Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dirty Past
by Emma Hart

(Tate Burke and Ella Dawson)

Ella skips town three days before her wedding.  She’s determined to start a new life and no longer be a victim to her abusive ex-fiancé.   She lands a job as the PA to America’s favorite rock band, Dirty B.  This is where she meets the egotistical, crude, Tate Burke. 

Tate Burke is a manwhore.  He’s the oldest brother and the bass player for Dirty B.  Women throw themselves at him anywhere he goes.  He’s been involved in a few scandals so he trusts very few.  When he meets his new PA and realizes she refuses to throw herself at him he’s very intrigued.  As their relationship grows and they constantly go head to head the walls slowly begin to come down on both sides, and when they do it’s explosive.

“The girl is one big motherfucking enigma, and hell if I don’t want to crack her code, if only to get under her skin and piss her off.”


This is the first book by Emma Hart I’ve ever read and I was VERY impressed.  I was entranced by her words from the first page and I couldn’t put it the book down.  Books that have sassy characters and quick banter are my weakness, and this book delivered.  Elle and Tate were constantly driving each other crazy!

“That wasn’t cleaning up my mess.  If I wanted you to do that I woulda called you five minutes earlier and had you in the fuckin’ shower with me, Els.” My eyes ghost down her body, lingering at her full breasts and toned thighs.

She stares are me stonily, that annoyed spark flaring into full-fledged anger. “Believe me, Mr. Burke, if the impossible happens and you somehow get me in a shower with you, I’d probably drown you, not clean you.”

DIRTY PAST isn’t just about characters that argue a lot.  Ella has a truly damaged past and when Tate finds out about her ex-fiance his super protective alpha comes out and he literally transforms before your eyes.  He’s still a cocky jerk, but he’s a lovable cocky jerk!

“Els, I gotta protect you because no other girl has ever fuckin’ bothered me as much as you do.”

“Well, thank—“

Usually, it’s very important to me to NEVER read a series out of order, even if they are standalones.  I am sad to admit that I read DIRTY PAST without reading the first book, DIRTY SECRET first.  BUT, that didn’t change the story for me at all.  I am even more eager to go back and read DIRTY SECRET now. 

“Tate Burke,” Sofie quietly gasps.  “Are you falling for Ella?”

“I don’t fall.  Falling would imply it’s an accident, and nothing about her is a fuckin’ accident.”

**Complimentary copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

BOOK 1 (currently .99 cents)
(Conner Burke and Sophie Callahan)

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