Wednesday, May 13, 2015

An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

This book from page one immediately captivated me. I loved the idea of an Ancient Rome type world where there was a crazy and corrupt leader. The writing in this book was flawless, and the world building was extremely detailed. I could tell that it was well thought out, and it was executed beautifully. The storyline was addictive, and I just could not stand to put this book down. Every aspect of this book was gripping. My heart was actually pounding in some of the scenes, because I was just that involved in the book. This story was so compelling and wonderful. 

This book was a lot more violent and nasty than I was expecting. The Commandant was an evil ruler and she was basically a sociopath. She did horrible things to people in this book, and it makes me cringe just to think about it. This book was abuse, torture, and rape was threatened. There are no graphic rape scenes, but it was implied in the book. The violence in the book made the book even more heart stopping, because there was a very real threat that any of the characters could die in an instant. That aspect of the book definitely made this book a nail bitter. 

My only complaint that I had about this book was the romance. The romance had two intertwining love triangles, and it made me want to smack my head against a wall. The two love triangles caused so much unnecessary angst. I wanted there to be romance in this book, but love triangles! The romantic dynamics between all the characters were all very well written, but they were not needed. I would have preferred just having one romantic storyline in the book. I am so tired of love triangles like the ones in this book.

Overall, this was one of the most exciting and addictive stories I have read in a while.  This book is rumored to be a standalone, but the ending had me craving more. I really hope there is a sequel, because I want to see more of these characters and this world. I loved this book so much (even if there were annoying love triangles). 

I would recommend this book to everyone and anyone looking for a great new book to read.

4. 5 / 5 Fangs

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