Monday, January 26, 2015

Burned (Fever #7) by Karen Marie Moning

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MrsLeif's Review

I waited two years for this!
How come after finishing the book and get some answers I feel like I have a thousand more?
Only KMM can do this to me.....
I'm beyond frustrated. I want the answers now.
I do have to say, I loved this book.
Here are some of my impressions:

Burned begins pretty much were Iced ends. Lack of communication within our main heroines makes Dani run towards danger instead of talking to Mac about Alina. 

Mac's POV is predominant in Burned. Mac is dealing with Dani, the new Dublin after the Hoar Frost King attack, a memory which keeps on slipping her and the Sinsar Dubh in which she's trying to get rid off. She can't let the book take over or innocent people will get hurt. She also has a cloud of Unseelie following her and she smells bad. Not our pink loving Mac or our Mac 2.0.

"You're not living anymore, Rainbow Girl"

Dani is lost for a while.
We get a new player. A new sidhe-seer is in town and wants to get the Abby for herself. Her name is Jada and she seems to be a powerful human. She has a hit list and some of the people we love are in it.
The Nine are still trying to keep order.  Ryodan is gathering information as best as he can while trying to find Dani. 
Christian MacKeltar is dying daily in the hands of the Crimson Hag. 
A new Unseelie Princess makes her presence known and I kind of feel bad for Lor.
Kasteo, you are a mystery I can't wait to unravel or should I say Kat got your tongue?
Jo, I wasn't thrilled about you on Iced but now, I'm completely on board where KMM is taking your story.
Lor, I think you finally found your match. Blonde is so yesterday!
Daku, where are you?? 
Fade, what's your deal?
Jericho Z Barrons- JZB you are still my favorite Nine. You still stop me in my tracks. I love the way you are and don't apologize about it.
Dreamy-Eyed guy- you are back!!! I missed you since you remind me of Ian Somerholder. 
Cruce- stayed down buddy. Me no like you anymore. 
Unseelie Princes - I HATE YOU.
Dageus MacKeltar- I have my own theory about you.

I know some readers are frustrated about Mac being the protagonist. I'm not one of them. I love Mac and JZB and through Mac I was able to learn tons about other characters including Jericho. I have complete trust in KMM to deliver a perfect ending when she is ready. Despite the above, I did miss some Dani/Ryodan action. Bet, we get some in the next book. A girl can only hope. 

Favorite scene: Gotta go with JZB and his beast presenting Mac with a gift........

5/5 Fangs

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