Monday, April 14, 2014

Don't Look Back by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Don't Look Back
This book had me from the first chapter.
Sam is a teenager who had gone missing and the first memory she has is of walking and being found by the cops. At the hospital she is diagnosed with amnesia.

Sam soon learns that she is a daughter, a sibling, a girlfriend and a mean girl.
She also learns that she seems to be very attracted to her brother's best friend Carson but he seems to hate her.
When Sam went missing, her frenemy Cassie disappeared too.
Sam wants to remember, she wants to find Cassie and most of all she wants to change from the awful girl she has been. The more time she spends with Carson the more she knows she doesn't want her boyfriend Del.
Also, she starts getting flashbacks and her life may be in danger. Someone close to her knows what happened to Cassie and they may want it to remain a secret.

There is no doubt in my mind that JLA can write.  I liked that she was able to keep the mystery throughout this book. She is definitely my favorite author and a must buy for me.
I'm in love with so many of her leading men : Cam, Daemon, Aiden, Kyler to name a few.
I'm adding Carson to this list,  JLA had me from the first time she described him. Carson has a strong personality, he can be sweet and tender, he also can fight if needed and he wants to protect Samantha.
Samantha's journey getting her memory back felt real. She was distraught by not knowing who she was but the more she learned of who she used to be the more she try to make amends.
I have to mention the secondary characters.
Del - I disliked you.
Scott was such an awesome brother. He was protective, smart and funny.
Julie was sweet and forgave Sam without torturing her.
I'm never disappointed with Jennifer's books.

5/5 Music Box Fangs

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