Monday, April 6, 2015

The Selection (The Selection #1) by Kiera Cass

The Selection

This book had me at it’s cover. It’s beautiful!

Now, to the premise of the book:
America Singer is living in a world were the United States is no longer there. The area where she lives has been renamed to Iléa for his ruler the King Gregory. Prince Maxon, his son, must choose a wife.  How to get a Princess-to-be? A Selection has been created. There will be 35 young females chosen for the job. Then the prince will be picking one of them as his wife. So think Bachelor but with a Kingdom.

America is in love with Aspen but he is one class beneath her and marrying beneath you costs money and a lot of paperwork. She is trying to save the money to marry him but when he pushes her to apply for the Selection she goes ahead and does it because she doesn’t believe she will be picked. But, she does get picked and after meeting Maxon and spending time with him she starts realizing that maybe becoming his wife won’t be a terrible idea. However, not everything is peaceful. The castle keeps on getting attacked by rebels and not all the girls are nice. 

After finishing it, I found myself favoriting Maxon. He was sweet and way patient with America. He showed her friendship and tolerance. She was able to trust him and rely on him. Those are all awesome qualities. 

“What do you think my chances might be of finding a soul mate in the group of you? I'll be lucky if I can just find someone who'll be able to stand me for the rest of our lives. What if I've already sent her home because I was relying on some sort of spark I didn't feel? What if she's waiting to leave me at the first sign of adversity? What if I don't find anyone at all? What do I do then, America?” 

I was not a fan of Aspen. He needed to step up his game. 
The rebels bothered me. I mean how bad was their defense that they could get into the castle and ransack it? It doesn’t make sense that they were able to get into the rooms so easily. 
In regards to America, I liked her but I was disappointed in her wishy washy behavior. One moment I like Maxon, the next moment I like Aspen. She was playing with fire and she is going to be burned, is all I could think while reading it. 

“True love is usually the most inconvenient kind.” 

Cliffhanger: Not really but it's a series.

4/5 Fangs

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