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With You (Tear Asunder 0.5) and Torn from You (Tear Asunder 1) by Nashoda Rose

With You
With You (Tear Asunder 0.5)

This prequel novella is the story of how Sculpt meets Emily.

Emily is a shy girl who needs to learn how to fight. She needs personal defense classes and she believes getting them from the illegal underground fighter Sculpt is the best way. Convincing him is another story.

Sculpt is an alpha male. He is an illegal fighter, he has tattoos and he is in a band. His voice is amazing and his band Torn will hit it big sometime soon. When Emily asks for his help he agrees after he learns why she needs it in the first place.  Soon he wants more from "Mouse" and the rest is history.
Wait, not so fast. This is just the beginning and Oh My, what a cliffhanger.

I love Emily and Sculpt. He is sexy and dangerous but he falls for Emily big time.

“Mouse.” He fell to the side and brought me with him so I was snug to his chest, my legs tangled within his. “Emily. You’re a fuckn’ trophy. My trophy.”

Sculpt is the perfect combination of hot tattooed, illegal fighter and rockstar all into one.

You will devour this book and start Torn from You immediately. I guaranteed it.

“Lego building.” 
I jerked at his words. “What?” 
“You think too much.” 
“So? I have a lot on my mind. And what does Lego have to do with it?” 
His dark eyes narrowed. “You build up blocks in your head in techno color.”

4/5 Fangs

Torn from You (Tear Asunder #1)
by Nashoda Rose

Torn From You
Torn from You begins just after the ending of With You.
This is a dark contemporary romance.  So if you don't like this type of book please refrain from reading it.

The first half of the book deals with sex trafficking.
Emily is abducted and taken to a place in Mexico.
Raul is the leader and he is not a good man nor is the people around him.

Emily is beaten and she will be sold to the highest bidder unless Sculpt wins a fight.
Emily is broken. She believes Logan has betrayed her and she wants to escape.  Her sanity is at stake when she witnessed heinous acts committed around her.

The second half of the book deals with Emily's life after 2 years have gone by.
Her group of friends have expanded and now includes old friends like Matt, Kat and Georgie and new friends like Deck and the Tear Asunder band members.

I hate to give spoilers away but this book gave me a serious book hangover. The story is dark and it was hard to read for me. I hate women being hurt and the picture Nashoda paints is so real that it's scary.
Emily is a survivor and despite the horrible situation she was in, she never really surrendered.  Her road to healing is a long one but I was very happy where the story went.
Sculpt/Logan won me over.  I thought about how much I love Caleb from Captive in the Dark and I can definitely add Logan to that list.  He was the perfect combination.
I'm dying to read all of the other character stories. I even wonder about Kai and Raven.
If you are able to read this type of romance, this is a must read.

Favorite quotes:

“You hate what I pretended to be. You hate that I wasn’t your knight in shining armor. You hate that I made you fear me. But don’t run from the truth, Eme. You want to hide behind your Lego blocks and not take the chance at being vulnerable again. But the truth is you’re more vulnerable now, because you are hiding.”

“Mouse, we can fix this.”
“It’s not just broken, Sculpt. It’s shattered.”

 “I will smash through them.”
“Smash through what?”
“The Legos, Emily.”

“Deck needs a fucking army of red ants shoved up his ass.”

“All sweet was out; hot and scary with a teaspoon of sweet was in.”

“I loved you. You used that against me,” I whispered in a ragged voice.
“No. I used it to save you.” 

“Dream sweet, Emily.” 

“Ethan? From Strikeback?”
I turned to Ethan. “You from Shrrikeback?” My words came out very slurred, but it sounded like he understood me.
“Yeah, Princess. My band.” He smiled and winked.
“He says yep.”
“Did I just here him call you Princess?”

“I can’t erase you. I tried, but I can’t.”
“You can’t erase what’s engraved.”

“You, Emily. You’re worth fighting for. I fought all my life, but never for anything worthwhile. Now ... Now I’m fighting for my heart. Bullshit ends here and now.”

4/5 Fangs


You can buy the both books as one volume:

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