Monday, June 12, 2017

Kiss Me, Kill You by Larissa C. Hardesty


First kisses should be legendary—not deadly.

Emmy Duivel believes in true love: heart-stopping kisses, candlelight dinners, and a connection that lasts forever. But not the kind of kisses that land your date in the hospital. Emmy always knew she was different, but not in the supernatural sense. Not in the succubus sense.

Paul Andinn had only one job: watch over Emmy and make sure she doesn’t expose the supernatural world. It should have been easy, but the moment he looked away, she kissed that boy, and everything changed.

He should be more upset. But he can’t. Not when he’s falling hard for her.

Kiss Me, Kill You was a fun and intriguing read! I thought the author did a great job at introducing a fun and unique world of succubus and incubus. The beginning of the book was a little light on the paranormal aspect, but once the author delved deeper into the paranormal side, the book got a lot more interesting! 

Emmy was a sweet and funny main character. What I liked about her character was that she truly felt her age. She was quirky and a bit socially awkward, which was very charming. Her denial of the paranormal world was funny and believable at first, but it did get a little repetitive and annoying after a while. I liked that she didn't accept it right away, but it just felt a tad dragged out. 

The romance in this book was a story of forbidden love. There were some extremely swoon-worthy moments and heart-stopping kisses in this book. I thought Emmy and Paul made a really cute couple! However, I did feel like the build up to their relationship was a bit rushed. It felt a bit sudden and not well explained how they started to have crushes on each other. I would have liked to see them interact as friends a little bit more before they jumped into the romance. 

Overall, this was a fast and unique read! 

3 / 5 Fangs

*This ebook was given to me in exchange for an honest review. * 

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