Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Saved By A Scoundrel by Stephanie Ellis

Elizabeth Wentworth with the help of her sister, Christina, form a plan to save her best friend (Rachel) from an unwanted marriage to Lord Bentley. They know they will need luck to be able to achieve Rachel's freedom.

The help comes in the form of Damon Kendrick, a handsome bachelor who after saving Elizabeth's life, decides she will be his. He will need to persuade the lady of the same. He will help save her friend while keeping her out of trouble.
2/5 Fangs

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Angel's Pawn by Nalini Singh

This is a prequel to the Guild Hunter Series.

The novella is about Ash(Ashwini) a human who is a vampire Hunter for the Guild. Her job is to captured rogue vampires for the Angels. In this world, Vampires are made by Angels. They are given immortality is exchange for one hundred years of servitude. It seems to be an unpleasant century and most vampires try to run away.

Ash is contracted by the Archangel Nazarach, who rules Atlanta to find a rogue vampire. Ash turns to Janvier, a Cajun Vampire for help. Janvier has been one of her usual runs. But, this time he will work with her instead. They soon learn this is a power play between vampires (an old vampire family vs a new vampire) and the Archangel and united they will try to survive it.

I enjoyed this novella. Left me wanting to read more about Ash and Janvier.

3/5 Fangs

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My One and Only by Kristan Higgins

Successful divorce attorney Harper James is ready to tie the knot again. She has been dating Dennis, a firefighter for two years. She believes there are many reasons this will work for them.

She pops the question without romanticism. To her surprise, Dennis doesn't answer her immediately and the proposal gets interrupted by her step-sister Willa's call. Willa is calling Harper to announce her engagement and wants Harper as her maid of honor. This is Willa's third marriage and Harper thinks this is a mistake. But, if that wasn't enough, she is also marrying Harper's ex-brother in law Chris Lowery. After many years of avoiding her painful separation from Nick Lowery, she will have to see him again.

She flies to Montana with Dennis (who has to leave right after the wedding) and her dog Coco and seeing Nick again brings all the memories back.

As fate will have it, Nick and Harper get thrown together and have to share a cross country car ride. Sparks are flying and the love they share is still there. Can they find happiness this time? Their relationship failed before, can it work now?

Kristin Higgins has become one of my favorite contemporary romance writers. Her books make me laugh and cry too. Her secondary characters are great as well. In this one, I enjoyed Father Bruce's character who makes Harper perform a good deed of the day.

4/5 Fangs