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Glimmer by Beth Kery

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After graduating from her M.B.A. program, Alice Reed is surprised when she’s recruited for the management training experience at legendary Camp Durand, owned by Durand Inc.’s young, billionaire CEO, Dylan Fall. The company usually recruits from Ivy League schools, not insignificant colleges like Alice’s.

Alice enthusiastically accepts, but she still wonders why Dylan would choose a girl from the wrong side of the tracks for the prestigious program. But after a passionate encounter one night, she discovers exactly why—Dylan wants her, and Alice can hardly resist his fierce sexual appetites, though she is amazed that she could appeal to an experienced, sophisticated man like Dylan.

As Dylan introduces her to thrilling, erotic territory, Alice discovers a delicious new part of herself. Night after night, she steals away to find ecstasy and escape in Dylan’s arms. But behind her lover’s powerfully magnetic facade, Alice senses darkness, secrets from Dylan’s past lurking in his beautiful, lonely mansion—secrets that are starting to haunt Alice. And the ghosts of the truth might tear Dylan and Alice apart forever . . .

This is the first full length Beth Kery book I've read and it made me feel like I've been missing out. I'm convinced, I need to make time for some of her others. The chemistry between Alice and Dylan was explosive! There was also a little mystery to the story that had me on the edge of my seat trying to figure out how it all fit together.  

Alice was a likeable heroine. She grew up in a trailer park with a meth head for a mom, but she didn't let that get her down. She took all the hurt and resentment and let that fuel her drive to make something of herself.  Smart and great with numbers, she lands a covetous camp counselor spot at Camp Durand.  A sort of management training program with Durand Enterprises, that involves helping troubled youth.

What Alice didn't expect was Dylan Fall.  He's the CEO for Durand and he's HOT. Ten years older than her, dominant and protective.  I fell pretty hard for him, right along with Alice.  Sneaking around and meeting up in the woods at night gives their relationship a forbidden feel, which is always fun.  He is the CEO after all and can't get caught fraternizing with potential employees. 

"Things might start out deliberate with you, but they turn to fucking madness in about two seconds flat."

There is so much more to their connection though than just great sex.  There are plenty of secrets and lies to go around. When the full story was revealed, I was honestly surprised.  It made me fall for Dylan even more. I'm curious to see how things will play out in the future. Not only between Dylan and Alice, but with the other camp counselors.  A few things went unanswered, leaving me excited for the next book.

"Dylan . . . what happened on April eighteenth?"

4/5 Fangs
*Complimentary copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

This is the first book by Beth Kery that I’ve read and I’m extremely impressed!

Alice Reed is from the wrong side of the tracks. Growing up with a meth head mother and an absent father no one expected her to break free from the trailer park and graduate with an MBA. 

When she gets recruited for an amazing management experience at Camp Durand, she’s extremely surprised, those positions are usually held by Ivy League scholars.  She’s even more surprised when no one other than the CEO, Dylan Fall, takes a very special interest in her. 

“So you see, I have more than a glimmer of understanding of what you’re experiencing here,” he said.  “You feel like an outsider.  Part of you is sure that at any moment, someone is going to discover the truth about you, and kick you out on your ass.”

When I first started this book I though it was your typical “alpha boss/intern” story.  But I was so wrong.  Dylan was very alpha, but in all the best ways.  The forbidden romance was still there so it was cute watching Alice and Dylan sneak around. 

“I don’t know what it is about you,: he said in a quiet rough voice.  “You take me from zero to a hundred in a second flat.”

Alice was a fantastic heroine.  She was smart, edgy, and said what was on her mind.  She worked her ass off to get out of the trailer park and make something of herself.

As the story progressed, there was a very suspenseful plot.  Half the time I was wondering what the heck was going on!  I can’t wait for book two to find out ALL the answers.

GLIMMER was edgy and suspenseful with hot steamy sex.  I read it in one sitting and I am so excited to read more about Alice and Dylan.

**complimentary copy provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review

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