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Promise Me This (Between Breaths #4) by Christina Lee

Promise Me This

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MrsLeif's Review
Jessie works at Raw Ink, the tattoo place where we have met some of the characters from prior books. Her passion is photography. She has a great friendship with Nate but things changed when she gets a glimpse of him with another girl.
Nate is the good looking guy without tattoos or piercings which is not the kind of guy she's usually attracted too. Nate intrigues her and the more time they spend together the more she wants to know the real Nate. She wants to learn what makes him tick (yes, he's a ticking time bomb). She's willing to take the dark with the light.
Nate wants Jessie but with his background he's not sure he can have a healthy relationship with her. He can count on Jessie as a friend and they have good rapport together but more than that he's not willing to wish until they are stuck in a car on a road trip for too many hours.

I loved Whisper to Me and now I'm in love with Promise Me This. 

Jessie's a woman who's independent, smart, funny and an open book. Nate is the complete opposite. He seems funny and light but is hiding huge secrets. He's struggling with his desires and he's terrified of making the same mistakes his dad did. Jessie is able to break down his walls and she's there to help him through it.  They were sweet together but also full of passion. I can I just say that I love their nicknames:  Blue and Square. So awesome!! Although, a few times when he called her Blue, I wanted to yell "You're my boy Blue".

In regards to the secondary characters, I was happy to see Kai again. Bennett was there for Nate like a true friend. I felt sorry for Nate's mom and I was glad his brother wised up by the end.
I can't wait to see who's next in this series.

Favorite Quotes:

“Fuck, Jessie. I want you, so bad. I’m just afraid if we . . .”
“Stop being afraid, goddamn it,” she blurted. “I’m asking you, begging you, to touch me. Touch me like I know you want to. Own me tonight.”

Didn’t want to wake you, pretty girl. You looked so peaceful.

“That boy is going down hook, line, and sinker.”

“You’re branded in my brain,” he whispered against my neck. “I have your skin committed to

“You are a caveman,” she said, leaning over and kissing my throat. “Of course I belong to you,
Square. Like the sun belongs to the moon. You couldn’t get rid of me if you tried.”

“Fucking kiss me already, Square,” 

Cliffhanger: No

A complimentary copy was provided by the publisher via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.
4/5 Fangs

MrsNorthman's Review
"We all have darkness and brightness inside of us. You won't know exactly what you're made of until you embrace all of it, live it."

Nate and Jessie's story has everything I crave when picking up a book. Off the charts chemistry, sexual tension galore, a hot guy that's a little bit damaged and a strong heroine that helps him see the light.

Nate (Kai's ♥ cousin) and Jessie have mutual friends and over time have become friends themselves. They are constantly ragging on each other in a cute, playful way and it made me smile. He calls her "Blue" for her colorful hair and she calls him "Square" because he's ripped, clean-cut and tattoo free. The opposite of any guy she would ever go for. He never sleeps with a girl a twice and she's a relationship kind of girl.

He takes her on a road trip for a school project and that's when things change. For the both of them. It's an intense journey in so many ways. Being back in his hometown, brings up a lot of painful memories for Nate. He struggles with his desire to dominate in the bedroom, something Jessie doesn't mind exploring with him. In fact she begs for it. But giving in to those desires makes Nate feel like a deviant. He doesn't want to be anything like his father. A man that has inflicted pain on his mom for years.

Ultimately, it's the love and advice Jessie got from her own father that gives her the strength to help Nate overcome his inner demons and let go. Jessie really is the ultimate heroine. She's strong, independent, confident and not afraid to be herself around anyone. I loved her tattoos, especially since they were a way to honor her father. I also adored her mom. "Blue" and "Square" are opposites in so many ways, but together are electric!

"Stop being afraid goddamn it," she blurted. "I'm asking you, begging you, to touch me. Touch me like I know you want to. Own me tonight."

This series has quickly become one of my favorites. Christine Lee has the ability to create intense relationships between her characters and it's pure magic. I was sure Kai was my favorite, but Nate is messing with my head.

5/5 Fangs

*Complimentary copy provided the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

MrsAlcide's Review
“Jessie, promise me this:  Explore all the different sides of you.  We all have darkness and brightness inside of us.  You won’t know exactly what you’re made of until you embrace all of it, feel it, live it.  Only then will you be able to face all that life has to offer, head on.”

Christina Lee doesn’t let us down in Promise Me This.  This is Jessie and Nate’s story.   We previously met them in All of You and Whisper To Me.  Nate is going to college for architecture and Jessie is working at a tattoo shop while going to college for photography.  Jessie and Nate are great friends and have a fun, playful relationship!

“It would be over for her in ten seconds flat anyway,” I said, pretending to pound on my chest.  “One glance at my package and she’d probably faint on that spot.  Not many girls could handle all of this.”

“You keep telling yourself that, Square,” she said, while the guys in the shop cracked up.  “Someday you’re going to lose a bet and have to prove it.  And when we finally see your teeny weenie, you’ll never live it down.”

Nate does not do relationships.  Because of his childhood and his family genes he does not feel he’s capable of being in one, until he really takes a good look at Jessie. 

Jessie doesn’t know anything about Nate other than he has no tattoos, comes from money, and lives a privileged life.  Everything she isn’t.  Jessie is full of tattoos and has to work hard for her education.

One weekend away and they both realize that there is more to each other than what they though.  One weekend changes everything.

“Let me be your moon- so that every night, I can illuminate the lonely cavern of your soul.”

I really loved this one! Jessie and Nate could not be any more opposite and they are perfect for each other.  She fills his EVERY need and helps him realize that what he wants is okay. It was also refreshing to see the girl save the boy.  Jessie was an extremely strong female heroine and she was the reason Nate was able to overcome his problems and seek help.  I love reading about strong females!

I love Christina Lee’s writing and the humor and seriousness is a perfect combination.  Promise Me This deals with some tough subjects and I believe that Christina handles them with perfection.  Promise Me This was so unique and I can not wait till my book buds read this one so we can discuss the amazing, swoon-worthy, Nate! J

“Let me be your sun- so when I burn out each night, you can be the breath and the beacon that leads me home.”


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