Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Vanilla by Megan Hart

MrsNorthman's Review

"Don't flirt with me unless you're ready to deal with the consequences." 

Elise had her heart broken in the past and never really got over it. That heartache sort of drove her need to be the dominant one in the bedroom. She convinced herself it would be easy and safe to be in control. So she seeks out anonymous sexual relationships with submissive men. For her it's not about being a bitch or inflicting pain. It's about having the control to pleasure her partner in any way he desires.

"There's something so lovely in the curve of a man's spine when he is on his knees, head bowed, hands behind his back. The back of his neck, vulnerable and exposed." 

Her tendencies are no secret to her family, which I found interesting. She's not ashamed of her desires and often puts it on display. She models for a photographer that takes racy photos that depict her in her most comfortable role - as a female dominant. It's at one of the artist's shows featuring Elise's pictures that she meets Niall, her twin brother's co-worker. 

Right from the start Elise and Niall sort of have an unexpected connection. Their banter is cute and he's pretty honest that he thinks her preferences in the bedroom are weird. So it's not totally shocking when he sort of blows her off. But things change between them when they run in to each other again at her nephew's bat-mitzvah. She's a little lonely and he's a little sweet. It's a slow build between them, but it's quite steamy! He's no submissive, that's for sure. It's a struggle for Elise to relinquish control of her heart and a struggle for him to give up any control in the bedroom.

"Sometimes you have to be selfish, if you want to be happy." 

For me, this was another great book from Megan Hart. They only thing that threw me off at first was Elise being the dominant one. I prefer my men to be dominant in the bedroom, but I found this story to be so well written that I was able to get over it pretty quickly. I have to mention that there was one scene in particular, with Esteban, that was a first for me. It may have even pushed my limits a little bit. Not sure I want to experience that again anytime soon, to be honest. But that's what I like about Megan Hart's books. You never know what to expect. I found this story to be a little bit of a slower build-up compared to some of her other books, but it was worth it in the end. It was refreshing to me that Niall wasn't all about the sex and got Elise to look at love and sex in a different way. He was kind of amazing to me. He felt like a genuine guy.

4/5 Fangs

*ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

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