Sunday, May 17, 2015

Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass #1) by Sarah J. Maas

After spending a year labor in salt mines in Endovier, Celaena Sardothien has the chance to gain her freedom. She is selected to partake in a competition to see who will become the King's new royal assassin . If Celaena wins, she will gain her freedom after serving the king for four years. Celaena is determined to win the game and finally gain the freedom she has been craving. Will she win the competition or die trying?

I was so excited to read this book because I love fantasy books, and this book sounded like it would be such an addictive read. Celaena was a great main character. She was funny, sarcastic, smart, and a bad ass. She reminded me off Buffy from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". 

I really enjoyed reading from her point of view. I also liked how much her character grew through out the book. She started opening up and becoming more vulnerable and real. It was really nice to see her open up and show how kind and loyal she truly was. My only complaint about Celaena and this book in general was how many times it was mentioned how beautiful Celaena was and how many times she mentioned how beautiful she was. The first fourth of the book mentioned it so many times, and it made me roll my eyes every time. I was thankful that it eventually stopped, and it was then only mentioned once in a while.

"He found her beautiful, if a bit strange and sour"

"Beautiful ladies are always associated with the Crown Prince- you should be flattered that you're attractive enough to be considered his lover."

"I bet they won't expect to be trounced by a beautiful lady."

The other main characters, Chaol and Dorian were a delight to read about. Chaol was sweet and kind underneath his hard exterior, and I loved getting to know more about him. He was like a sweet puppy that I couldn't help but love. Dorian was thoughtful, funny, and caring. He truly wanted to be a good ruler, and it was easy to tell that he would be a wonderful king. They formed a love triangle with Celaena, which should have driven me insane. However, I actually enjoyed this love triangle. I found that it was extremely well written. I want Celaena to end of with both boys somehow. I don't know how the triangle will be resolved, and I am extremely frightened to see how it will play out. I don't want either of the boys to get hurt emotionally or physically. 

There was never a dull moment in this book, and this book was just plain addictive. There was action, mystery, humor, and romance. Everything was nicely balanced through out this book, and I really enjoyed it.  This book is definitely a new favorite of mine. I cannot wait to continue this series!

4.5 / 5 Fangs

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