Friday, April 18, 2014

Undeniable by Ashley Simone

*Review copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

Honestly, I'm not sure what I think of this short serial. I understand the need to leave readers wanting more, but I feel like the story ended too abruptly and I didn't really connect with the characters. There just wasn't a lot of depth. Not sure I would be interested in reading the second book after this.

Allie is college graduate, working in a diner, while looking for an accounting job. A hot guy enters the diner and she feels a connection with him after they lock eyes. A few weeks later she runs into him while out for dinner with friends and he gives her a ride home. They share a heated kiss, but he ends things abruptly and disappears. She doesn't know anything about this guy, but can't stop thinking about him.

Her brother is in trouble and needs cash to pay off some guy that's threatening him. She vows to get the money, but I can't understand why. He doesn't really give her any explanation, just expects her to bail him out. For some reason, she blames herself. She's searching for a way to make fast cash when she stumbles across an ad on a website that describes her.

Turns out it's the mystery guy, Zach, who placed the ad and he's willing to pay for one night with someone that resembles her. I don't get why he wouldn't have propositioned her when he ran into her the second time. Instead, she just happens to come across his ad? Did I mention she's a virgin? I just found the story a little over the top. I didn't feel any connection between Zach and Allie. He came off as cold and uncaring, while she came off as naive and a little foolish.

2/5 Fangs

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