Saturday, November 16, 2013

Knox's Stand (The Last Riders #3) by Jamie Begley

Knox's Stand
Knox is accused of murder. Murder that we know he didn't commit but someone wants to frame him for it. When his current lawyer quits, the club scrambles for a new lawyer.  Soon Diamond Richards gets involved despite trying to stay away from that type of life.

Diamond grew up in the club life. Her dad is part of The Destructors. She used to love her dad until she found out he was cheating on her mom. From then on she has avoided any type of MC connection. When Diamond is forced to interact with Knox she is disturbed by realizing how much she is interested in him.  The attraction is mutual and Knox won't give up until she realizes it.

You may ask what's with me and the obsession with biker books? It's the authors, the story line, the alpha-hot guys. There is my answer.
In this case they are even better because they are ex navy seals.
I like all the guys in this club. I like how they make a living. I like that once they fall for one girl they don't let her go in the end. They may fight their feelings but they will break down and accept it.

What makes this series special is that we get insight into the rest of the characters. We get more Shade (dying for your book), we get a wedding, we get more crazy girls from another MC club, we get the Blue Horsemen, we get more Club girls scenes with Evie, Jewell and Bliss. I like these girls and I hope they also find a happy ending.

"I wanted you to stay at the same time that I was afraid you would stay"

4/5 Fangs

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