Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sentinel by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Covenant #5


Sentinel is the conclusion of the Covenant series.

It is the time to fight for what you believe in.  Lives are at risk and not everyone will survive. Alex knows she has to be the one to confront evil but she is struggling with what happened to her in Appollyon. She seems very human instead of the all-powerful being, which made me like her even more. Aiden is there for her every step of the way. His support, his loyalty and his love is unconditional.

I read Sentinel very slowly because I didn't want it to end. I cherished this book.  I LUV Aiden and Alex. I love Seth too and I'm so happy that Jennifer didn't mess him up. From the first page I was smiling (nobody does humor like this author). All her books crack me up but they also make me cry.
This book was not the exception.

The end left me wanting for more.  I wanna see more of Aiden and Alex but I want to see more Seth.  I hope Seth gets his own series.  The poor guy needs to find love too.  He is very redeemable and I love his humor.
I also think Apollo rocks but he does need a bell around his neck. Seriously.

If you haven't read this series and you enjoy some UF/PNR then start right away. Even if you don't enjoy the genre it is completely worth it IMO.
I'm a huge fan of JLA and she is a must-read for me.
I just wish someone will make the movie (please someone make it). It's very hard to say goodbye. At least we still have Opposition coming out next year (Daemon Black!!!).

“Okay, can we move on to the important stuff?” I demanded, losing my patience. “If not, then this is wasting my time, and I’m going to bed. That just might include irresponsible sex, because I’ve had a really crappy day!” 

5 strong Fangs

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