Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Beautiful Player (Beautiful Bastard #3) by Christina Lauren

This is Will and Hannah's story.

We know Will.  He has been giving Bennett (Beautiful Bastard) and Max (Beautiful Stranger) a hard time for falling in love.  He told them he was not going to make the same mistake his friends made.  He is a Player and he will remain that one.

Famous. Last. Words.

Hanna is a lab nerd.  She lives and breathes science. Her brother and father decide it is time for an intervention.  Hanna must start living life outside her lab and her brother knows that his friend Will Sumner is the guy to help her.  Now, there is just one little detail.  Hanna has had a crush on Will for years.  How can she be around Will without going crazy over him?

When Will gets a phone call from his buddy to help his sister he agrees to meet her.  Hanna and Will start running together.  Hanna has many relationship questions and she wants Will to teach her.
Nothing is easy and soon Will doesn't know if he is the teacher or the student.

I love this series. They have become a must read. All the characters are so much fun.  Love Bennett with Chloe. Love my mate Max with Sara.  Everyone has a special place in my heart but Will and Hanna take the prize for the sweetest.  I love that we are able to get into Will's mind and find out how soon and how much he has fallen for Hanna.  Their banter and innuendo is also unique.  Sigh.  I'm in love with the Player.

“I like it when you ask me to come!” he called after me. “I can’t wait to come tonight, Ziggy! Should I come around eight? Or do you want me to come around ten? Maybe I’ll come both times?”

 5/5 Fangs

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