/5 Fangs