Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty

The Husband's Secret

Cecilia Fitzpatrick is the perfect wife. She has three daughters: Isabel, Esther and Polly. She has a schedule for everything. She is the queen of tupperware.  She's always doing something for the school, church, community, her husband and for her kids. When she finds a letter addressed to her by her husband in case of his death, her whole life crumbles. At first is the indecision to open it and then when she does, she realizes her life will forever change. 

Tess has always counted on her cousin Felicity, she is like the sister she never had. They have done everything together including opening an advertising company with Tess's husband Will. To her shock Will has fallen in love with Felicity. Coming from a broken home herself she has no idea how to avoid her son Liam from suffering. 

Rachel Crowley has never overcome the death of her daughter Janie. Her only happiness come from being able to take care of her grandson. Unfortunately, her daughter in law has decided to take a job in New York, taking her grandson with her.  She is feeling lost.

Soon all three ladies will meet and get to know each other. All of them are going through a terrible time and they have no idea that all their lives are in some way connected.

The Husband's Secret had a great beginning. Imagine finding that letter. Having the temptation to open it. All the thoughts and doubts that can pass through your head. And then when you finally open it, the letter is even worse than what you ever imagined. I feel sorry for all three women, Cecilia, Tess and Rachel. 
I love stories that have intricate connections between multiple characters. All the little things and choices that can make our lives take a different path. In my head they play like a movie. 

My one disappointment would be about Connor Whitby. He didn't deserve anything that happened to him and in the end I thought Tess was selfish. Poor guy, he couldn't catch a break.

Cliffhanger : No

4/5 Fangs

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