Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Flying By Megan Hart

*Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Another great book from Megan Hart! There is something about her writing that I just love. She doesn't write the typical cookie cutter romance. Her characters are always unexpected and her storylines take you on an emotional journey.

Stella loves the power she feels when she knows a man wants her. Her ex-husband is the CEO of an airline, so free flights were a part of her divorce settlement. She selects a destination, puts on some sexy lingerie and sometimes even changes up her look with a wig. She's playing a part. Seeking out the right guy in the airport bar to seduce. Nothing more than a night of sex back in his hotel room. She has no desire to see them again, so she doesn't exchange contact information or give them her real name.

Until she meets Matthew. It's totally unexpected when he starts talking to her at a bar in the Chicago airport. She's on the way home from a work training, not on the hunt for a man. There is no sexy lingerie or makeup and she's shocked when her real name slips so easily from her lips. Right from the start you can tell that he's going to be different.

They end up back at Matthew's apartment and have a memorable night together. Stella gets really emotional and ends up sharing her tragic past with him. Something she has never done with a stranger before. But, there is still no exchanging of phone numbers in the morning. He's impossible to forget so a few weeks later she's back in Chicago airport hoping to run into him. Of course, he's in the bar hoping to spot her.
"She shouldn't miss him this much so soon. He shouldn't mean so much to her...but he did."  
They both have a lot of baggage and it's a struggle trying to make a long distance relationship work. Especially when one person feels like they are contributing more to the relationship than the other. Will they be able to make it work or would Stella be better off resuming her flights?

Stella was such a strong woman, especially after all she had been through. She was always direct and to the point with all of the men that she met. I admired her for not playing games, but instead being honest and telling them all, even Matthew what she wanted. Stella and Matthew had a great connection, but there were times that he really disappointed me. I just wanted to shake Stella and tell her to walk away and not respond to any more of his messages! Overall, I really enjoyed this book, but the ending did leave me wanting just a little bit more.

4/5 Fangs

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