Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Resistance by S.L. Scott

The Resistance
Holliday Hughes is on a Vegas work trip. She is a savvy business woman. She usually takes her passion as one night stands and when super handsome security guy Jack Dalton starts flirting with her, she flirts back.

“That you’re leaving me in four hours. I could spend days in bed with you and it wouldn’t be enough. I could spend night after night listening to you hum, the way you do when you’re deep in thought. So four hours is not enough time to memorize the two million, three-hundred and fifty-six thousand other things that I wanted to learn about you.”

Jack Dalton is not a security guy but he is thrilled that Holliday doesn't recognize who he really is. He thinks a night of passion is all he wants. Until it's not.

Holiday falls for the green-eyed handsome man but soon she discovers that she will have to share him with millions and staying for too long in one place is not in his future. How can their relationship work?

“Don’t ever lose yourself in somebody else, Holli. It’s hard to remember who you used to be if they disappear.”

I love Rockstar romances.
This book was sweet. I liked the way they meet and how he is thinking of her when she is not with him.  I liked Dalton and the couple of POV's we get from him helps with that.
Holli was truthful to herself and she doesn't fight her feelings for Dalton. She accepts that she is falling for him.
I really liked Danny and at times I think he behaves much better that Dalton does, especially when Dalton creates a scene when Holli is working.
I think the ending was too rushed and maybe a couple of more chapters may have helped.
I'm happy to report there is no cliffhanger. However, there was a very sad scene.

3.5/5 Fangs


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