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MrsLeif's top 14
It was very hard for me to pick my favorite books from 2014. There are so many that I love but in the end Mrs Daemon had it right. To pick 14 of 2014.

So how did I make my decision? Only books published in 2014. Only books that were a 5 Fang rating. Only books that made me laugh and cry or both. Only books with great angst or great banter.  Only one book per author. So Jay Crownover, Beth Ehemann, Harper Bentley, LRJ and JLA could only be here once on my list despite me loving more than one book by them. 

Here are my favorites using one line to describe them:

Perfect Angst

MC Hotness

Pay the toll

Team Luca

I'm Here For You

Bruiser - Finally!!

Great Banter

Fantastic Five Rules

Sweet Cole

Forever and a Day Jagger

Ex- military Hot Ink Crowd

Steamy novella

Captain No-Fun

Dark Roth

MrsAlcide's Top 14
2014 has been an amazing year for books.  I've read great stories from several different authors and genre's.  These 14 picks were not easy to make.  I have several more that I wish I could have put on this list.  Some authors such as Micaela Smeltzer or Joanna Wylde deserved to be on there several times! Some books I wanted to put the whole series on the list.  These 14 books that I chose were 5 Fang ratings, sent me through a roller coaster of emotion, and gave me the biggest book hangers imaginable.  So here is my top 14.  (They aren't in any special order) .

MrsDaemon's top 14

2014 had some amazing books, which made it so hard to pick my top 14! All the books I picked are books I gave 5 /5 fangs. I included gifs to help describe my reaction to the book. This list is in no particular order.

fairytales, adorable romances, and awesome action?

Now I have to wait until November 2015 for the next book.

Black Moon Draw

The main character travels into a book AND there is a hot alpha male.

From Deities

YES! A paranormal romance involving Greek mythology!

Book 3...please?

The Queen of Zombie Hearts

I loved this book, but I can't believe this series is now over...

Better When He's Bad

I think the title of the book says it all. 


A new paranormal romance from Jennifer L. Armentrout with a twist....IT'S NEW ADULT.

The Keeper of Innocents

Magic and demons and romance! Oh my! 



Night Broken


White Hot Kiss

Jennifer L. Armentrout + YA Paranormal Romance + A hot bad boy demon =



Sweet Reckoning

This is it. This is the last book in the series.


What a great end to one of my favorite series. 

Echoes of Scotland Street

Dear Cole,


Well, it probably comes as no surprise that this book is on my list considering my name is MrsDaemon. I went through a whirlwind of emotions with this book. 

I was excited to get some more Daemon.

However, I was in denial that this was the last book of the Lux series.

I couldn't believe that I would never get more Lux books.

As sad as I am that this series is over, this book was an amazing way to end an amazing series.

Even though it was hard to say goodbye to some series that ended in 2014...

I can't wait to see what books await us in 2015!

MrNorthman's top 14
2014 has been a great year! I've discovered new authors, received great recommendations and read some pretty amazing books.  There were many I loved and some that I could've done without.  But that's the fun of reading, right?  Below you will find my top 14 picks for the year.  Books that made me laugh, swoon, cry and feel.  I look forward to what 2015 has in store.  Happy Reading! <3

Better Than Chocolate! 

Truly Unique

Swoon Worthy

Kai crush!

Explosive Chemistry

Utterly Obsessed

Hot and Hilarious!

Brody is AMAZING!

An Emotional Journey

Bad-ass Bax


Team Nate

Raw and Emotional


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