Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Disarranged (Arranged #2) by Sara Wolf

We start Disarranged a few weeks after Arranged ends.

Rose is taking a trip to Paris. Grace has invited her and this is the perfect way to relax and maybe forget Leo.  Unfortunately, her relaxation doesn't last too long once she finds out Leo is there with his fiancee  Keira.

Leo can't believe it. The woman he loves is in the same city and he wants her. He can't stay away. He knows he should leave her alone because he doesn't want to risk Kiera's wrath but when Rose's life is in danger, he is unable to walk away.

I think this book was much better than Arranged. Rose is still naive but she has some fight in her now. She doesn't push Leo away and having Leo's POV helped a lot.  Kiera becomes even more crazy in this one. In the end everything works out as it should.
This book is short so you can read it in an afternoon.
James is next.

"I love you, Rose Jensen. Don't you ever fucking forget that."

4/5 Fangs

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