Monday, June 8, 2015

A Pound of Flesh by Sophie Jackson

“It was a love that many never found and no one could ever extinguish.  It was a love that was far-reaching, powerful, and all-consuming.”

I really, really enjoyed A POUND OF FLESH.  Kat and Wes were unlike any characters I’ve read lately.

The night her father died Kat promised him that she’d do what makes her happy and give back to others. Sixteen years later she’s doing exactly that. Kat is a 25-year-old teacher working at a local prison to help inmates get an education while behind bars. This is where she meets Wesley Carter.

Carter is a short-tempered, hotheaded, beautiful felon and Kat can’t keep her eyes off of him. But behind the attraction they instantly go head-to-head. After a few rough verbal altercations they come to an agreement.  Ignoring her friends and families concerns, Kat will tutor Carter while he’s on parole.  

Can Kat remain professional during these tutor sessions with Carter, or will their attraction for each other make things more difficult? The only problem is Carter has a secret that may ruin any relationship he wants with Kat… a secret that will shatter Kat’s whole world.

“I hate that I’ve caused so much trouble,” he said miserably.  “You’ve had to defend yourself against people who should be happy for you.  I have issues, I’m an angry fucker, and I have a terrible temper.  I still have shit I need tot tell you about myself, and I have no idea where to start because I’m scared shitless you’ll run from me, and I know that makes me a selfish bastard for expecting you not to when I know that’s the best thing for you to do.”

A POUND OF FLESH was one of my most anticipated reads of the summer, and I sure wasn’t disappointed.  Wes Carter blew me away with his alpha attitude and protective nature.  Even though Carter and Kat’s relationship was “forbidden”, that wasn’t the main focus of the story to me. 

Carter is still a felon and is trying to make a life with a “good girl”.  Their relationship is bumpy due to family concerns and lack of confidence on Carter’s part.  I really loved reading about Carter growing as a character.  Even though he was cocky he still lacked confidence.  He didn’t feel like he was good enough for Kat. 

A POUND OF FLESH was a well-rounded story and it didn’t end on a cliffhanger, but I am still desperate for more Kat and Carter.  If you’re looking for something a little unique and fast, you won’t be disappointed with A POUND OF FLESH. 

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