Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hell's Knights by Bella Jewel
The MC Sinners #1

Hell's Knights

Addison's life has been miserable so far. Her mother abused her mentally and physically. Her father, Jackson thought she was having a better life and didn't try to look for her. When Addison's mom passes Jackson is ready to help his daughter. He invites her to his compound. Jackson is the President of the Hell's Knights MC Club and he will do anything to protect his daughter now that she is here with him. Father and daughter will have to learn to live together. Jackson is a true Bachelor and Addison is trying to protect her new independence.

When Addison meets her father, she also meets Cade. Cade is the Vice president of the club. What Cade feels for Addison goes beyond having a one night stand. He wants more.

“You might not think you’re worth fighting for, or breathing for, but let me tell you, sugar – everyone deserves to be fought for, even those who think they aren’t worth it.”

Unfortunately, someone wants Addison. They want to harm her and make her pay for something she did. Can the club and Cade protect her?

From time to time I love a good MC book. Cade was a typical MC guy. They are always so swoon worthy. I hate that Addison had a terrible life but I'm glad she has Cade and Jackson now.

I felt that this book sets a good foundation for books to come. Secondary characters that shine were Jackson and Spike.

“Who said happily ever after couldn’t involve bikers?” 

3/5 Fangs

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