Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fight for Me by Jessica Linden

Raised in the streets, Knox is a battle-worn MMA fighter with no past, present, or future. Fighting every day just to survive, Knox owns nothing but the pride in his victories and the scars on his hands. When his control snaps and he must flee the city to keep his life, he runs into a stunning woman with the same intent. All big eyes and delicate features, she's not cut out to survive on her own. And when finding her own inner strength leads to a shocking act of violence, Knox knows he must protect her at all costs...

Natalie couldn't spend another day under her father's lock and key. Raised to be the perfect picture of wealth and sophistication, she detests the dark, ugly side of her father's greed. Refusing to be held captive by her life a moment longer, she escapes his fortress - and runs right into the arms of the strongest, most dangerous, most desirable man she's ever met. As instant attraction leads to explosive passion, Natalie finds she cannot leave his side. But as their pursuers loom closer and threaten to tear them apart, Natalie and Knox have to decide: is it easier to stand apart? Or is a love this strong worth the fight?

Fight for Me was one intense book! From the very first page, this book was action packed! This book was so fast paced that I blew through the book in one sitting. The author did a great job at keeping me on my toes! It was a little jarring how fast paced this book was at times, but it made for an intense read.

Even though there was action around every bend in this story, which was a little much at times. I love fast paced books, but at times, the action seemed unbelievable. It was hard for me to believe there was that much action going on basically 24/7. I am grateful that the author added some nail bitting action, but I would have liked it to have been a little less dramatic. 

Everything about this book was fast paced, including the romance. I had a very hard time believing the speed at which the romance progressed. The romance in this book was a perfect example of insta-love. It felt very rushed and I could not believe their "love" connection at all.However, the author did a great job at creating the chemistry between the couple, Knox and Natalie. I could feel the passion they shared, even if the relationship itself didn't feel 100% believable. 

Natalie was a feisty character that I really enjoyed. At first, I wasn't sure if I was going to like her character. However, the author did a great job at developing her character. Natalie was a fierce and independent. I thought she was an awesome main character! Give me more Natalie! 

Overall, I thought this book was action packed and thrilling. Even though I did have some issues with this book, I thought it was an entertaining story as a whole. I would recommend this to people who are looking for a quick and exciting read. I am looking forward to seeing what this author will come out with next, because I can tell she has a lot of potential! 

3 / 5 Fangs 

*This ebook was given to me in exchange for a honest review. * 

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