Saturday, January 3, 2015

Gable (The Powers That Be #1)
by Harper Bentley

Gable Powers is arrogant, immature and a sexy bastard. College seems to be just a parade of hook ups for him. Scout Patterson has decided she won't be the next one in his roster. Yes, Gable is sexy and so are his brothers but she won't fall for him.

"I had yet to figure out what his superpower was, but I can honestly say that when I first met him, I couldn't have cared less."

When an assignment is given and she has to become a pen pal on email to a classmate, she ends up with  #4.  Her pen pal calls her #6. The longer the weeks passed the more she likes him. She shares her past heartache with him, making a true connection. And then the impossible happens,  Gable starts behaving like a nice guy and he seems to want to spend time with her. She doesn't want to fall for the caring side of Gable.

"Oh, Gable, how you excite me, thrill me, and totally, completely and thoroughly confuse me."

Soon Scout will need to decide between her pen pal or Gable. 

My thoughts:

Harper always writes a good story, with likable characters.
Scout was a good heroine. She didn't fall for Gable like every other girl did as soon as she met him. She is determined to be different.  She fights her attraction until Gable changes his behavior towards her.
Gable, what can I say... he knows he's hot and he uses it but he also has a vulnerability at times that makes him even more attractive.
I also loved the banter and the emails/ texts between these two. 
The secondary characters, especially Bodhi, were definitely a plus and I liked the few glimpses we get of the other brothers.
Zeke is next....

"You gave me stitches, Scout."


4.5/5 Fangs 

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