Sunday, October 26, 2014

Riot (Predators MC #1) by Jamie Begley

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Grace Andrews is dreading her next assignment. She has been told that she must teach the next class at the local prison. She has no choice but to follow through with it. From the first moment she sees Ice, she knows she's in trouble. Even when Ice pushes her away, she keeps on coming back.

“The students all say you’re smoking hot. Fire and Ice, baby.”

Ice, the Predators MC President, wants nothing more than to be out of prison and he was hoping nothing will deter him from his plan but the leggy teacher keeps on making him lose his cool.
When a situation throws them together, neither can deny their attraction for each other anymore. The plan has changed and now survival is a must.

I must confess that my love for Jamie Begley's world is enormous. I love all her different series and how all her characters are intertwined.
Ice was a true alpha but he never made me think he was controlling. He recognized his attraction to Grace and he moved forward. He gave her space when she needed it and he took it away when it was unnecessary.
Grace had a tough experience but she had the love of her family. Yes, they could be over protective but they truly cared for her.  Dax Andrews, her brother intrigues me and I hope he gets a book too.

In Riot we get a cameo of Colton & Vida, Sawyer & Kaden and Ax. King is mentioned too.

I can't wait for Penni and Jackal's book and I wonder if Ax and Alec are getting a book too.
You, see this is what I mean, the more characters she introduces the more I want to read about them. Usually, when an author adds too many characters it gets confusing and maybe boring. This is not the case with Jamie's books.

“I’m yours. I’ll always be yours.”

Cliffhanger: No

4/5 Fangs

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