Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Last Chance Rebel by Maisey Yates

TitleLast Chance Rebel 
SeriesCopper Ridge #6
AuthorMaisey Yates
PublisherHQN Books
Release DateAugust 30, 2016 

The prodigal son of Copper Ridge, Oregon, has finally come home 

The man who ruined Rebecca Bear's life just strolled back into it with one heck of an offer. Years ago, Gage West's recklessness left Rebecca scarred inside and out. Now he wants to make amends by gifting her the building that houses her souvenir store. Rebecca won't take Gage's charity, but she's willing to make a deal with the sexy, reclusive cowboy. Yet keeping her enemy close is growing dangerously appealing… 

He's the wild West brother, the bad seed of Copper Ridge. That's why Gage needs the absolution Rebecca offers. He just didn't expect to need her. After years of regretting his past, he knows where his future lies—with this strong, irresistible woman who could make a black sheep come home to stay…

Because we both deserve to be more than those scars.”

This is a hate-love story. There is a good reason for the heroine to hate the hero. If you have read my reviews of the Copper Ridge series, you know I like it because it has great banter and funny elements. However, Last Chance Rebel is missing the second component. The story is more serious and darker. 

In the last book, Colton West's brother, Gage has come back to town after many years of absence. He comes back because his father is in the hospital and he's the one who can make decisions about the ranch and the remaining property. Gage is also back to try to make amends. He was responsible for a car accident when he was younger. A little girl and her mother were hurt. The little girl is now a woman and he wants to make her life a little easier. If only she would let him.

Rebecca Bear has scars all over her body from the accident she was in but none are as deep as the ones she is carrying inside. Her scars have made it easy for her to keep everyone at a distance to prevent them from hurting her. Her mother left Rebecca when she needed her the most leaving her brother Jonathan to take care of her. As an adult, she has learned not to rely on anyone else. She wants nothing to do with Gage West's proposition but she does want to clear her debt with him. She believes him to be a monster but the more she gets to know him the more she starts liking the man he really is.

“Monsters, she decided, should be hideous. They should not be lean, finely honed examples of masculine perfection complete with an utterly offensive yet compelling tattoo on an equally compelling forearm.”

As I said before, the story is complicated. The characters deal with pain, guilt, and duty. I missed not having the funny component but I still like the story.

Cliffhanger: No

4/5 Fangs

A complimentary copy was provided by the publisher via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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