Wednesday, August 26, 2015

(The Peri Reed Chronicles 0.5)
by Kim Harrison

Sideswiped introduces us to the new world created by Kim Harrison. I love her books (Trent lover here) and I couldn't wait to read her new work. 

The book is told from Silas's POV. He is tall, muscular, smart and in love. His build seems to be a problem with becoming a field agent. He's trying to demonstrate he can be an "anchor" and help his girlfriend who is a "drafter". He also wants to prove that drafters can slide in an alternate reality instead of replaying an event. 

Peri Reed, the main character in The Drafter, is introduced here. She is small and tiny but she is smart and resourceful. She is a freshman in college. It's assumed she can draft and she is powerful. She comes up with an idea to help the team after things go wrong with their test. 

This prequel had me at Kim Harrison. At the beginning, I must admit I was a little confused with the terminology but after "getting it" it was smooth sailing and I was amazed. I love the idea of drafting and I liked all the teams. I believed it was a great introduction to a new world of action. 

Cliffhanger : No

5/5 Fangs

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