Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Tiger’s Daughter (Their Bright Ascendency #1)
by K. Arsenault Rivera

Paperback512 pages
Expected publication: October 3rd 2017 by Tor Books
ISBN: 0765392534

Even gods can be slain….

The Hokkaran empire has conquered every land within their bold reach―but failed to notice a lurking darkness festering within the people. Now, their border walls begin to crumble, and villages fall to demons swarming out of the forests.

Away on the silver steppes, the remaining tribes of nomadic Qorin retreat and protect their own, having bartered a treaty with the empire, exchanging inheritance through the dynasties. It is up to two young warriors, raised together across borders since their prophesied birth, to save the world from the encroaching demons.

This is the story of an infamous Qorin warrior, Barsalayaa Shefali, a spoiled divine warrior empress, O-Shizuka, and a power that can reach through time and space to save a land from a truly insidious evil.

I went into The Tiger's Daughter with extremely high expectations and I am so happy that I was not let down at all! This book was enchanting and utterly mesmerizing. The combination of the rich fantasy, alluring romance, and heart-stopping action made for one addicting novel.

The fantasy world the author created in this book was so lush and well developed. I loved how many unique elements were present in this fantasy world. There was magic, healers, monster, and so much more. This book slowly introduced the fantasy world, which made me crave MORE! I am excited to see the world develop throughout the series so I can learn even more about it. 

There were some influences from Japenese and Mongolian culture weaved throughout this book, which I thought added an interesting element to the story. I will admit, I do not know much about East Asian cultures, so I cannot speak on the cultural representation in the book. I will have to see what other reviews say on that element. 

There were times when this book was a little confusing to read. A large chunk of this book was told in the perspective of a letter that Shefali wrote to Shizuka. The book would then also jump to Shizuka in the present, which sometimes would lead to some confusing jumping back and forth for me. However, I LOVED the letter and I think it created such a strong connection between Shefali and Shizuka. I was also glad to have parts of the book in the present because I NEEDED to know how the relationship was developing in the present.

This book was focused heavily on characters and the relationships between the characters. Sometimes this can lead to slower books, but I found this book addicting the entire time. There were plenty of heart-warming moments as well as moments that broke my heart. I became so invested in the characters in this book and their fate. I loved learning about the relationship between Shizuka and Shefali and their mothers. They were all confident and powerful women that I BECAME SO PROUD OF. THEY ARE SUCH BADASS WOMEN AND I ADORE THEM ALL SO MUCH. 

The romance in this book was a large element of this book, AND I LOVED IT. Even though the romance was extremely prominent, I never thought it felt forced or cheesy. The romance developed naturally throughout the story. I could really feel the connection and passion between Shizuka and Shefali. Their relationship was so intimate and powerful. I SHIPPED THEM SO HARD. THEY ARE SO CUTE TOGETHER AND I NEED MORE OF THEIR RELATIONSHIP. ALSO, THEIR HEIGHT DIFFERENCE IS SO PRECIOUS?!?!? GIVE ME MORE OF THEIR F+F ROMANCE PLEASE!!!!??? I NEEEEEED IT.

The Tiger's Daughter is just the beginning of what I can tell will be one incredible journey for these characters. I cannot wait to see what is in store for us in the next book! 

4 / 5 Fangs

*This ebook was given to me in exchange for an honest review. * 

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