Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Kings Rising by C.S. Pacat

Title: Kings Rising 
Series: Captive Prince #3
Author: C.S. Pacat

The epic conclusion to the internationally acclaimed Captive Prince trilogy.

Damianos of Akielos has returned.

His identity now revealed, Damen must face his master Prince Laurent as Damianos of Akielos, the man Laurent has sworn to kill.

On the brink of a momentous battle, the future of both their countries hangs in the balance. In the south, Kastor’s forces are massing. In the north, the Regent’s armies are mobilising for war. Damen’s only hope of reclaiming his throne is to fight together with Laurent against their usurpers.

Forced into an uneasy alliance the two princes journey deep into Akielos, where they face their most dangerous opposition yet. But even if the fragile trust they have built survives the revelation of Damen’s identity – can it stand against the Regent’s final, deadly play for the throne?

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Mrs Reyes's Review

It was EPIC and the FEELINGSsssss omg...

I anticipated this one so much that I forgot to prepare myself for the fact that this was the beginning of the end. 

When I closed this book, all I can think was: I’m DEAD, bye.

There are no words for this book, other than, this is my new favorite book of all time :)

Best MM couple ever!

As a devout fan of this series, I have been WAITING in anticipation for this last book.

“ You’re a King in a place of Kings “.The story was about justice and redemption, forgiveness and destiny. Damen and Laurent made their own new truth and their own history.

Damen and Laurent stole my heart. I absolutely inhaled every word in this book.The relationship between the two princes, Damen and Laurent, WAS achingly slow and perfect.
Damen and Laurent struggle externally and internally to defeat so many obstacles.

All the answers were given, all the hidden truths revealed. I loved everything: The development of the relationships, the romance, the political plotting. 

I cannot say enough about this book. To me, this is literature at its finest. 
As always the writing is beyond excellent, the sense of humour, the intrigue, the intensity, the sensuality and the passion!
I cannot praise this author enough.

So how did I feel the minute I had read the last word? Emotional – I was crying like a baby.
This is a series you definitely won't regret picking up. 

We had tears, heartache, truths uncovered and realisations. We had passion.
We got it and I loved every minute and every word!

There are so many beautiful lines in this book. I thought I'd share a few of them:

Laurent met his gaze, his eyes too clear. “ You were never a slave, Damianos. You were born to rule, as I was ”.

“ I miss you “ said Laurent. “ I miss our conversations “ 
Damen said “ I should take you to bed “
“ Then, take me “ said Laurent 

I LOVE Laurent, he is my Prince, my King, my Sun and Stars...

“ I have never known a truer man. I think if I gave you my heart, you would treat it tenderly “.
“ Kiss me “ said Laurent. And then flushed, a rich color.
“ I’m not a slave “ said Damen. “ I’m a man “
“ It’s me “ said Damen. “ It’s me, here with you. Say my name “
“ Damianos “.

I feel so incomplete after the ending. I want more Laurent and Damen. And I can’t wait for the epilogue :)

5/5 Fangs

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