Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vacation From Love by Joan Conning Afman

Raina is going on vacation with her best friend from work Marisol. She is in a way running away from Duff for one week

Duff has made it very clear that he loves her but he will be leaving soon when he gets a better job offer. He is in love with Raina but they don't like the same things. Duff likes museums, Ballet, gourmet food, etc. Raina likes Burger King, movies and having a good time.

Duff worries about this vacation and he comes up with the excuse that his grandmother is dead to be able to leave work at the same time that Raina does. He follows her through most of their vacation. They both learn new things during the trip.

My personal opinion - Duff behaves more like a stalker. He doesn't give her time alone. What kind of relationship starts with so many lies?

2/5 Fangs

Wife by Wednesday by Catherine Bybee

Blake Harrison needs to get married in order to obtain his title as a Duke and the rest of his inheritance. In desperation, he hires a company to find a woman to marry for one year.

Samantha Elliot is the owner of the matchmaking company. She used to be rich until her father embezzled money and they lost their fortune. The Duke is her ticket to increasing customers. She needs the money to maintain her sister in a facility. Her sister Jordan tried to commit suicide but instead had a stroke. She will need care for the rest of her life and it is expensive to maintain her there.

Sam impresses Blake with her professionalism. He decides to meet her again but instead of accepting one of the three girls Sam had shown him, he offers her a marriage proposal. He knows Sam needs the money and she takes the offer.

They are married but the paparazzi are all over them. They fly to Britain and meet his family. Soon they both are happy in the marriage. The question is are they going to be divorced in a year or they have found true love?

I really enjoyed this book.

4/5 Fangs

The Blue Devil by Melynda Beth Andrews

The Blue Devil
The Regency Matchmaker #1
Melynda Beth Andrews 

Kathryn St. David is starting her London season at her Great aunt Ophelia Palin's house. She arrives late to the Masquerades ball thrown in her name. She enters the house through the backdoor and decides to clean herself up after a long trip. She goes to the room she thinks has been assigned to her. While in the room she witnesses an exchange between a man and a woman. She makes a noise and runs away before she can be discovered. She misinterprets the situation and believes the man (Nigel Moorhaven, Marquis of Blackshire) was taking advantage of the lady. She is able to find the right room and proceeds to dress as the fairy character, Titania from A Midsummer Night's Dream. She decides to interfere and save the reputation of the lady. Later she declines to dance with the Marquis.

Her Great aunt discovers that she has lost her diary at an enemy's home, Lady Marchman's School for Young Ladies. Kathryn assumes the identity of a teenager while trying to recover the diary. To her surprise, Nigel's ward becomes her roommate.

Blackshire has placed his ward there to investigate a possible traitor exchanging secrets with France.

Funny situations prevailed.

Fast-paced book.

2.5/5 Fangs