Saturday, May 30, 2015

I'll Stand By You by Sharon Sala

I'll Stand by You

I’ll Stand by You plays like a movie. 

Adorable “Dori” Grant is working at a cafe washing dishes. She has a little baby, Luther Joe at home. She's almost twenty one, has a GED and she’s taking classes to learn web design. Her grandfather helps her taking care of the baby while she works. 

In the same town of Blessings, Johnny Pine is raising his two younger brothers: Marshall and B. Both kids are good kids. They are smart and funny. When B is attacked at school, Johnny will need to fight prejudices against his last name. He will do anything to keep his family.

In one terrible night, Dori and Johnny paths crossed. And in an act of human decency will link them together. Soon, the town has more gossip to disperse and this couple may loose it all. 

“the truth is that when you’ve survived the worst, it doesn’t take nearly as long to recognize the best.”

Sweet, is the best way to describe this book. 

It’s based in a small town where everyone pretty much knows everyone’s business. 
Johnny is an amazing brother. He is respectful, smart and cares deeply for those 2 little boys. When it was time to defend them, he shined. Johnny melted my heart.

And that was Johnny Pine’s gift to her.
He’d given her a soft place to fall.”

Dori was such a likable character. She was doing everything she could to help her little baby. She demonstrated spark when she needed it. 

“maybe one day, if I’m lucky, you’ll look up and realize you can’t live without me. In the meantime, I can love you enough for both of us.”

Cliffhanger: No

5/5 Fangs

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