Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ruined By You (Maggie & Haden #1) by Kelly Harper

Ruined by You
This book was provided by the author in return for an honest review.

Maggie Simpson is going to Green Falls, Texas for the summer. Her mom has insisted on them spending her last summer before college with family.
When they stop by a gas station, Maggie meets this sexy stranger. He wants to continue a conversation but Maggie has grown up avoiding men.
When she gets to her cousin Sarah's house, Maggie starts feeling like this is not a bad idea. Maybe time with family it's what she needs.
Both girls leave the house with Sarah's best friend. They go to the Hill Country Saloon which is a bar, but the law is a little lax in this parts of the world.
Maggie will need a summer job before college. She is able to approach the owner of the bar after Sarah introduces them.
The next day when she interviews, the stranger from the gas station is there. His name is Haden. There is mutual attraction and they end up working together.
Maggie's job is to sign in bands around the area for "The Battle of the Bands".
Spending time together is unavoidable and Maggie realizes that the walls she has around her heart are coming down.
Haden has a secret but it won't be for long.
Maggie's destiny is about to change. We are left with a cliffhanger ( but the blurb tells you about this.)

Things I liked about the book:
The cover is beautiful!
Haden-he is super sweet and sexy.
The idea of the Battles of the Bands.
The time Haden and Maggie spend together.

Things I didn't like:
Maggie is a little immature. There are things happening around her that she doesn't realize or question.
We only meet one band for the battle. I wanted to see more Maggie in action.

Favorite line:
"Where've you been all my life?" I whispered.
The water ran below us in the river, the wind rustled through the trees, and the grass swayed and whispered it song to us.
"Searching for you," he said.
I closed my eyes and squeezed him tight. I never wanted to let go.

This series has potential. I wanna know what happens next.

3.5/ 5 Fangs

Book Bash 2013 -Orlando

My Ipad is happy :)
Book Bash was this weekend. I had the chance to score a ticket (thanks Kevin!). I'm going to try to explain my experience.
 I was able to drive to Orlando on Friday. By the time I got to the hotel there was a line already. I met some ladies in line and we had fun sharing our opinions on the authors coming to the event and their books. We also saw a constant appearance of authors passing by. Some of them were gracious enough to stop and take pictures with the fan girls (Tarryn Fisher, Claire Contreras). I say girls because we were the majority.
After our tickets were scanned in we went into the convention room and started going around the tables looking for the authors's names. This was a way to get a clear picture of where to go first the next day.  To our surprise, authors starting popping in. I was able to meet a few of them and take pictures with them. To name a few: Kristen Ashley(squee!!), Monica Murphy (she was super friendly), Colleen Hoover (Slammed!), R.K. Lilly (so beautiful and tall), C. J. Roberts (super funny, witty and owner of Caleb), Abbi Glines (Woods!!!), Jamie McGuire (Beautiful Disaster), Joanna Wylde (coming out with her new book soon, yay!).
They were all very accommodating to their readers.

 One of my new friends (Haley) text us to let us know a line was forming. We all got together before 8am. Our little group got bigger and we started sharing our favorite characters. Needless to say I'm not reading enough. There were some authors books that I was not aware of.  I had to start a list with all the new books I have to buy (I am sure I'm not the only one). We also got a chance to buy books, Books-A-Million had a sale there.  I brought books with me but I purchase a bunch there too since writers sold books at their station too.
Finally at noon the doors opened and we were walking (fast) to our favorite authors. Some of the lines were big and it may have taken up to an hour to get to your favorite author but it was worth it. We received so much swag it was unreal (Katy Evans gave us a boxing glove, Georgia Cates gave me some posters, S.C. Stephens gave us Kellan Kyle's rose petals). Some authors had some free chapters and books for the readers as well. The lines were friendly and you could feel the positive energy of the group.
I have to mention the authors assistants too- specially C.J. Roberts and Renee Carlino's (super nice!). They kept the lines moving and they took pictures for us. Also the volunteer passing the post its were very helpful.
I was able to get all my books signed and my Ipad too.
I felt like I was a kid during Christmas.
After the signing, I had tickets for both Wicked Girls Book Weekend and Angstfest. I went to GNO first. Some of the authors stopped by our table and took pictures with us. Kristen Ashley stay with us for a while (squeee again!) and also Alice Clayton. After a few hours, we headed back to Angsfest. The party was in full mode (J. Sterling, C.J. Roberts were dancing). Authors were having a good time. I was so happy to see Sylvia Day since I couldn't get to her during the signing (her line was so long all the time).
We took tons of pics including some with Renee Carlino, C. J. Roberts, Colleen Hoover, Kristen Ashley, J. Sterling, Sylvia Day, Paul Marron (model for book covers; examples: Vlad and Lover Avenged).
The night was a success. I didn't want it to end.

 Back to real life.
I had one of the best weekends of my life. I also made great friendships with great ladies. Won't forget it.
A big thanks to Maryse's blog. Without her, this wouldn't be possible. Can't wait for the next Book Bash.

My experience of Celebrating Summer in Sarasota with Karen Marie Moning.

The Lamborghini
 A week ago I had the chance to meet Karen Marie Moning. The place was a restaurant in Sarasota, Sam Sneads. The event was organized by Leiha and the Maniacs volunteers. It started on time. Karen showed up in her sweet ride (her black Lamborghini).
Karen was gracious to answer a round of Q & A. She was funny and answered most of the questions without revealing spoilers (darn it!).
Iced was a big part of the event.
The Mac Halo also made an appearance. We got to wear it and take pictures.
Karen gave us all a very nice bag with tons of swag.

Here is a link to her facebook recap:
After the Q & A, she proceded to sign books, Ipads, Kindles and anything that people brought to her. I was lucky to be in the front of the restaurant and see her interact with readers. She was more than gracious, she took her time with each reader. She took pictures with them. She was smiling the whole time.
I'm happy to report that she is not only a great writer but also a great author.
By the way- I got my Ipad cover signed.

my Shadowfever copy

My Ipad has a new memory

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Covenant #1


Alexandria Andros is back in the Covenant. She is a half-blood (half mortal, half Hematoi). Hematoi are pure blood. A Hematoi is conceived between a god and a mortal. They have powers, they are able to control the elements. Their eyes are also beautiful.

Half-bloods have only two choices in life, become a servant in the house of a pure or kick some Daimons butts.

Daimons are like vampires. They want to drain the Hematoi, they are addicted to the aether.

Alex wants to become a sentinel but in order to do that, she will need to prove to her uncle Marcus, who is also the Dean of the Covenant that she can follow the rules. Also, she will need help catching up to speed with the other students fighting skills. This is where Aiden St. Delphi comes into play. He is a sentinel, he is pure blood and Alex is totally crushing on him. The only problem is that she can't fall in love with him. Pureblood and Half-bloods don't mix, it's prohibited.

There is an issue with Alex's mom too. Also, not every kid is happy to see Alex back in the Covenant. And there are Daimons looking for her.

Caleb, Alex's best friend, is happy to see her again. They have a great relationship. Caleb is like a brother to her and I love that there is really no triangle with Caleb. But, there is a triangle between Seth and Aiden. Seth is an Apollyon. An Apollyon can control elements too. He is a super bad Half-blood. Has powers and has the respect of the Hematoi. He kills Daimons.

I enjoyed this book tremendously. Love that JA writes great banter. The characters are multidimensional. I couldn't put this book down. Even though I love Caleb, Leon is my favorite secondary character.

4/5 Fangs

Daimon by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Covenant 0.5


This is a prequel.

This is the story of a teenager Alexandria Andros. But it's not the usual story. She is a half-blood. Meaning she is half-human and a half demigod. She is also on the run with her mother. They are avoiding the Covenant but also avoiding the daimons. Daimons are evil creatures who can suck your life away. Literally. They want your aether if you are a pureblood.

When Daimon's attacked Alex may not have a choice, she may need to go back to the Covenant.

A romance is hinted. We know that Alex likes a guy older than she is, his name is Aiden St. Delphi and he is a pureblood.

This prequel is setting the arc. I love every book JA has written so far. So I downloaded the rest of the series at once. I'm sure it won't disappoint me.

3/5 Fangs

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Burn (Songs of Submission #5) by C.D. Reiss

Monica is trying to leave her relationship with Jonathan behind. She made the decision to leave him but the more time she is away from him, the more she realizes how much she really cares for him. It's a struggle for both.
Jonathan will not come for her. He wants her to make the decision and commitment on her own. Although, he kind of makes things flow his way.
In the mix of all this we still have Kevin and Jessica causing trouble.
This series keeps on being entertaining. Maybe this one was my least favorite. There is a cliffy but we only have to wait a couple of months, so it's tolerable.
4/5 Fangs

Control (Songs of Submission #4) by C.D. Reiss

Control is what Jonathan wants.
He wants to possess Monica. He finally has realized he wants her in his life because she is perfect for him.
Monica's life may be in some danger and he is trying to keep her safe.
Monica is a submissive in the bedroom but outside from it she is feisty and wants to make her singing carrer a success by her own merit.
We still have the exes causing trouble and I know Jessica is planning something bad too.
The banter is still there which is what makes this series a success.
4/5 Fangs

Submit (Songs of Submission #3) by C.D. Reiss

In this 3rd episode Monica is trying to understand Jonathan. He wants her and he is developing more feelings for her. We still have his nasty ex-wife around and Monica's Kevin still causing problems.
Kevin wants her to collaborate in his next art piece. Jonathan doesn't like the idea. We see Monica been torn between her talent and Jonathan.
Also Monica is grieving the loss of someone close to her.  I love how Jonathan was there for her.
This is another great little book.
Grab the next one asap.
4/5 Fangs

Tease (Songs of Submission #2) by C.D. Reiss

In this second installment Monica is trying not to fall for Jonathan. They have a lot of chemistry together.
Jonathan feels more than attraction but he still believes he is in love with his ex-wife.
There is an art expo where Jonathan and Monica are invited to attend. Jonathan is invited by his ex-wife Jessica Carnes. Monica is invited by her ex Kevin. To Monica's shock the piece that Kevin has done is all about her leaving him. She is devastated but Jonathan will be there for her.
Jonathan is great most of the time. Other times you want to ring his neck.
The flow in this serial was fast and interesting. Finished too soon and with a cliffy. Luckily I was able to grab the next one immediately.
4/5 Fangs

Beg (Songs of Submission #1) by C.D. Reiss

Monica is an aspiring singer. She has two close friends. One is her ex Darren and his sister Gaby. Gaby is unstable with suicidal tendencies. Monica and Darren watch her very carefully.
Monica has given up on relationships after her last break up. She lost a part of herself. Her ex was not supportive of her talent. She is trying to get a break but luck has not been on her side. She is working at a bar/restaurant and here is where she meets Jonathan Drazen. He is the owner of the business. He is rich and famous. But when she spills the drinks she was carrying, she gets fired. Jonathan interferes and recommends for her to apply to a job in a different place where one of his friends works.
Monica and Jonathan are attracted to each other but Monica doesn't want to fall in love again. She wants to keep things casual. Besides there is the little problem of Jonathan still in love with his ex wife.

I read this book in a few hours and started the second one immediately. I like both characters. I wanted, no I needed to know more.
4/5 Fangs

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Epilogue (The Dark Duet #3) by C.J. Roberts

Epilogue starts before the epilogue of Seduced in the Dark.
It starts that night in Spain when they meet after they have been apart for a year.  It is solely from Caleb's POV. We see how unsure he can be about Livvie and how desperate he is for her love.
We see the sweet Caleb, still arrogant and alpha, but we know Livvie never breaks.
She goes by a different name and so does Caleb, except both have the same last name now.  I loved how Caleb opens up to her and later on to her friends too. He still has issues with his past and how to deal with his future. There is no doubt in my mind that they are happy together for the rest of their lives.

This book was written for "Caleb's kittens". We  kittens have to thank C. J. for it. It was even better than the first two.
It was funny, happy, witty and of course darkish at times.
It was great to be in Caleb's head 24/7. If you didn't like Caleb before, this book will change your mind. My kindle is so full of bookmarks because I simply enjoyed it too much. My friend Rebecca read it at the same time. We were texting at midnight back and forth about the things that Caleb was saying. A lot of LOL moments.
Kudos to C.J.

“Caleb… come on. You know the second I go over there you’re just going to pounce on me.” She was biting her lip again, her fingers nervously tugging on it. “Caleb? Are you even going to say anything? Oh, okay, so you’re just going to sit over there, looking all ‘you know you want me’? I’m not scared of you, Caleb.” She crossed her arms over her chest and tried her best to look intimidating. “I have pepper spray in my purse!”
I couldn’t help it. I burst into laughter.
“Oh my god, you’re such a jerk,” she said. She walked toward me and unceremoniously plopped onto the sofa. “Fine! I’m here.”
I was still holding my stomach when my laughter finally subsided and I could make eye contact without starting up again.
“I’m sorry, Livvie, I really am. You kill me. Pepper spray? I’ve tracked you all over the world and that’s what’s going to stop me—pepper spray.”
Livvie’s wide grin was my reward for all the slaps and insults she’d thrown my way during the course of the evening.
“Well, maybe it wouldn’t stop you. It would still be fun to watch you roll around on the ground crying for a while.” She shrugged. “It might still be fun.”

5/5 Fangs

Seduced in the Dark (The Dark Duet #2) by C.J. Roberts

Seduced in the dark
Livvie and Caleb are still together. She barely survived her escape attempt.  She also is aware of her future if Caleb doesn't change his mind.
Livvie is 100 percent a survivor.
But, in true C. J. Roberts twisted form, at the beginning of this book Livvie is back in the States and guarded in a mental institution. The FBI is questioning her about her kidnapping and the terrorists involved in it.
We get flashbacks about her time with Caleb. We also get more POV's from Caleb himself. He is tortured between keeping Livvie or letting her go. If he let's her go he betrays his only friend and gives up on his vengeance.
There is a big reveal but to know it- you have to read it :)

This one is even darker than Captive in the Dark. The things that happened at Felipe's home are so disturbing but then again very real. I liked both characters very much in this sequel.
Again this book is for a mature audience.
4/5 Fangs

Captive in the Dark (The Dark Duet #1) by C.J. Roberts

Captive in the Dark
Captive in the dark it's not for the faint of hearts. It's probably a good idea to understand that this is a dark series, with a controversial subject matter which is very real unfortunately. It's about an eighteen year old Olivia Ruiz, who is kidnapped to be sold later as a sex slave. She will be beaten and raped.
Her captor Caleb has a dark past too. He was kidnapped himself and was abused as a child. The man who saved him (Rafiq) has made him do terrible things in the name of vengeance.
In real life this situation would be despicable but for some reason the attraction between Caleb and Livvie is completely believable. It helps that we get Caleb's POV's too.
Actually I know why this book works. It's because of C.J. Roberts. Don't know how she pulled it off. As soon as I finished reading it, I started book 2.

In all honesty it took me a while to read this one. My friend (Rebecca) loved this series and when we met for our annual girl trip she kept talking about this series.
I thought I wouldn't enjoy them because of the subject matter. But, I kept on hearing about this series and decided well I can put on my big girl panties and read it.
It didn't disappoint me, on the contrary I was enthralled by the writing. Livvie is a very strong person, she is fighter even though she is so young. Caleb- where do I start. I hate him at the beginning I liked him by the middle of the book and by the end I needed to grab the next installment.
I like that they are both survivors. She never really breaks and that is saying a lot.
4/5 Fangs

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Obsession by Jennifer L. Armentrout


Serena Cross just learned the truth about aliens.

The sad part is that she had to learn this by losing someone she loved. But she doesn't have time to grieve when she is informed that her life is in danger. The same aliens are looking for her and they want to make her disappear. The DOD steps in and sends Hunter to keep her safe.

Hunter is arrogant, smart, and violent. He is also very mad. He is not a baby sitter. He kills the enemy, that's what he does. He doesn't care about his new mission. That is until he meets Serena. She is different and the more time he spends with her the more he starts changing too. It is funny to see how he feels through his POV's at times.

His mission doesn't change but he has and he won't let anyone or anything hurt Serena.

I loved this book.

Obsession is what I have for every book Jennifer Armentrout has written.

I love her Lux series. They are funny, they are intense, and they can make you cry (book 3 did this to me).

One of my favorite books read this year was Wait for You. Cam was the sweetest guy ever.

Now, we have the adult series in the same world as Daemon and Katy live in (Lux series).

I can't believe that with a flip of a coin, what I thought about the Luxen and the Arum has changed. We have good guys and bad guys in both teams. I'm glad I read this before Origin comes out. I can't stop wanting Katy and Serena to meet and I can't wait for Hunter and Daemon to fight on the same team. I'm thinking Luc is what will bring them together.

Spoiler Fangalert: I think Luc is half Arum, half Luxen.

"At some point in the night, Serena had flipped onto her other side and her body was curved against mine. Namely that lovely, curvy ass of hers was pressed against my groin.
I was hard.
No surprise there, but what was shocking was the arm that was draped over Serena’s waist, holding her securely against me. That was my arm and unless she grabbed it in the middle of the night and forced it around her that was all my doing.
Well, shit.
Even more outrageous was the fact that I actually liked this—whatever this was. Cuddling? Oh hell, this was cuddling. Spooning to be exact.
I was fucking cuddling."

5/5 Fangs

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Beauty from Surrender by Georgia Cates

Beauty From Surrender

Beauty from Surrender
Beauty #2
Georgia Cates 

Laurelyn left Jack Henry when their deal was coming to an end. She never expected to see him again. She is devastated. She fell in love regardless of trying to keep her heart protected.. But she has to think about her career. She flies back to Nashville and after having a fight with her producer, she calls it quits.

Jack Henry realizes that Laurelyn is what he wants. But it may take a while to find her. He won't let anything come between them anymore. He is ready to settle down.

But when they get reunited, she may need to pick between her career or her love for Jack Henry.

I loved Beauty from pain. It was one of my favorite books last year. I thought Laurelyn and Jack Henry were written in a perfect way. The second installment was not as good as book 1. I didn't feel that Jack Henry was the same character. I was crushed. Don't get me wrong the book is good but it wasn't awesome as the first one. It was nice to see the characters come back. Maybe it's me and having high expectations? I wanted to love this one as much as I enjoyed the first one.

I am happy that they found their HEA. I wish them the best.

3/5 Fangs

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Beautiful Broken Rules by Kimberly Lauren

Beautiful Broken Rules
Emerson "Em" Moore is in college. She shares space with her step sister Quinn. Their best friend Cole has moved in next to them.
Cole has invited his two best friends, Jaxon and Jase, to live with him.
The first time Em meets Jaxon Riley she is not wearing much. She still keeps her head high and is able to keep a conversation without showing her embarrassment.
Emerson has 3 rules:
#1. Never sleep with someone that a friend has feelings for. 
#2. Never sleep with someone who is in a known relationship. 
#3. Never sleep with someone more than three times. 

She doesn't want to create any attachments except the one she shares with Quinn.
Guys come and go. But, Jaxon becomes a friend and then some. 
This book is about the heroine deciding to accept falling in love. It's about trust.
 It helps that Jaxon was great and the secondary characters were all well written. 
Love Cole and Quinn together. 
This book was funny. It was sweet. It was a perfect weekend book. 
Beautiful Broken Rules leaves you wanting more. I specially want to know more about Jase. It will be a shame to let Jase be wasted as a character. 
I truly enjoyed this one.
4/5 Fangs

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sins & Needles by Karina Halle

Sins & Needles
Sins & Needles
The Artists Trilogy #1
Karina Halle

Ellie Watt grew up in a grifting environment. Both parents were on it. She suffered physically because of them.

When her family moved to California for a new beginning, she went to high school like any normal girl her age. But, she was considered different.

Growing up she did have a good friend, kind of a geek emo, Camden McQueen. He was always there for her.

After high school she left and she has been doing the only thing she knows what to do. To survive she has follow her parents's footsteps.

However, when she gets in trouble and has to escape, she goes back home. The last thing she thought was to meet Camden again. He is not a geek anymore. He is a grown man. He is a tattoo artist and he is successful. He is also very handsome.

But, he has a dark streak and he may not be easy to swindle.

Also, a past love is looking for her. He is part of her painful past.

Staying alive may not be easy.

I really wanted to like this book. Other reviewers sure did. I am ok with dark characters, damaged individuals, but I was not able to connect with them. Some of the things that they do are not redeemable in my book.

2/5 Fangs

Monday, June 10, 2013

Trophy Husband by Lauren Blakely

Trophy Husband
McKenna Bell is still nursing a heartbreak. Her fiancee decided to married someone else a day before her wedding.
She does have some positives in her life. She is a successful fashion blogger and she still has a cute dog. She also has the support of her family and friends.
But, when she sees her ex with his new wife, she is devastated.
She decides that what she needs is a trophy husband. Someone younger than her. She announces her decision on her blog.
Fate has a different idea. Chris Mccormick wasn't part of her plan. He is older than her but he has everything that she wants from a man. He is tall and handsome. He makes McKenna happy, knows how to play games and is a successful business man.
Deciding what to do is the issue.

This was a sweet story. Chris was great. There is no major angst.
3/5 Fangs

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Off Sides (Off Series #1) by Sawyer Bennett

Off Sides
Ryan Burnham is a rich kid. He is also the Captain of the Hockey team at Northeastern. The last thing he thought was that he was going to meet the next girl in his life while playing angry birds.
Danielle "Danny" Cross is in debt. She took care of her mother until she passed away. Now, she is working and studying. She also volunteers at a shelter.
When someone in Ryan's group tries to belittle her, she defends herself with enough spark and spontaneity that she gets Ryan's attention.
Ryan is sweet and nice. Danny is strong and cute. But Ryan comes from a rich environment and Danny is a no one in that environment.
Ryan's friends, his mom, his ex, will stop at nothing to keep them away.
But love can conquer everything, right?
3/5 Fangs

Forever Black (Forever Black #1) by Sandi Lynn

Forever Black
Ellery Lane moved to a new city with her boyfriend. But he leaves her after four years together. She is very upset about it.
But, her life will change with a chance encounter.
When leaving a club, Ellery decides to be a good samaritan and takes care of gorgeous drunk guy, Mr. Connor Black. She takes him to his home and helps him.
When he is upset the next morning, she doesn't take it personally. This intrigues Mr. Black and a friendship develops. Not for long because they both want more.
Ellery is keeping a secret but so is Connor. When everything comes out, it's not pretty.
I thought Ellery and Connor fought dirty and I didn't like it. But there is potential in this trilogy. I like Connor and he can be sweet and thoughtful. I like his gift at the end of the book.
3/5 Fangs

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Unbeautifully (Undeniable #2) by Madeline Sheehan


Second book in the Undeniable series.

It starts where Undeniable ends. Danny West is the daughter of the President of the Hell's Horsemen Motorcycle Club (Deuce!!).

Erik "Ripper" Jacobs is Sergeant of Arms of the MC.

Deuce family's should be off limits. But Ripper didn't get the memo.

Three years earlier after Prom night, Ripper and Danny sleep together. They keep on trying to hide a relationship without the Club knowing. But, you can't keep a secret forever and situations will keep them apart.

Ripper is older than Danny. Ripper's first obligation is the MC. What the heck is he doing? What does he want more the girl or the MC?

And there is ZZ (another Brother) in the mix.

There is heartache, bitterness, angst in this one as much as the first one.

Things I liked:

Deuce and Eva's story continues and they are in a good place.

We get to get a glimpse at Cage (Deuce's son) and his future girl.

Cox and Kami (whom I love) and their HEA. 

I especially can't wait for Dorothy, Hawk and Jace's story.

I liked this book and will proceed to read the next one.

3/5 Fangs

Gripping her face, Ripper forced her to look at him.
“I love you,” he rasped then froze, waiting for the nauseating regret to wash over him. When it didn’t, when he only continued to look down at her, feeling nothing but a peaceful exhaustion, the kind only garnered from an entire day spent inside of a beautiful woman, his woman, he knew it was true. Erik Jacobs had finally fallen for a woman. And he’d fallen motherfucking fast and hard.

One Grave at a Time by Jeaniene Frost
Night Huntress #6

One Grave At A Time

Cat and Bones are together. Sigh. Happy.

Oh, wait... A new adventure for the couple.

When a ghost asks Cat for help, she can't deny her.

A very nasty ghost, Kramer becomes corporeal once a year on All Hallows Eve to hurt three women. Centuries ago he used to be a witch hunter and loved to burn them alive.

Cat and Bones have to figure out who are the victims before it's too late and how to save them.

They get the help of old friends including Ian, Denise, and Spade. Also three ghosts (including Fabian and Elisabeth) and a medium, Tyler.

Tyler made me laugh. His thoughts were hilarious.

I'm going to come out and say that my favorite character in this book was Ian. And I have never liked him. I have always been a Vlade's girl (after Bones) but Ian deserves his own book.

And I think I want his HEA to be ....drum roll.....Cat's mom. I love their hate for each other.

The best part of this series is that the two main characters are together. Fight together. Stay together. Strong.

No need to keep them away for ages.

3/5 Fangs.

Favorite scene:
Tyler sidled up next to me, eyeing Spade with open appreciation.
“Who’s Mr. Tall, Dark, and Delicious?”
“Her husband,” I replied, my lips twitching. “Tyler, this is Denise, and that’s Spade.”
Tyler let out a dramatic sigh as he shook Denise’s hand. “All the good ones are either straight or married, but I won’t hold it against you that he’s both.”
Denise laughed. “Great to meet you. Cat’s told me all about you.”
“And some of it’s probably true,” he teased.
Then his attention became fixed on someone behind Denise, his mouth dropping before his expression turned into an open, lascivious stare. Thoughts started to race through his mind that were so explicit, I wished I could take a bat to my head to block out my telekinetic abilities.
“Tyler, meet Ian,” I said without bothering to turn around.
“Daddy like,” Tyler breathed.
He straightened his shoulders, fixing his most winning smile on his face as he all but pushed me out of the way. The jostling turned me enough to get a view of the other vampire. Ian leaned against the doorframe, his auburn hair rustling in the breeze and turquoise eyes watching everything with his usual devilishness.
“I thought Bones looked like a little slice of heaven, but you’re the whole cake, aren’t you, sugar?” Tyler said, holding out his hand.
Ian took the praise as his due, flashing Tyler a smile that had the medium almost tripping in his approach. When he shook Tyler’s hand, Tyler let out a sigh that would’ve done a wistful teenager proud.
That face, that body . . . and you know he’s packing, look at the angle of that dangle! I heard before screaming la-la-la over and over in my mind.
“The killer ghost is still on the loose,” I announced to try to distract myself from Tyler’s enraptured musings over Ian.
“The trap didn’t work?” Spade asked, narrowing his eyes.
“Killer ghost?” Ian perked up, gently batting Tyler aside with a “Yes, yes, I’m truly stunning, but this interests me,” remark.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fire Inside (Chaos #2) by Kristen Ashley

Fire Inside
Lanie Heron has been alone for a while. She is a character that we met in Motorcycle Man (my favorite book from 2012- TACK I miss you!). She made mistakes with her last relationship but she is ready to move on- at least in the bedroom.
She decides she likes Hop Kincaid. He is part of the Chaos Motorcycle Club. She has been watching him for a while. During one of the Chaos parties, she proposes him. At first Hop declines but when Lanie doesn't give up, he follows her to his bedroom.
Lanie wants uncomplicated. She wants one night only. Hop on the other hand wants more after the first time. This is where the story begins. Hop is trying to keep Lanie.  She is trying to run away.
This book is more romance than violence.

I love the way Kristen Ashley writes her books. I love her characters. Love the cameos by characters from her other series.
I was so happy to see Tack and Tyra (Red/Ty-Ty/Cherry) together. They are happy and still in love.
I am hoping she keeps the Chaos series for a while.

5/5 Fangs.

“What just happened?” I repeated.

Hop straightened to full height and turned to me, whereupon he explained more fully, “Lookin’ for you so I could bring you dinner, saw your car in the underground garage. Came up. Saw the security console through your door, you at your desk. Console stated security was engaged. Called Crowe. Did some snooping. Found out you liked kung pao shrimp. Ordered it. Got it. Met Crowe here. I picked the lock. Crowe bypassed your system. Now we’re eatin’ while you finish up and shut down then we’re goin’ to my place to watch some TV and spend the night.”

Monday, June 3, 2013

Undeniable (Undeniable #1) by Madeline Sheehan


This is the story between Eva Fox and Cole "Deuce" West.

Eva is a little girl when she meets Deuce. He is 23, she is 5. They meet at prison, where Eva is visiting her dad, Damon "Preacher"Fox who is the President of the Silver Demons Motorcycle Club. Deuce is visiting his dad, President of the Hell's Horsemen Motorcycle Club.

Little Eva is super cute and makes Deuce smile.

Through the years they meet again. But the encounters changed with time. When Eva is 18, they are attracted to each other.

Their relationship is crazy. They are together, they are apart. They are with other people. I tell you CRAZY.

We have so many characters. We have Eva's best friend, Kami. She is funny and always supports Eva. (even when Eva looses her way)

Frankie is in love with Eva since he became part of her family. He is unstable.

Chase is Kami's husband. I don't care for either men.

This story is not for the faint of hearts. This is an MC world. I believe both characters made terrible mistakes. But I think Eva had the worst luck.

There were some great scenes and great dialogue between the characters.

There was also violence and death.

My one complaint- Too many years apart. Too many.

3/5 Fangs

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ruining Me (Ruining #1) by Nicole Reed

Ruining Me
Jay is starting her senior year of high school. She changed completely two years ago after getting hurt. She broke up with her boyfriend, JT, whom she knew since she was a kid. This ripped her apart.
Jay decided  to use sex, alcohol and drugs to make her forget. She has a relationship with Rhye, a classmate who is part of a band.
Recently, she meets Kane, a bartender with some bad boy in him.
Jay has kept everyone away for two years, but suddenly things start changing and JT, Rhye and Kane want her. She can't hide anymore when her secrets are becoming public knowledge.
I don't know what to say about this book. I love all three guys.
The ending took me by surprise and made me hate this book. But I know, there has to be a HEA after all. I will read the second one.
3/5 Fangs