Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Bully (Fall Away #1) by Penelope Douglas

My name is Tate. He doesn't call me that, though. He would never refer to me so informally, if he referred to me at all. No, he'll barely even speak to me.

But he still won't leave me alone.

We were best friends once. Then he turned on me and made it his mission to ruin my life. I've been humiliated, shut out, and gossiped about all through high school. His pranks and rumors got more sadistic as time wore on, and I made myself sick trying to stay out of his way. I even went to France for a year, just to avoid him.

But I'm done hiding from him now, and there's no way in hell I'll allow him to ruin my senior year. He might not have changed, but I have. It's time to fight back. 

I'm not going to let him bully me anymore.

***This novel contains adult/mature young adult situations. It is only suitable for ages 18+ due to language, violence, and sexual situations.

The first time I read Bully by Penelope Douglas I was completely blown away by this story, now the second time around nothing has changed for me. I enjoyed it just as much the second time around if not more!

Jared is the standard bad boy, who throws the wild parties, and has all the girls clamoring for his attention. Tate is the girl next door (literally), gorgeous, and who he happens to despise. They were thick as thieves until they were 14 and things changed. All of sudden all of the energy Jared put into doing sweet and kind things for Tate turned into mean and hateful things. The thing is Tate has no idea what happened to make Jared change his tune so severely. Now that Tate is back from her year long studies aboard in France she is going to make sure that Jared doesn't have the upper hand. As soon as she gets home she sees things haven't changed for Jared, or have they? Just when she thinks her life couldn't get any better things take a turn. Has Jared truly changed or is this his biggest prank as her expense yet?

Even though Jared was a total ass throughout most of the book I just couldn't hate him! I kept on thinking he would redeem himself at some point. I absolutely love Tate! I love her feisty attitude and her rock music loving ways! I dig this girl! She is such a sweetheart and tries to see the best in everyone. I also love the racing aspect to the story. I think it gave me a little something more to enjoy. I just love the badass feel this books has! When I think of these characters that's definitely the word that comes to mind. 

The combination of hate, love, rock music, and badass cars makes this book a must read!

5/5 Fangs

A complimentary copy was provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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