Sunday, August 10, 2014

Precarious (Jokers' Wrath MC #1) by Bella Jewel

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Ash "Wildcard" is a prison guard. She loves her job and she tries to keep a cordial relationship with the prisoners. When a new inmate is brought in, she can't stop herself from being curious and when they locked eyes she feels a shock.
Beau "Krypt" Dawson is the vice president of the Jokers' Wrath MC and he has been accused of killing a family in cold blood but Ash believes there's more to the story. Krypt keeps on getting into trouble and he's sent to a high security prison but it's saved by his MC. They released Krypt and take Ash as their prisoner.
Ash is forced to stay with Krypt in the mountains. The more time they spend together the more she can't deny her feelings for him. She just doesn't know if this is the life she wants to live. It also doesn't help that the Tinman's Soldier MC is after her too.

My thoughts:

I really liked both characters. Ash was not easily intimidated and she stood her ground in more than one occasion. I like Beau too. He had that mysterious personality that made me want to learn more about him.
Saying this, I did have issues with the story. First one will be Ash's consistent desire to fight these guys (I know you are tough but you don't need to prove it in every scene.) but I could live with that, I can even live with Penny but the major issue a see was a certain scene I wasn't prepared for and made me very disappointed in Krypt. Not sure if it was for shock value or to help create the main reason for the next book.

I will read the Santana and Maddox story which comes out soon. Maddox you better grovel big time.

“I’m fucking keepin’ you, Ash. Because there is no way I can go through my life without feeling that kind of intensity again.”

3.5/5 Fangs

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