Sunday, June 14, 2015

Beat (Life On Stage Series #2) by Vi Keeland


Luciana "Lucky" Valentine is the co-owner of the famous karaoke bar Lucky.  The bar was started by her father, a famous artist. Her mother Iris Nicks is also a very famous singer. Her parents divorced when she was little and she grew up with her dad. Luciana has a beautiful voice but she is terrified of singing in public. With the help of a therapist she has created her own 12-step plan to overcome it. In the mean time she works as a voice coach for Pulse Records. She is also dating the singer of the famous band Easy Ryder, Dylan. When she was a teenager, he was her crush and now years later, he's her boyfriend. 

Flynn Beckham is the lead singer of his band In Like Flynn. His band gets a break when he's asked to join the tour of the famous band Easy Ryder. He's also forced to take some voice coaching classes after having a nodule removed from his throat. 
The night he meets Lucky, he knows she is what he wants. Too bad she's already taken by the douchebag Ryder. Staying away from Lucky becomes even harder once they are sharing the same tour bus.


It was easy to fall in love with Flynn. He was a great uncle (melted my heart when he took care of his niece), a good band mate and a good guy all together. He was funny, sweet and loyal. He tried his best to stay away from Lucky. It felt inevitable once he falls in love with her. 

Lucky was likable. She was trying to overcome her anxiety. Meeting Flynn threw her for a loop. Ryder was her fantasy come true. Flynn was her true soulmate. I just wish, she had made a decision between the guys sooner than she did. Ryder was a true douchebag who couldn't keep it in his pants. So long looser!

Cliffhanger: No

4/5 Fangs

A complimentary copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.