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Bad News by Lilly James

Title: Bad News
Author: Lilly James
Release Date: Jan 17, 2017
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There is no wrong or right way to deal with a death. Or to grieve in a way that is expected. The loss of a loved one can hit you in ways you could never imagine. At least, it did to Hunter Holland

College Junior Hunter knows he messes up; he knows he hates his life; he also knows he blames his father for his mother’s death. What he doesn’t know is that his life is about to change–all thanks to Louisa Dawson.

Louisa, the freshman, is sweet. Shy. Innocent. She doesn’t care for boys, but rather books. Hunter is crazy, a player, and as cocky as they come. The college ‘bad news’ is everything she wants to stay away from, yet he is everything she is drawn to.

Focused on her studies, Louisa doesn’t have time for Hunter who is both distracting and disruptive, but Louisa is the breath of fresh air Hunter needs. She is the only girl he is willing to work for. She is also the only girl that understands why Hunter is living the life he is.

Louisa is determined to prove to Hunter that living in a tormented past is never going to guarantee a happy future.

They say opposites attract… maybe they do.


She’s beautiful, abso-fucking-lutely beautiful. I watch her sleep, and gently move her blonde hair from her face so I can see fully. Louisa is timid, too timid to flirt, too shy to admit she wants me in the way I see her looking at me. She’s innocent, petite, and so genuinely kind I don’t think I have ever met anyone like her. I don’t want to corrupt her; I don’t want to disrupt her, but I can’t promise myself that. All I know is that I would never treat her the way I have treated girls in the past. Never gawp at her and refer to her as a piece of ass, a fuck, a pussy I want to wet my dick in. She is the girl I have been waiting to stumble across since the moment my mom gave birth to me. Okay, maybe not that young, but close enough. The only woman I have ever treated like a princess was my mother, and now I want to treat this girl like the fucking next air to the throne. I close my eyes, settling next to her, and I’m falling…

Bang, bang, bang, bang.

A noise that makes my head ache wakes me up with a jolt. “The fuck?” I yell, sit up and notice Fallon standing on her bed, banging a spoon against a frying pan. I feel Louisa sit up next to me, but I am evil. Evil I tell you.

“Unless you plan on making me an omelet with that pan, you better get the fuck outta here, Fallon. What shit you trying to pull?”

“You,” she points at me with her spoon. “Seem to be in my best friends’ bed, hugging and shit. You’ve made her late for her dinner with her father. I know this is not Louisa’s usual behavior, so you’re the bad influence. Get out.” She points to the door with the spoon.

“What!” Louisa fly’s out of bed and takes her alarm clock into her hands. “An hour late!” she shrieks. “Crap.”

I watch her scramble to get her shoes on, and she’s running her fingers through her hair at the same time. I climb from the bed and stretch out my arms. Checking my watch, I catch the time. It’s 6pm. Louisa says she’s an hour late, but earlier she told me she was meeting her dad for lunch. I don’t want to ask her about it right now, though, I can see she’s stressing.

I glance over to Fallon, and she’s staring at me with those hard, black eyes of hers. Then I remember last night, and what she did to Louisa.

“Some friend you were last night, huh?”

“It was an accident, asshole.” She jumps down from her bed and points the spoon at me. “At least you found your perfect chance to take Louisa home and snatch her virginity like it was some sort of fucking prize, asshole.”

She’s grating on my goddamn nerves. “Call me an asshole one more time– wait, what did you just say?” I look over my shoulder and Louisa is standing still, her backpack held in mid-air. Her eyes close, and I hear Fallon whisper ‘shit’ from behind me.

Louisa catches the attention of Hunter on her first day of school as a college freshman. Hunter is well known and loved by everyone around because he's hot, an athlete, and part of the Rouge Men. They are basically a group of friends that are college gods. Louisa is the geeky and studious girl, but somehow Hunter can't stop thinking about her.
Louisa was cute and sweet, but I really didn't connect with her, maybe for that reason. She was just too innocent in my opinion. It's hard to believe an 18 year old girl hasn't done much in the dating department nowadays. What I did like was that once Hunter had decided to go after her he wasn't fooling around with anyone on the side. He wanted to get to know her and was completely honest and straight forward about it, she wasn't a conquest to him and that earned him points in my book. Hunter is battling family issues as well which adds more of the sometimes much needed drama into the mix.
This is the standard college romance of sweet virginal girl meets player. This wasn't the most creatively written story, but it did quench my need for a cute college love story.

3.5/5 Fangs

A complimentary copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

Lilly James - That's me. British Author with a wild imagination.

I love writing about damaged souls. I love getting my teeth stuck into emotional scenes, but most of all, I love writing those steamy lovemaking sessions for my characters. (Characters have to have fun too!) Oh, did I mention I have an obsession with writing about gorgeous alpha men? No? Then go read my books to see what I'm talking about!

I am an avid reader of everything from dark erotica to soppy YA. (Oh, and I love Mr Harry Potter.) Just saying.

I'm the very best at moaning about everything, singing the wrong song lyrics and shopping until my legs hate me.

Guilty pleasures - Musicals and Taylor Swift.

Lover of watching Vines, Miranda Hart and chocolate.

I live in Wales with my daughter - my favourite little person in the whole world.

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