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Train's Clash by Jamie Begley

Title: Train's Clash 
Author: Jamie Begley 
Series: The Last Riders #9
Publisher: Young Ink Press
Release Date: November 1, 2016 

Beware of what you wish for; it might just come true.

Train swore never to let a woman get under his skin unless it meant forever, and forever only meant belonging to The Last Riders. He had believed his one brief sexual encounter with Killyama was a hit it and quit it. Instead, her green eyes haunted his memories. Then when he tried to convince the woman he was serious as his “more the merrier” lifestyle became a painful reminder of the life he lived, Killyama used his own club against him to keep him from what he wanted. 

Killyama was holding out for a man who could offer her forever, and Train wasn’t the forever kind of man. He was a Mr. Here and Now; the wicked warrior in her dreams. He might be a walking, talking sex machine, but she needed more than that. So, until he proved she was the only one sharing his bed, the only part of her body he was going to see was her ass walking away.

"Expectations came with chains that you couldn’t break from. Train would be damned if he would let anyone keep him from accomplishing anything he wanted to."

I was so freaking excited about this book. I kept tabs on Jamie's FB wall and she decided to hit publish early. Atta girl!! 

If you haven't read her books in her published order you can enjoy this book but you would be missing so many tiny details that have made this MC series one of my all time favorites. Jamie has a way of making scenes in the past important for her future books. She also gives heads up in regards to what might come true in a later book. I don't think I have been as invested in a couple since Shade and Lily's book as I was for Train and Killyama. 

"A smart warrior would try to win her hand and win the war. Bring your princess home on her terms when she’s ready."

Train has always been the easy-going Last Rider. He was in the special ops team as some of the other members. He's also a pilot and he made a huge mistake when he gave a ride to Killyama and said the wrong thing. So many things have happened since then but he has never forgotten it. Train knows he wants to be with her one more time. He actually wants to convince her to be part of the Last Riders. Of course, not all the members are in agreement but neither is Killyama. From what we know, she is loyal to the club Stud rules and to her friends. Friends she has had since middle school. She is strong and lethal but as we learned in this book she has such a huge heart but hates to be acknowledged. 

Train and Killyama are nothing short of volatile together. They would have to overcome so much to be together. Two clubs, her past, his moronic comment after their first ride together, her job, her friends, and so much more. 

“When you sleep at night, dream of me, as I will dream of you. So even in our dreams, we will never be apart.”

Picking up a book in this world is a sure treat for me. Jamie Begley has a way to immerse you in the story. She makes me care deeply about the characters and their vulnerabilities. I was happily surprised with Train. He was patient and loving. He recognized what he had and what he could lose. 
Killyama was freaking AMAZING. Such a great character. No wonder the Last Riders could feel threatened by her. She is a darn smart lady, just as many of the female characters are. 

I love one of the plot lines. I didn't see it coming and I know it's going to be something Jamie must need to expand on.  Cough, cough...Another book, please!!!

I can't finish my review without mentioning all the times this book made me laugh. There were so many. Of course, it also made me cry twice. 

I need to say one more thing. I'm greedy. I want Greer, Jo, Ax, Ryder, all the Kids and so many other characters to get a book. 

“The fierce five are still standing strong, aren’t we?” Killyama reached out, and Sex Piston took her hand, linking her other hand to Fat Louise’s, who reached for Crazy Bitch’s, who turned to T.A., who got off the bed to take her hand. “Bitches rule. Boys drool.” Killyama spoke the silly chant they promised to keep. “From fat to slim, from bad hair days and bad tatts, we swear never to steal each other’s boyfriends, or never talk about each other behind our backs—”
“I might have broken that one,” Sex Piston interrupted.
Killyama saw Crazy Bitch elbow her without releasing her hand.
“Or stop driving the green cherry breaker we all lost our virginity in—”
“Didn’t Sex Piston lie about that one? Ouch!” Fat Louise complained when T.A pinched her with her free hand.
“Despite husbands with big bikes and bratty kids, we’ll be friends, side by side to the end of fucking time.”
“Technically, Sex Piston moved away,” Crazy Bitch reminded them.
“Bitch, cut me some slack. I drive to town every day just to be with you all.” Sex Piston tried to drop her hands, but they didn’t let her.
“Um … You never said … Just how big is Stud’s bike?” T.A. sniggered. “How do we know you didn’t break that rule, too?”
“I told you about Cade. You all didn’t stop hounding me about the bitch’s code until I did,” Fat Louise voiced.
Killyama fought sleep to hear Sex Piston’s answer.
“Shut up. Stud didn’t get his nickname by driving a moped.”

Cliffhanger: No

4/5 Fangs

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