Tuesday, January 22, 2013

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
The Mortal Instruments #1

I started reading this book before I learned it was coming out as a movie. Where do I live? In books I guess.

We begin book 1 with Clarisse Fray, a fifteen-year-old girl going to a night club with her best friend Simon. There she sees things she shouldn't be able too. She sees three teenagers killing another teenager, but then he disappears. She meets Jace Wayland who tells her the truth. He is a Shadowhunter.

Her world turns around when she discovers that she may not be a "mundane" because she has the "sight" and is able to see the Shadowhunters. They are part angel, part human. They are in this world to get rid of demons. Yes, this world also has vampires and werewolves, but the Shadowhunters are the main theme.

There are 3 immortal instruments. One is a cup that can make a human into a Shadowhunter. There is evil in the name of Valentine Morgenstern who wants to get the cup and also kidnaps Clary's mother.

Is up to Clary to find the cup and stop evil from harming humans and things that go bump in the night.

Plenty of action. The interaction between Jace and Clary is intense. 

The world-building was well done. I'm glad I read it. Now, I want to see the movie.


Reaper's Property by Joanna Wylde

Marie just left her abusive husband. She left him when he hit her for the first time. He also cheated on her.
She moves into her mother's trailer where her brother is living.  He is a computer genius.
To her surprise, her brother is dealing with the Reapers MC.
When she meets one of the MC men she is attracted to him.  His name is Horse, or he goes by it.
When her brother steals from the MC, they come back for payment. He will have to pay with blood. Since Horse wants Marie, he will take Marie. If she accepts she will be his.
Marie who has lived as an innocent learns a new life in the MC.  They probably are criminals. They have their own law and their own family values. She learns the difference between a sweet butt vs an old lady. Then she starts questioning if Horse is a good guy or not. And her life may be in danger. Who can she trust?

I thought this book was well written. Plenty of action and passion.
It is hard not to compare Horse to Tack from the Dream Man series. I think this stands alone and its good, but my heart is still Tacks.
4/5 Fangs

The Valentine's Arrangement (Hero for the Holidays #1) by Kelsie Leverich

Ronnie Clark is a tattoo artist. She is very well known, but she makes fun of girls getting tattoos with their man's name. She is very attractive but has been scorned. Her ex fiancee cheated on her while he was on deployment. She has promised herself that she will never date and especially not a soldier. She hates Valentine's day and flowers.  She can't wait to leave town after selling the house she was sharing with her fiancee.
Sergeant First Class Kale Emerson is back home during his tour to Iraq. He is counting the days to go back to Iraq with his soldiers. He wants a tattoo to commemorate his fallen brothers. When he is directed to Ronnie he has no idea Ronnie is a woman and very attractive too. Having sex with her is not a bad idea after so long without a warm body.
Ronnie fights the attraction she feels for Kale. She can't trust another man. Her friend convinces her that maybe having a few days with Kale may be good for her.
Good book, great characters, great banter. Love the cover!
This was a great discovery. Everything felt so real. I would have liked the end to have a prologue.
4/5 Fangs

The Name of the Game by Lisa Weseman

Kyle McKinney is a flight attendant. She is tired after a trip and the last thing she wants is to fight over her mail.
Her neighbor believes she has been stealing his mail. To her surprise he has her name too. 
Kyle "Mac" McKinney can't believe the woman in front of him. She is strong, stubborn and sexy. He is an accountant professor and looks more like a sexy nerd. But the sparks are flying.
After they realize that they share more than a building, they start a friendship.
This is a case of mistaken identity and opposites attract.
I found the book to be entertaining. 
3/5 Fangs

Always a Bridesmaid by Cindi Myers

Stephanie Ludlow is done with relationships. She has been hurt before and doesn't want to try again. She is happy with her life. She is back in school trying to get a degree. She works for her dad's company and has good friends. But when her landlord calls her and tells her she has to pack and move she is in shock. Thankfully, her coworker and friend tells her she can move into the house he is renting. 
Stephanie decides to check the house. She was not expecting to meet her future landlord without a shirt and looking sexy. 
Mike Brubaker is an architect. He created the perfect home for his bride. Too bad the bride left him and now he only sees his little boy on the weekends. He swore off relationships. So how come he can't stay away from Stepahnie. 
Cute little book. My only complaint would be a rushed ending.
3/5 Fangs

Bouquet Toss (Love of My Life #1) by Melissa Brown

Daphne Harper is a good person. She is also a romantic. She is desperate to love again but she had one true love before who left her. Three years later at a wedding she sees Mayson again and she can't stop herself from going to him. She also has developed this curse. Recently all the weddings she attends she catches the bouquet. This makes her feel lonely. All her friends are getting married and having children.
Mayson is back and they start a relationship. This however, doesn't last long.
Tanner comes back in the picture and she starts falling for him. But can they have a future when she is still thinking about the one that got away.
This book was very sad at times, but the characters were well written. I was not expecting what happened. I didn't read any reviews before hand. It was a shock.
4/5 Fangs

Perfect for You (Laurel Heights #1) by Kate Perry

Freya Godwin has lost her inspiration. Her latest assignment involves redesigning an adult website. Her boss has threatened to fire her. Her love life is null. So when she starts noticing the gorgeous neighbor she can't help but think he is the solution to her problem. The only problem is that she hates lawyers and he is one of them.
Freya decides to start an online profile and date again, hoping her muse comes back.
Greg Cavanaugh wants Freya regardless of her hate towards his chosen profession, he believes they can overcome this obstacle. He is ready to prove to her they have chemistry and with the help of her sister, Anna, he may accomplish it.

It was sweet. Greg was not overly alpha, which I liked in this book. Anna was very funny and her whole relationship with Max is explored here too.

3/5 Fangs

Worth The Fall by Mara Jacobs
The Worth #3

Allison Jukuri is the "smart one".

She has a successful career but lately, she has been overwhelmed with her family. Both parents have dementia, and taking care of both is taking its toll on her.

Her romantic relationships have never been satisfying except her first one.

Petey Ryan is a famous NHL player. He has been close to the three girls for years. But Lizzie and Katie don't know much about his relationship with Allison. Now, that Petey has decided to retire and is hurt, spending time with Allison may be what the doctor ordered.

Miscommunication has been the reason for so much pain and desolation for so long. But, once they start opening up to each other a future together can be accomplished.

I love that we can see the other characters coming back. We see how their relationships are blooming. Some funny parts too, like when Dario has to help Petey in the shower.

Of the first three, this is the one with a more serious undertone.

I want to read the fourth book now.

4/5 Fangs

Worth The Drive (The Worth #2) by Mara Jacobs

Katie Lipton has always been considered the "pretty one". She married her high school sweetheart but her life has not been sweet. Her marriage is over, her husband cheated on her and now is waiting for his new baby to be born with someone much younger than Katie.
The only thing Katie has wanted was to be a mother, but years of trying without success has hurt her deeply.
When Lizzie offers a trip to consider a new candidate for her company, she can't refuse. To her surprise, golfer Dario Luna is there. She has always admired him, but the closer she gets to him the more she desires him.
After their one night stand, she can believe the news. She is pregnant.
Dario has been born a bastard. He grew up with rumors and speculations. When he finds out Lizzie is pregnant, he knows his child won't grow up without a dad.
Can they convince each other that they can be a couple?

This one was so sweet. Love Dario. He is not perfect but he has passion.

4/5 Fangs

Worth The Weight (The Worth #1)

This is the first in the Worth series.
Lizzie Hampton is one of three childhood friends. She battled with obesity after high school. She is thinking of starting a new relationship with a new guy but she has some insecurities. She comes up with a plan to win the one boy she loved during high school. She goes back to her hometown to have a fling with Finn. Her two best friends have tried to dissuade her but Lizzie follows a plan no matter what.
Finn's life did not turn out the way he wanted it. He had to give up many of dreams after his divorce. So when Lizzie waltzed back into his life and makes him happy, he wants to try again at a relationship.
This series is a page turner, easy read. I like the idea of the girl going back to her hometown and conquering love. There wasn't much drama or depth in it and maybe that's the reason I enjoyed it so much.
4/5 Fangs

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

Sky is a teenager. She has been home schooled her whole life. Things are about to change. She has convinced her mother to let her attend public school. Her best friend goes to one and she wants to do this with her. Unfortunately, her best friend won't be there with her because she is doing an exchange student program in Italy.
Sky's first day of school is full of new surprises. She meets the mean girls group, but makes a friendship with a boy. After a particular day at school, she stops by to buy food. At the check out she meets Dean Holder. She has never felt anything for a boy before but he makes her feel everything.
She later findsout he has a reputation of violent behavior. At first she wants to avoid him, but when he joins her school and keeps on talking to her, she can't deny their connection anymore.
Soon they both find truths that can be excruciating painful.
Their love is epic.
This book is wonderful written. You feel all the characters emotions. I love Holder and everything he does for Sky.
It was heartbreaking, bittersweet, emotional roller coaster.
4.5/5 Fangs

Someone to Love by Addison Moore

Kendall Jordan moves to Garrison University. She is supposed to meet a friend of her mom's at a party. He was in charge of arranging housing for Kendall. Instead, she finds out she doesn't have anywhere to live and meets this hot guy, Cruise Elton who doesn't believe in love at first sight. Or does he?

Cruise has been hurt by love. His ex-girlfriend did a number on him and he has decided to sleep with any willing female, creating a bad boy reputation. When he meets Kendall, he decides to help her and offers her a room at his home.

Kendall tells him she has decided to become the female version of him. But what she really wants is him.

Easy reading, predictable at times. I liked it.

3/5 Fangs

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden (The Coincidence #1) by Jessica Sorensen

Gut wrenching! This book is perfectly written.
The words are so powerful.
Fell in love with their story.

Callie Lawrence lost herself at the age of twelve. She has gone through life without wanting to feel anything. She is going to college soon. When her mom asks her to go and find her brother at a party, she leaves the car scared to death. She doesn't deal well with people around her. Especially, since she has been the laughing stock at school.

Kayden Owens is having the worst time of his life at his own graduation party but to his amazement Callie is the one to save him.

He meets her again in college and starts hanging out with her. He feels a connection with her. Maybe because she knows some of his secrets.

Their friendship and romance is tender and believable.

The secondary characters like Luke and Seth make the novel complete. Luke has things he has not shared with the world. And Seth has suffered also which is the reason he is able to bond with Callie. Seth reminds me of Kurt Hummel from the TV show Glee.

5/5  Fangs- even though it ends in a cliffy. And I hate cliffys.