Sunday, November 3, 2013

Unattainable (Undeniable #3) by Madeline Sheehan


Tegan Matthews has been in love with Cage West since she was a child and they share a teacup party. Cage was sweet to her and Tegan couldn't resist those dimples. Fast forward a few years and Tegan is a teenager and Cage is her first lover.  However, at that time Cage West was not ready for any commitment. Tegan never forgave him and carried this anger towards him for years to come. Tegan has even more hatred towards the MC because of how her mother has been used and later on hurt.
Surprisingly Cage was the one who knew what he wanted first.

"BECAUSE SHE'S TEGEN!" he roared. "She's fuckin' mine!"

Cage as we all know is Deuce's son. The prince of the Hell's Horsemen Motorcycle club. When Tegan comes back to the Club to play interference between Dorothy and Hawk, Cagen knows this is his chance. He only needs to convince Tegan to give it a try. But things are never easy in life and in Madeline's books.

At the same time, we get the story between Dirty and Ellie Tate. Dirty surprised me.  I was ready to hate him but I guess he won me over. By the end I was rooting for his happiness too.

"First order of business," Ripper said dryly. "Does Dirty need a new name?"

Madeline has created a great family. Yes, it may be a very dysfunctional one but it works.  I can't wait to read the next book. At this point I'm rooting for Hawk.  Jase had his chance.

I'm worried about  ZZ but book 5 is about him so I'm thinking against all odds, he will survive.

"I love you, Teacup," he said smiling.  "Always have, "

4/5 Fangs

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