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Remember Yesterday by Pintip Dunn

TitleRemember Yesterday
SeriesForget Tomorrow #2
AuthorPintip Dunn
PublisherEntangled Teen
Release DateOctober 4, 2016
Genre: YA Sci Fi

Remember Yesterday is the sequel to the NYT Bestselling and RITA™ Award-winning book, Forget Tomorrow.

The sequel to the sci-fi hit Forget Tomorrow is a twisting, turning roller-coaster ride—the perfect sci-fi futuristic read.

Sixteen-year-old Jessa Stone is the most valuable citizen in Eden City. Her psychic abilities could lead to significant scientific discoveries, if only she’d let TechRA study her. But ten years ago, the scientists kidnapped and experimented on her, leading to severe ramifications for her sister, Callie. She’d much rather break into their labs and sabotage their research—starting with Tanner Callahan, budding scientist and the boy she loathes most at school.

The past isn’t what she assumed, though—and neither is Tanner. He’s not the arrogant jerk she thought he was. And his research opens the door to the possibility that Jessa can rectify a fatal mistake made ten years earlier. She’ll do anything to change the past and save her sister—even if it means teaming up with the enemy she swore to defeat.

"love is timeless."

I read Forget Tomorrow and I was looking forward to continuing the saga. Of course, I didn't read the blurb. I wanted to be surprised....and OMG...was I shocked. This book was Fantastic!

It has been ten years since Logan helped Jessa escape and Callie did what she thought was best for the world. Jessa is now a seventeen-year-old teenager. She passes her time with her best friend Ryder and doing what she can to save and free the mice from the lab experiments. She misses her sister dearly and she's trying to improve her relationship with her mother.

When Jessa is bitten by one of the enhanced mice, it seems to amplify her power. Jessa starts receiving a vision and she knows she must pursue it. To get to this area, she will enlist the help of Tanner Callahan, a boy her age but also a scientist making him her enemy. It doesn't matter that he seems to have a heart, has a fine body and makes her feel new things.

Tanner Callahan lost his parents when he was too young. The only life he knows is the one he was taught to care for. Science is his mantra. Enter Jessa and now Tanner is not sure what's right anymore.

"you matter too much for me to pretend what we had was nothing."

Remember Yesterday is so good! I was hooked to the pages. It was a thrilling ride that I didn't want to end. Pintip Dunn has created an amazing world building it with multidimensional characters. I love the action, the suspense and the romance in this novel. It had everything I want in a fantasy world. 

Jessa was an extraordinary young girl. It was a piece of cake to root for her. She was smart and caring. She had her insecurities but they were all based on the information she had. Her love for her sister is strong and beautiful. 

Oh...Tanner.. Sexy Tanner.. with great Abs Tanner and super Smart Brain Tanner. He was the perfect match for Jessa. He made me swoon for most of the book. I adored him.

“You stay the boy you were meant to be. I wouldn’t change a thing about you. You hear? 
Not. A. Single. Thing.”

I need the next book ASAP.  I hope I don't have to wait a year to read the next book.

5/5 Fangs

A complimentary copy was provided by the publisher via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

Imagine a world where your destiny has already been decided…by your future self.

It’s Callie’s seventeenth birthday and, like everyone else, she’s eagerly awaiting her vision―a memory sent back in time to sculpt each citizen into the person they’re meant to be. A world-class swimmer. A renowned scientist.

Or in Callie’s case, a criminal.

In her vision, she sees herself murdering her gifted younger sister. Before she can process what it means, Callie is arrested and placed in Limbo―a prison for those destined to break the law. With the help of her childhood crush, Logan, a boy she hasn’t spoken to in five years, she escapes the hellish prison.

But on the run from her future, as well as the government, Callie sets in motion a chain of events that she hopes will change her fate. If not, she must figure out how to protect her sister from the biggest threat of all.

Callie herself.

Pintip Dunn is a New York Times bestselling author of YA fiction. She graduated from Harvard University, magna cum laude, with an A.B. in English Literature and Language. She received her J.D. at Yale Law School, where she was an editor of the Yale Law Journel.

Pintip is represented by literary agent Beth Miller of Writers House. Her debut novel, Forget Tomorrow, won the RWA RITA® for Best First Book. Her other novels include The Darkest Lie and the forthcoming Remember Yesterday.

She lives with her husband and children in Maryland.

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