Thursday, April 2, 2015

Beyond Fame Serial Book 1&2 COVER REVEAL

Book 1: Beyond Fame
Book 2: Beyond Trust
Series: Beyond serial

Author: Eve Connell
Genre: Romantic Women’s Fiction
Release Date: mid-2015

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About Beyond Fame:

This is a story of Hollywood meets regular girl, of old best friends to something more … BEYOND FAME is the first book in a swoony, emotional, sexy new serial from romantic women’s fiction author Eve Connell.


He’s the Hollywood A-lister everyone knows. Women adore his dark chocolate eyes, toned physique, and Italian charm, but they don’t know the man behind the fame, Jonno Favero. When a movie role brings him to Melbourne, his star-studded life gets the slap of reality he never saw coming.

Taylor Mendel despises her childhood best friend Jonno for breaking his promises to her and discarding her the moment he shot to fame. Twelve years later, it appears she’s built a happy life, however, she’s hiding a life-altering secret. And upon his return, Jonno shakes her world upside down.

He’d be wise to walk away.

But he can’t.

Because from the moment Jonno runs into twenty-four-year-old Taylor, he finally sees what he let go all those years ago—she’s the only girl he’s ever truly loved.

Too bad he’s twelve years too late to claim her heart.

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— (Blurb for Beyond Trust coming soon) —

About The Author:

Writer, kid-at-heart, awesome partner, graphic design dabbler, book lover.

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