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Caged in Winter by Brighton Walsh

Caged in Winter
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Winter Jacobson is working in a place she hates and with a manager she hates even more but she has no other choice. She is counting the days until she finishes college and can move far away.

Cade Maxwell is almost done with culinary school. He feels responsible for his sister and niece after her mother died.  He's very responsible and protective. So when he sees someone grabbing Winter at the bar she works in, he steps in to protect her. What he didn't expect is Winter becoming mad at him and blaming him for loosing her tips.

Cade can't leave things alone and he keeps on coming back for her, getting to know her while he walks her to the bus stop. The more time he spends with her, the more Winter starts warming up to him but when responsibilities pulled them in different directions, they must find a way to work it out or walk away from each other for good.

I thought Cade was awesome. He was super patient with Winter. He loves his sister and his little niece. I really can't blame him for anything he did. He only wanted to protect Winter.
I had some issues with Winter confusing independence with someone providing help when you needed it the most. I did feel bad for her upbringing and I'm glad she realized how good Cade was for her.  One thing I would have liked is for the epilogue to be longer.

Cliffhanger: No

4/5 Fangs

MrsDaemon's Review
I am so glad I read this book, because enjoyed every aspect of this book. Cade was a total heartthrob, and I loved everything about him. He was extremely protective of his sister and niece, and cared about everyone around him. Cade always put others first, and I really admired that about him. He had a bad boy exterior, but underneath that hard exterior, he had a heart of gold. I also liked Winter because I felt like even though she had a horrible childhood, she learned how to survive on her own. I liked how independent she was, but sometimes I wish she was more willing to let Cade help her a little more. However, I could not relate to what Winter went through, so maybe I would have been just as guarded as she was. I was so happy when Winter finally opened up to Cade, because they had a wonderful relationship. I wish there would be a sequel because I want more of Cade and Winter, but I was content with how the book ended. This book really was a joy to read, and I recommend it to anyone who loves a good New Adult Romance. "Caged In Winter" will not disappoint. 

Cliffhanger: No

4. 5 / 5 Fangs 

MrsAlcide's Review
Winter is a girl with no family, growing up in the states custody, she has moved from home to home.  When she turned 18 she moved to a different state and got scholarships to go to college.  She is going to school full time and working full time at a local bar so she can pay for her apartment and food, even if the food is cheap ramen or frozen pizza. 

She is working one night when a customer gets a little “touchy”.  In comes Cade.  Cade is a culinary student on the fast track to becoming a fantastic chef.  When he sees the customer grab at Winter, he immediately knows he has to step in.  Winter is pissed for the interference; she has always been able to take care of herself.   From that moment on, Cade knows he has to have Winter, but Winter has other plans.

This book was cute.  It was sweet and had just enough angst and drama to keep me going.  I enjoyed the run/chase aspect of it.  My heart melted for Cade and Winter at times.  Their hardships and pasts were truly sad.  I can not wait to read Cade’s sisters book!

3.5/5 Fangs

MrsNorthman's Review
This is a story about letting go of your past and realizing that sometimes you have to rely on others.
Winter is counting down the days until she graduates and can leave behind her awful job and rundown apartment.  She's had a rough childhood, so she chooses to live her life alone.  With an extremely busy schedule, working full-time and taking a full course load, she doesn't have time for much else.  She's waitressing at a bar, where the dress code consists of a skimpy outfit and requires her to plaster on a phony smile, when she meets Cade.  A big, imposing guy covered in tattoos.
Everything changes the night she's groped at work and Cade steps in.  It ends up costing Winter the tip she rightfully deserved and leaves her pissed off and short on cash.  Cade is caught off guard by this feisty girl.  He has a lot of responsibilities and a grueling schedule himself, helping his sister raise his niece and trying to finish culinary school, but he wants to make the time for Winter. There is something about her that makes him want to protect her.  She sure doesn't make it easy for him though.  Putting her trust in someone or relying on them is out of the question. There is no way she will let her self-worth be wrapped up in some guy. Even Cade.
"I don't want to be scared anymore. I want to be the kind of person Cade sees in me.  The kind of person who's fearless, who spreads her wings instead of staying frozen on the ground. I want to fly for him."
Cade and Winter's story had a lot of potential, but it missed the mark for me in some ways.  I read this genre because I want to feel the intensity and the connection between the characters and watch them fall in love.  There just wasn't much to this story and the love part happened way too fast.  The best part of the book honestly was Cade. He was so protective of his family and Winter, really driven to make something of himself and overall just a genuinely nice guy.  Winter on the other hand, I really couldn't connect with. Sure, she had a rough childhood, but choosing to be alone when you have a great guy right in front of you, was really  hard to understand.  She pushed him away for the most ridiculous things.  Maybe I could have overlooked her stubbornness if there had been more to their story.  But there just wasn't.  They slipped in a few minutes together here and there, had a date and spent one night together, before Cade let the 'L' word slip. That was a downer for me.  I did really like Tess though and since the next book is about her, I might consider giving this author another chance. 
3/5 Fangs
*Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

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