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Reaper's Stand (Reapers MC #4) by Joanna Wylde

Reaper's Stand

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MrsLeif's Review
The last thing London Armstrong wants is to deal with Picnic, the President of the Reaper's MC. He scares her in more ways than one.  She knows he's trouble and her attraction to him is not helping her keep her sense. London's life is pretty busy with her cleaning business and raising her cousin Jessica. She recently started dating Nate, a cop and things are progressing just right with him. There is no room for trouble but when Jessica's partying at the MC's Armory, London has no choice but to ask Picnic for help.

Reese "Picnic" Hayes had kept an eye on the MC's cleaning lady. He doesn't do serious relationships since his wife passed away and he knows London is not going to be a one night stand. But common sense goes out the window when she shows up at his birthday party. He's done staying away from her and London's life will never be the same.

My thoughts:

Joanna is a solid writer. The Reaper's have become one of my favorite MC series. Reaper's Stand is not different. The characters are multidimensional and realistic. One of the things I liked the most is that London and Reaper were more mature. They already had a life and knew what they want.

From the returning characters, Hunter's still my favorite. Horse and Ruger have a strong presence too. Painter, I'm warming up to you kid. I'm not sure his HEA will be an easy one.
Puck is a new character who steals page time and I can't wait to read his story.
Jessica was not my favorite character but I can see how her story will be interesting to me too.

Cliffhanger: No

4/5 Fangs

*Complimentary copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

MrsNorthman's Review
Finally, we get big, bad Picnic's story and believe me it doesn't disappoint!

We've gotten bits and pieces of Picnic over the last three books, and now we finally get inside his head. He's president of the Reaper's MC and doesn't hide the fact that he's a total man-whore. But he hasn't always been that way. He lost his wife years earlier to breast cancer and has had to raise his two daughters on his own. He's been one protective papa bear. I adored him and Em in Devil's Game.

When he sees London, the new cleaning lady at the club's pawn shop, she sparks something inside of him. But he doesn't want an "old lady". He just wants a quick bang to get her out of his system. But she doesn't make things easy for him. She's focused on her business and getting a contract to clean the MC's strip club. She's been raising her junkie cousin's daughter and it's been rough. It's been six years since she's let anyone touch her and she's contemplating sleeping with the sheriff's deputy she's been dating. But she can't seem to think of anything else but Picnic touching her. When they finally give in, they are like two teenagers together, but it doesn't last long.

London gets wrapped up in some serious drama surrounding her cousin's daughter and doesn't know who to turn to. She makes a horrible mistake. She does what she has to do to save her "daughter". Even Picnic can sort of understand that. But there is no denying she betrayed him and the club.

"Take something off, because otherwise I'm going to start ripping things."
I really liked being in Picnic's head. But, there were a few times in the story that I didn't like him very much. I wanted to smack him when London walked in on him getting head from a club whore and he made her sit next to him on the couch. No way would he have had a chance after that. His dominating, protective side was what made me like him though. London was selfless and kind, and I liked her for the most part, but I didn't expect that level of immaturity from her. Considering she is one of the older ladies in the series. She made some fatal errors and I just wanted to shake her. I couldn't understand why she wouldn't go to the big bad biker for help. But she was able to redeem herself. It made me really happy to see Hunter and Em again. I think they will always be my favorite. This really is a great series! One that I have devoured in a few days.

4/5 Fangs

*Complimentary copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

MrsAlcide's Review

5+++++++ STARS!
I’m pretty sure Reapers Stand is now my new favorite.  The prologue sucked me in in a way that no other book has.   Before beginning this book I was excited, but I didn’t have that feeling I did before I start the first three.  Picnic is a lot older and I was worried about how the book would “feel” compared to the others.  But man, I had nothing to worry about at all.  Picnic was amazing and still very alpha/motorcycle man.  Being the president of the Reapers MC, I shouldn’t have expected anything else.

London owns a cleaning crew and is hired by the MC.  She has an 18-year-old cousin, Jessica, who she has been taking care of.  Jessica has a small medical problem so she is extremely protective of her.  Jessica gets in a bit of trouble with the MC and London has to go and get her out, but to do so, she has to make a deal with Picnic.  She has to clean his house for him, free of charge.

Picnic is the president of the Reapers Motorcycle Club.  After his wife passed away years before, leaving him a single father to two daughters, he turned in to somewhat of a manwhore.   Then his eyes land on the cleaning lady, and suddenly he has to have her.  Slowly, he realizes that he wants more with her than just one night.  He just has to make her realize it isn’t just about the sex for him.

Okay Picnic was amazing.  Absolutely amazing.  He had no filter and he did not apologize for anything he does.  He’s a total badass and he doesn’t even try to be.  HE.IS.AMAZIN.

“Fucking bitch just called me nice. If she thanked me for being her friend, it was over.  I’d have to go on a killing spree.”

 London was also a strong female character.  She was thrown into certain situations and handled them how she thought was best.  She is extremely loyal to her family, and puts others before her. 

She and Picnic are perfect together.  I loved reading about them and I want more!  They had chemistry and fit together like no other two characters I’ve ever read about.  They both pushed each others buttons, and definitely made mistakes along the way. 

The secondary characters were also fantastic like usual.  We were able to see the girls and the guys and learn a bit more about what is going on with them.  

5/5 Fangs

*Complimentary copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

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