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The Will (Magdalene #1) by Kristen Ashley

The Will
Josephine Malone is class personified. She has been the assistant to a very famous photographer for years. She also has loved him from a distance. Her childhood was not the best because of her abusive father. Luckily, she was saved by her grandmother Lydia Malone and Josephine has loved her all her life. She also has loved Lydia's home and the best times she can remember were spent there.

When Lydia passes away, Josephine comes back to town to settle her estate. She gets the shock of her life when the will is read and Lydia has given Josephine to Jake Spear. She is more confused because she had never heard of Jake before the will was read.

Jack Spear is an ex-boxer, he's also the owner of the gym and a strip club. He has 3 children, has been married and divorced 3 times. He is shocked to discover what Lydia has done but he knows this is his chance to get the right girl.

I love all KA's books. She makes me likes the main couple and then the secondary characters too.
Her descriptions are perfect and she makes them alive in your mind. When you read a book by her, you want to live in that town and be friends with those people.
Another thing that makes her books special is the main characters can have regular jobs too. They are not tycoons owning a yacht, flying on helicopters and living in a multimillionaire home. They can be regular people having regular jobs like coffee shop owners, librarians, cops, PI's, gym owners or part of a motorcycle club (Tack I still love you).

This book is not different.
I liked that Kristen can write older characters that can love deeply and have a second chance in happiness. In Jake's case a fourth.

Let's talk characters.

Jossi is a very proper lady. She is smart and genuine. When she was younger she wanted someone special in her life. At some point she stops dreaming and prefers solitude. She wears a mask to stop people from getting in. She does have good friends but even those she keep away. When she falls into Jake's arms, literally she is shocked to discover that maybe the risk is worth it.

Jake has made mistakes in his love life. The only good thing he's gotten from prior relationships is his children. Each of them, special in their own way. He tries to be a great father and a great boss too. He cared deeply for Lydia and when he meets Jossi he knows that he will do anything to keep her. I love her nickname for her :Slick

Jake's children: Conner, Amber and Ethan, all good kids. Kristen made them likable, real characters dealing with real high school life for Conner and Amber and young Ethan in need of a loving mother.

I can't wait to see who's next in this series.

Favorite Quotes:

"It hit him in that moment in a way he knew he’d never forget that he could take that hand and she could lead him anywhere. Just tip up her lips, turn those eyes to him and hold out her hand and he’d go straight to hell with her and do it smiling."

“I’m called The Truck ‘cause I knocked out a kid in college three minutes into the first round. When the college paper asked him what happened, he said my right hook was like getting hit in the face with a Mack truck. It stuck.”

"Generous. Selfless. Tenderhearted. Jake."

“And it’s black,” he went on and I focused again on him. “Black is hot. That Cayenne in black is hotter. You in anything, even a mini-van, would be hot. That’s just you. You in that Cayenne…” he paused and grinned big, “Smokin’.” “I’ll get the Cayenne,” I agreed immediately.

“Life is like a boxing match. Defeat is declared not when you fall but when you refuse to stand again.”

“You are not a fool,” he whispered. “You can never be a fool. You’re total class from top to toe. You’re also a klutz. Own that, baby, because it’s cute and because it’s you. If you learn to accept yourself just as you are, learn to laugh at your quirks instead of hating them, show the world all that’s you without tryin’ to hide things that are not even a little unattractive, that makes you more attractive. What you got is a fuckuva lot. You own all of it and let it all hang out, you’ll go off-the-charts."

“Been married three times. Never had that. Not one of the women who wore my ring gave me that shit. Didn’t tell me I was wonderful. Didn’t offer to pitch in when shit got tight or things went south. Now, things are good, steady, it works, I’ve known you a coupla weeks, and you’re still offering to help out even when I don’t need it.”

“Josie.” My name shook with his amusement and it was annoying because the way it did sounded lovely. “She gave me you.”

“How’d you get in there?” 
“She thinks I’m the shit,” Jake told him, grinning back. 
Coert kept handing him crap. “So you’ve brainwashed her.”

“Man's got the power to break a woman's heart. Women have their own power. Learn this in future, choose better.”

“I never wanted anything but you, Jake… And I wanted you before I even knew you… You’re everything I ever wanted, darling.”

4/5 Fangs

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